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ASQ Reliability    Division    Last Updated: May 16, 2011                                                                 ...
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2011 ASQ Reliability Division Organization


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Published in: Education, Technology
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2011 ASQ Reliability Division Organization

  1. 1. ASQ Reliability Division Last Updated: May 16, 2011 Fred Schenkelberg ChairJim McLinn John Healy Trevor Craney Frank Straka Guangbin Yang Trevor Craney Dan Conrad Jim McLinn John Bowles Dave Auda Alfred StevensNominating Standards CRE Exam Programs Publications Membership Education Past Chair Secretary Chair-Elect Treasurer Chair Chair Chair Chair Chair Chair Chair Jim McLinn Elsayed Elsayed Aron Brall VACANT Milena Krasich Paul Burte VACANT VACANT VACANT Chris Deepak Fellow Vice-Chair: Academic Vice-Chair: Local Vice-Chair US TC56 Chair CRE Exam Liaison Newsletter Editor Internet Liaison Awards Chair Audit Chair Nominations Liaison Program Discussion Groups Conferences VACANT Fred Schenkelberg Tom Faltus Jim McLinn Vice-Chair: Regional Vijit Jayasheela Trevor Craney Vice-Chair: LinkedIn Alfred Stevens CRE Exam Team Monographs Editor Councilors Program Vice-Chair: QE Best Paper Award Moderator RAMS Board of Directors Frank Straka Reliability Calendar Chair Liaison – West Coast US TC56 Vice-Chair Michael Smith Nick Pappasavvas VACANT Regional Councilors Vice-Chair: New VACANT CRE Exam Team Tech Briefs Editor RC Team Members Mingxiao Jiang, (see separate sub-org Member Welcome RAMS Board of Directors US TC56 Participants chart) (see separate sub- Sankaran Mahadevan, Liaison – East Coast (see separate sub-org org chart) and VACANT chart) Trevor Craney QE Best Paper Team VACANT Ephraim Suhir Quality Engineering Trevor Craney CRE Exam Team Vice-Chair: Society Senior Editor Live Course Yuling Cui Liaison Program VACANT Coordinator Liaison RAMS Best Paper VACANT Award Chair VACANT Dan Conrad CRE Exam Team Mingxiao Jiang Vice-Chair: Enterprise Fred Schenkelberg Learning Institute QE Editor Councilor Program Liaison Webmaster Trevor Craney, Nematollah Bidokhti VACANT, Vice-Chair: CRE II Sankaran and VACANT Fred Schenkelberg Development Liaison Enterprise Councilors Mahadevan Fred Schenkelberg RAMS Best Paper Team Webinar Producer (see separate sub-org QE Editor ReliabilityCalendar. chart) org Webmaster Jim McLinn Voice of the May Feng VACANT Customer Chair Bart Chase QE Editor Historian Copyright Support VACANT Andre Kleyner Vice-Chair: Paid Vice-Chair: Measure VACANT Advertising & Reporting Advertising Support Fred Schenkelberg Vice-Chair: Frank Sun Ossama Aly Communications and Wendai Wang M & R Team Chinese Webinar Co-Hosts Mark Durivage Fred Schenkelberg Vice-Chair: Webinar and Dave Auda Customer Satisfaction English Webinar Co-Hosts Fred Schenkelberg Dan Burrows, and Dave Auda Yoelit Hiebert, Short Course Webinar Co- and Bart Chase Hosts WCS Team Alejandro Ordaz and Ernesto Primera Spanish Webinar Co-Hosts