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NSF Data Management Plan Case Study: UVa’s Response.

A. Sallans. "NSF Data Management Plan Case Study: UVa’s Response." Presented at the 2011 Research Data Access and Preservation Summit. 31 March 2011

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NSF Data Management Plan Case Study: UVa’s Response.

  1. 1. NSF Data Management Plan Case Study: UVa’s Response Andrew Sallans Head of Strategic Data Initiatives / Scientific Data Consulting Group (SciDaC) University of Virginia Library Research Data Access and Preservation Summit 31 March 2011
  2. 2. Outline 1. DMP templates 2. Advising/consulting with researchers 3. Expansion of DMP Online tool2
  3. 3. Our organization  Mostly a virtual organization, coordination is priority  University Libraries  Scientific Data Consulting Group (2 FTE, 2 PTE)  Professional School Data Librarians  Subject Librarians  Attorney  IR Team  VP/Chief Information Officer  Info Security, Policy, and Records Office  Other infrastructure managers (ie. storage, networks, etc.)  Office VP for Research  Office of Sponsored Programs3
  4. 4. NSF Data Management Plans  New NSF Directorates/Divisions continue to release and specify guidelines  Education and Human Resources (EHR)  Engineering (ENG)  Geological Sciences (GEO)  Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS)  Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences (SBE)4
  5. 5. DMP Templates  Coordination of entire effort with VPR, CIO, and OSP  Inform researcher of the requirements for their respective directorate/program, try to help them make good decisions  Provide instructions for how to develop a DMP for that directorate/program (not just giving them a DMP)  Formatted template in the structure that is specified by the directorate/program (if not specified, use the general)  Encourage review/feedback on DMP draft from SciDaC before submission  We use a disclaimer to try and avoid liability for misunderstood advice or other points gone wrong  Available at:
  6. 6. Advising/Consulting to Researchers  Aiming to get in the front of the research process, to reduce the amount of extra work necessary for project wrap-up  Conducting data interviews/assessments (combination of many methods including UIUC/Purdue’s, DCC’s, and others) to establish a baseline with a given researcher  Involving subject librarians for collective learning and development of skills  Delivering a final assessment report and recommendations on data management process improvement to the researcher, with an open offer for consultation on how to implement the recommendations6
  7. 7. Expansion of DMP Online Tool  Recognition of need for US version of DCC’s DMP Online Tool  Partnership developed between a number of institutions (CDL, UIUC, Smithsonian, UVa, DataONE, and DCC)  Seeking additional participation from many other institutions (already ICPSR)7
  8. 8. DMP Online Tool (continued)  5 user types for system (Researcher, Editor, Funder Admin, Institution Admin, Super Admin)  Multiple authentication options (using institutional options like Shibboleth as well as local system)  Starting with NSF DMP requirements, will expand to other funders quickly  Will provide institution-specific guidance, tied to authentication, and ideally make referral to local expertise  Open to everyone  Aiming to have a first version by around June (will be doing a big testing run first week of May with researchers and NSF officials at DataONE workshop)  Details available:
  9. 9. Challenges ahead… (a selection)  Tighter coordination of services and support across the institution  Data ownership issues  Balance of priority (benefit to the institution or the researcher/community?)  Alignment of these efforts with community, national, international efforts for data management  Funding of the support services (part of overhead costs?)9
  10. 10. Thank you! Andrew Sallans Head of Strategic Data Initiatives / Scientific Data Consulting Group University of Virginia Library Email: Twitter: asallans