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Learning Development Centre, City University London


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Learning Development Centre, City University London promotion leaflet

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Learning Development Centre, City University London

  1. 1. LDC Showcase School The MILL Researchers’ and Learning at Liaison Development Days We are the City Conference The LDC dedicates two members of staff to each School as a point of The Media Innovation and Learning Lab is located in the Drysdale Building, During the coming year, the LDC will be holding Development Days for both PhD contact, to advise and to listen. One room E201. student and staff researchers, from Two major events on the LDC calendar for of these will be an academic contact, across the institution. 2010-11 will be the LDC Showcase and the Inside you can find excellent facilities while the other will specialise in 3rd annual Learning at City Conference. and cutting edge media equipment, all The first day will be held on 6 December educational technology assistance. of which can be booked and borrowed. 2010 followed by another running to the This year the showcase will be held on Find out who your liaison officer is and The LDC team also run several training same format on 7 April 2011. These will 26 January 2011, and the Conference get in contact through our website. sessions on integrating technology into lead into the Research Symposium, will follow on 23 June 2011. your work. scheduled for 22 June 2011. Please check our website for further announcements. What do we do?LDC_A6_leaflet_AW.indd 1-5 5/10/10 15:26:49
  2. 2. Learning Awards, Projects Academic Good Morning City! Contact Technologies & Prizes Programmes The Monthly Learning Details The LDC supports several learning technologies which have been The LDC is currently involved with a number of research projects, including There are two academic programmes run by the LDC – the MA in Academic Practice, Development Fora You can contact the LDC on ldc@city.ac.uk implemented throughout City University, the University-wide evaluation of the and the PhD/MPhil programme. Both are or come and visit us: from the Moodle VLE to Classroom Strategic Learning Environment and the free to City staff, and the MA allows In 2010-11 the LDC will be running early Learning Development Centre Pods. The department can loan JISC-funded PREDICT project. The LDC several different exit points, all leading to morning sessions on a different theme AG24 equipment needed and provide also coordinates learning development professionally accredited awards which are every month. The sessions will include College Building training and guidance in their use. projects from all Schools, as well as a recognised by both the Higher Education case studies from around the institution Northampton Square range of prizes and awards for recognition Academy, and, where applicable, the and showcase some of the services London EC1V 0HB of outstanding work by staff. Nursing and Midwifery Council. available at the LDC. www.city.ac.uk/ldc Keep an eye on our website for opportunities to get involved throughout the year.LDC_A6_leaflet_AW.indd 6-10 5/10/10 15:26:50