Stv at a glance 6 July 2011_rev 11 July


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Stv at a glance 6 July 2011_rev 11 July

  1. 1. Subscrip on Television Australia Q3 2011 FOXTEL/AUSTAR STV markets People, Media & Communica ons Popula on: 21.9 million Median age: 37 Occupied dwellings: 8+ million People per dwelling: 3 Household television ownership: 98% of the popula on Subscribers (Homes): 2.4 million People with STV: 7.3 million Subscrip on TV: 34% of the popula on IPTV providers: Less than 5 All TV Homes- average me watching TV per day: 211 minutes STV Homes- average me watching TV per day: 280 minutes Average me by demographic (STV Homes): 65+ – 373 minutes 50-64 – 337 minutes 35-49 – 286 minutes Broadcast & Narrowcast 16-34 – 236 minutes Mobile phone ownership: 22.12 million (more than one mobile for every person) Subscrip on television : FOXTEL, AUSTAR, OPTUS & Internet subscribers: 8.4 million TransAct Broadband Internet Subscribers: 7.3 million Commercial TV: Nine Network, Network Ten, Seven Network Regional TV: Prime Television (affiliated with Seven), Macquarie South Cross (affiliated with Ten), WIN Subscrip on Television Demographics Media (affiliated with Nine) and Imparja Television Public broadcasters: ABC and SBS 41.2% of STV homes have three or more televisions Community television: 82 licensees per household. Open narrowcas ng services: 1,764 licensees The highest propor on of STV subscribers (36%) live in two person households. 74.8% of grocery buyers from STV households are female and 39.8% of those are aged between 25 and 49. One Third of Australians have Subscrip on Television Digital TV & Na onal Broadband STV 100% digital migra on completed 2007 FTA digital television commenced 2001 NBN build commenced 2010 Analogue spectrum switch-off date 31 Dec 2013 NBN due for comple on June 2021Sources: Australian Bureau of Sta s cs,; World Bank World Development Indicator April 2011; ACMA Communica ons Report 2007-8,; OzTAM Universe Es mates Quarter 3, 2011, OzTamNa onal STV, Q2 2011, 0200-0200, Universe, Total Homes, Total People, Overnight (as at 06/07/2011); Ignite Media Brands, Mul Channel Network,
  2. 2. Subscrip on Television Australia Q3 2011 Australian Content Viewing Share by Genre $541.4 million invested in Australian Produc on in 2009 26% investment growth from 2007-2009 Employment FiguresTotal Males 2,452.3 Total Females 2,190.3 *2009 Original Produc on: New to Air and Currently in Produc on Top Rated Original Produc ons• TANGLE Season 3 (Showcase) (Not including premium channels)• Free Rein featuring Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward January—June 2011 (BBC Knowledge) Title Network Reach• The Kangaroo Gang: Thieves by Appointment (UKTV) Selling Houses Australia Extreme The LifeStyle Channel, 2,012,000• Project Runway (ARENA) The Lifestyle Channel +2• Cricket Superstar, Rove LA, Slide and Da ng in the Donna Hay - Fast Fresh Simple The LifeStyle Channel, 2,004,000 Dark Season 2 (FOX8) The Lifestyle Channel +2 LifeStyle FOOD,• Spirited S2 (W) LifeStyle FOOD +2• Tough Nuts, Australia’s Hardest Criminals Season 2 Balls of Steel Australia Comedy Channel, 1,552,000 w/Tara Moss (Crime & Inves ga on Network) Comedy Channel +2• MTV News with Erin McNaught (MTV) Kalgoorlie Cops Crime & Inves ga on 1,343,000• As the Bell Rings (Disney Channel) Trinny & Susannah’s Australian LifeStyle You, 1,341,000• Camp Orange S7 (Nickelodeon) Makeover LifeStyle YOU +2• Wife Swap Australia (LifeStyle YOU) Dannii Minogue: Style Queen FOX8, FOX8 +2, ARENA, 1,194,000• The Helpmann Awards (STVDIO) ARENA +2• Bargain Hunt Australia (The LifeStyle Channel) Tony Robinson Explores Australia History Channel 1,141,000• Curiosity Week (Na onal Geographic Channel) Source: OzTAM, STV Na onal, Weeks 1-26 2011; Includes Plus2 Viewing• Tri Na ons Bledisloe Cup and AFL 2012 Season (FOX SPORTS) Subscrip on Television & Free to Air Audience Share