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  • Mention some offices expressed interest in submitting defense language
  • Discussions with Navy Surgeon General and Army office of the Surgeon General were about the priority of infectious disease research at the DoDASTMH offered to be a resource and an advocate for infectious disease R&D at DoDMention Col. Kester was part of the Army call as he now serves as an advisor to the office of the Surgeon General on infectious disease issues.
  • Rally for Medical Research - ASTMH was one of hundreds of organizations that rallied in support of medical research funding at the National Institutes of Health;former ASTMH president Steve Hoffman and three other Society members were in the crowd of approximately 10,000.WMD event – Moderator: Karen Goraleski, Executive Director, American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene; Speakers: Dr. Elizabeth Chizema A. Kawesha, Director of Disease Control, Surveillance and Research, Zambia Ministry of Health; Dr. Sarah Volkman, Principle Research Scientist, Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Harvard School of Public Health; Member of ASTMH CouncilMalickDiara, MD, MBA, MPH, Public Health Manager, Global Medicine & Occupational Health Department, ExxonMobil Foundation; remarks from: Senator Chris Coons, Senator John Boozman, Congressman Gregory Meeks, Rear Admiral Tim Ziemer, Dr. Scott Filler
  • Discuss how sequestration will play outDiscuss how House and Senate budget and appropriations process will play out
  • Discuss sequester pain and likeliness of it being taken off the table – airlines example
  • Emphasize the key is to send it right away – personalized or not!
  • ASTMH Advocacy Highlights

    1. 1. ASTMH Council MeetingMay 5, 2013Jodie Curtis, Senior Government Relations DirectorErin Will Morton, MA, Senior GovernmentRelations Manager
    2. 2. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013ASTMH Accomplishments:November 2012 – May 2013
    3. 3. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013• Submitted public testimony on March 15, 2013, to the HouseLabor, Health, and Human Services Appropriationssubcommittee regarding fiscal year 2014 requests for theNational Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Controland Prevention• Submitted report language to the House and Senate DoD andLHHS subcommittees (over 40 offices) regarding research anddevelopment within DoD, NIH, and CDCASTMH Advocacy: Testimony and Report Language
    4. 4. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013ASTMH Advocacy• Met with 25 Capitol Hill offices regarding budget requests forglobal health and tropical medicine R&D• Activated the ASTMH membership several times to weigh inwith policymakers on the impact of sequestration and budgetcuts to global health programs• Sent a letter to Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA)expressing appreciation for the introduction of H.Res. 31,recognizing the anniversary of the cholera outbreak in Haiti• Worked closely with the global health and foreign aidcommunities to protect funding
    5. 5. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013ASTMH Advocacy: Department of Defense• Sent letters to the Secretary and Surgeons General of the Armyand Navy regarding conference attendance and meeting requests• Met with Vice Admiral Nathan, Navy Surgeon General, on March13, 2013• Held a teleconference on April 4, 2013, with the office of theArmy Surgeon General• Continue to co-chair DoD advocacy working group with theGlobal Health Technologies Coalition (GHTC)• Organized a teleconference with Dr. Alan McGill to discussDoD budget and infectious disease research and development• Organized a teleconference with Col. Pete Weina at WRAIR tolearn more about WRAIR operations and research priorities
    6. 6. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013DoD Hearing – April 24• Testimony from Vice Admiral Matthew L.Nathan, Surgeon General of the Navy andLieutenant General Patricia D. Horoho,Surgeon General of the Army• Questions specifically about malaria R&Dat WRAIR and NMRC• “…right now were still using theprevention of oral medication as oursoldiers, sailors, airmen and Marinesdeploy. But we are focused on trying tofind a vaccine.” (Horoho)
    7. 7. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013ASTMH Involvement in Stakeholder Events• “Rally for MedicalResearch” on April 8,2013• “Malaria 101: Briefingand Reception” on April11, 2013• World Malaria Dayevent, “Invest in theFuture: Defeat Malaria”on April 25, 2013
    8. 8. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013ASTMH Stakeholder Involvement• Signed onto ten coalition letters to policymakers regardingbudget and sequestration and impact on global health R&D• Participate in malaria R&D working group• Attend and actively participate in the Global HealthTechnologies Coalition• Participate in the malaria and NTD roundtables• Met with the Center for Strategic and International Studies(CSIS) regarding global health R&D priorities and possiblecollaboration for ASTMH annual meeting
    9. 9. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013Life in Washington
    10. 10. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013A Few Things Are Going On…• Fiscal cliff averted (for now)• FY 2013 funding FINALLY wrapped up• President’s FY 2014 budget FINALLY released• Congressional budget and appropriations processfor FY 2014 underway• Debt ceiling expires again on May 19, 2013• Sequestration?
    11. 11. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013President Obama on Scientific Research• 150th Anniversary of the NationalAcademy of Sciences• “We can’t afford to stand still for ayear, or two years, or three years.We’ve got to seize every opportunityto get ahead”• “…we’re on the brink of amazingbreakthroughs that have the chance,the potential to change life for thebetter, which is why we can’t affordto cut these investments in scienceand technology.”
    12. 12. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013Secretary Kerry• Focused on global hot spots• Global health agenda not asvisible as under SecretaryClinton
    13. 13. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013President’s FY 2014 BudgetAgency FY 12 Final FY 2014 Request Percent ChangeNIH $30,868,000,000 $31,340,000,000 1.53%NIAID $4,487,000,000 $4,578,813,000 2.05%Fogarty $70,000,000 $72,864,000 4.09%CDC $5,655,670,000 $5,217,000,000 -7.76%CDC Parasitic Diseasesand Malaria$22,069,000 $22,231,000 0.73%Emerging and ZoonoticInfectious Disease$310,393,000 $380,664,000 22.64%Global Health/ChildSurvival (USAID)$2,629,800,000 $2,645,000,000 0.58%USAID NTDs $89,000,000 $85,000,000 -4.49%USAID Malaria $650,000,000 $670,000,000 3.08%
    14. 14. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013• Appropriations committees are working on program andagency funding levels• Public witness hearings and agency officials testifying• Appropriations bills will be released• House and Senate bills will be conferenced• Individual bills or omnibus passed• Possible continuing resolutionBudget Outlook
    15. 15. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013Sequestration• Effective March 1, 2013 (delayed from January 1, 2013)• Medicare sequester (2 percent) effective April 1• Non-defense discretionary programs cut about 5 – 6percent• Defense programs cut about 7 – 8 percent• Beyond FY 2013?• Anticipated continued travel cuts
    16. 16. Most Believe Sequestration Will Have No Impact on FamiliesSource: Steven Thomma,“Poll: Sequester Has Not Hit Home,” McClatchy Newspapers, March 10, 2013.What Kind of Impact Will Sequestration Have on You and Your Family?NegativeImpactPositiveImpactNo ImpactAnalysis49% of registered voters believe federal spending cuts will have no effect on them or their families
    17. 17. Department of Justice, National Institutes of Healthto Incur Major Cuts due to SequestrationSource: “Flight Delays, Furloughs and Military Cuts, Oh My!,” Matt Vasilogambros, National Journal, Feb. 21,2013.* List is non-exhaustiveCuts to Key Government Programs andAgencies*(Cuts in Billions)NoteSeveral mandatory spending programs are exempt from cuts, including Social Security, Medicaid, foodstamps, veteran’s benefits and the Children’s Health Insurance ProgramFederalAviationAdministrationNationalParkService CDCNationalInstitutesof HealthFederalfundingfor healthcentersGlobalhumanitarianassistanceGlobalhealthfundingGlobalconflictpreventionMilitaryassistanceto foreignnationsUSAID FEMAHeadStartprogramsDepartmentof JusticeNationalScienceFoundation NASA
    18. 18. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013ASTMH’s Sequestration Talking Points• Message #1: Indiscriminate budget cuts are the wrong wayto reduce the nation’s debt. They will set us back oninnovation and disrupt life-saving global public healthprograms.• Message #2: Slashing funding now will interrupt scientificprogress and leave us without the urgent tools we need toaddress health needs now and in the future.• Message #3: Cutting foreign aid will not solve the debtcrisis.
    19. 19. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013ASTMH’s Role
    20. 20. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013ASTMH “Asks”• Provide increased funding for the Centers for Disease Controland Prevention, including:• The CDC Emerging & Zoonotic Infectious Disease Program• CDC global health programs• Ensure robust funding for the Department of Defenseinfectious disease research efforts including activities atWalter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) and theNaval Medical Research Center (NMRC)• Provide $32 billion to NIH with a commensurate funding toNIAID and the Fogarty Center
    21. 21. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013ASTMH “Asks”• Support robust funding for USAID programs including:• At least $100 million for bilateral neglected disease control effortsand invest in R&D• $670 million for the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI)• Funding of clean water and sanitation programs under the GlobalHealth and Child Survival program and the Paul Simon Water for thePoor Act• Funding for late-stage research and development of new tools(drugs, diagnostics, vaccines)• Fund the United States’ FY 2014 voluntary contribution tothe Global Fund at $1.65 billion
    22. 22. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013Upcoming ASTMH Activities• Repeat our messages overand over• Work with community toadvocate for highestpossible numbers for globalhealth• Work as a bridge in globalhealth community• Hill meetings• Hill testimony• Hill briefings
    23. 23. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013CapWiz• CapWiz alerts are an effective way to communicate withpolicymakers• The number of messages sent matters!• Messages are written for a Hill audience—but personalizedstories always help• World Malaria Day message had 107 participants and 317advocacy messages sent to the Hill• ASTMH plans to send one message every month
    24. 24. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013Next Steps in ASTMH Advocacy• Increase member participation in Capwiz Capitol Hill outreachcampaigns• Council Members on Capitol Hill on Monday• Dave Walker• Dan Bausch• Stephen Dobson• Kayla Laserson• Webinars – “Advocacy 101, Session Update”• Leverage ASTMH Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.• Use social media to inform about policy• Alan Magill• Pat Walker• Pete Zimmerman
    25. 25. ASTMH Council Meeting – May 2013Questions and Answers