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App Store Optimization is for sure one of the most important points for any app developer, the following book will give you the most complete overview of what ASO is all about.
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The New App Store Optimization - ASO Guide

  1. 1. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 1Find more ASO info and latest news at
  2. 2. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 2 Copyright Information PageCopyright © 2012 by Gabriel Machuret. All rights reserved worldwide.No part of this publication may be replicated, redistributed or given away in any form without theprior written consent of the author/publisher or the terms relayed to you herein.Gabriel Machuret, Machuret Pty. Ltd.Tura Beach, NSW, Find more ASO info and latest news at
  3. 3. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 3 Table of ContentsIntro to this Book ………………………………………………………………. 4Chapter 1 - App Store Optimization Introduction ………………………………. 5Chapter 2 - The Challenge behind ASO ………………………………………. 7Chapter 3 - ASO conditions ………………………………………. 10Chapter 4 - App Store vs. Google Play ………………………………………. 15Chapter 5 - ASO: The basics ………………………………………. 23 5.1 APP Name/Title ………………………………………………. 24 5.2 Keywords ………………………………………………. 29 5.3 Keywords Considerations ………………………………………………. 33 5.4 KEYWORD TOOLS ………………………………………………. 35 5.5 The App Description ………………………………………………. 38Chapter 6 - ASO Recap ………………………………………………. 42Chapter 7 - Icons ………………………………………………. 45Chapter 8 - Screen Shots ………………………………………………. 49Chapter 9 - Videos, Trailers and Demos ……………………………………… 53Chapter 10 - Reviews and Ratings ……………………………………… 61Chapter 11 - Popularity Ranking Factors ……………………………………… 71Chapter 12 - Tracking and Improving Rankings ……………………………… 78Chapter 13 - Launching Your App ……………………………………… 90Chapter 14 - Conventional SEO ……………………………………… 101Chapter 15 - Quick Reflections about the Future of ASO ……………………… 110Chapter 16 - A different perspective ……………………………………………… 114Chapter 17 - Final Words ………………………………………………………. 125 Find more ASO info and latest news at
  4. 4. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 4 Intro to this BookI want to be honest; I’m not an ASO guru, expert or “App world personality” – I’m more of ahumble ASO Ninja (can you be a humble Ninja?)And as a Ninja, I’m a curious guy.In fact I love to investigate, learn, research and dive deeper than anyone else.May be that’s why I became a scuba diving instructor (for real!) Go deeper… try to learn what’sreally under the surface.The reason I’m writing this Book and putting up for the most affordable price possible out there isthat I really wanted to share my discoveries with like-minded app enthusiasts out there.With other future ASO Ninjas…I believe many app developers are great at developing and coding, but many of them need somehelp in the marketing field.This book tries to answer some questions about what App Store Optimization (ASO) is all aboutand how it can be applied to make apps shine a bit brighter.Enjoy the book. Keep in mind this industry changes so fast that you may find some outdatedinformation by the time you read it.By all means, be open minded. There are a lot of great sources of information out there withdifferent opinions about ASO. They could give you other perspectives about what works and whatdoesn’t.Please don’t take this as the only source of info. Do your own research before applying any of thiscontent.If you have any questions, feel free to email me at gabriel@asoprofessional.comIf you enjoyed the Book, please post a review in the Amazon Page or share it with friends, peers,LinkedIn contacts, followers, Facebook friends, ex-girlfriends, close family, you name it!You can also follow me at Help a future ASO Ninja by Tweeting about ASO Find more ASO info and latest news at
  5. 5. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 5 Chapter 1 - App Store Optimization IntroductionThe secret to developing a successful mobile app is not only in building it.You’ve done all the hard work in developing your app, but the real challenge lies in getting the appto surface way above hundreds of competitors in the app store/app market.ASO or App Store Optimization is a new trend for app owners to improve their chances of gettingtheir app ranking in any type of app market.I decided to create this book to share my understanding of ASO after applying much of myprevious SEO knowledge in the app world.Although many of the ASO rules change constantly, and ranking and search algorithms workdifferently in different markets, I believe ASO is here to stay, and some of the ASO premises ofthis book will be valid for a long time.To start with, let me tell you that it is much simpler to optimize apps right now than web sites.The SEO world is in “state of panic” after aggressive changes by Google with their famous GooglePanda Update and the even more infamous Penguin Update.Both the Penguin and Panda updates have made the job of SEO practitioners more and morecomplicated.What used to be dead easy on-site SEO is now more delicate and complicated, and even off-siteSEO or link building has now become harder than ever.The rules have changed, making the SEO game more challenging and difficult to predict.On the other hand, ASO is a relatively new field and, to be honest, it will take a lot of testing, trialand error to sort this out.However, as with any new trend or industry, there is always enough room to master the art ofASO over time.I have decided to “give away” this book hoping you, the reader, understand I’m not a “guru” andthat this book is the result of my findings, research and work in this new industry. Find more ASO info and latest news at
  6. 6. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 6The book offers information about ASO for App developers of Android and iOS only, excludingASO for apps for Windows, Blackberry and any other market. (Sorry Windows app lovers!)In the future, I plan to update the book with new findings, the latest changes and more markets.If you want to receive new version (and free) of this book as they become available, pleaseregister for free at we start, let me be clear… writing this book wasn’t easy.During the time it took me to write, I tried to research as much as possible, and the more Iresearched the more I understood how much I didn’t know.Every time I learned something new, I doubted myself even more.I interviewed some amazing app developers, ASO experts and App fanatics. All of them providedimmense value and helped me to approach this project as a constant investigative process, ratherthan a “blueprint” about how to do App Store Optimization.Although I believe ASO is vital for any app company, I’m a true believer that the first step we needto take is to understand human behavior. It doesn’t matter how many technical terms I can write inthis book, or how deep I can dive into the way Algorithms work if we don’t understand, respect andtry to approach the concept of SEARCH from a “human” point of view.Searching will be a challenge. It’s a challenge today and it will be a challenge tomorrow. The morewe understand the way users, visitors and consumers behave, the more value we can provide andreach them in a more effective way and hopefully, with that approach, we can take ASO to thenext level. So let me stop now being all philosophical and let’s get started, shall we? Find more ASO info and latest news at
  7. 7. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 7Find more ASO info and latest news at
  8. 8. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 8 Chapter 2 - The Challenge behind ASOSo what’s the challenge? Seriously, how difficult can this be?Well to start with, there are more than half a million iOS applications and almost the same numberof Android apps that you have to compete with.Then there’s the Blackberry AppWorld, the Amazon AppStore and Nokia Ovi also trying to get apiece of the market.So the question is: with such a vast market and such massive competition, what is required torank apps higher?To start with: knowledge, tools and testing.Although tools and testing are going to help you, without the knowledge (the boring theory), notool or test will really help you to understand the right way to approach ASO.The purpose of this book is to jumpstart your ASO in the mobile search world and to do so weneed to understand the theory behind it all.In the same way we learned SEO back in early 2000’s, with ASO we need to begin thinking alongthe concept of search terms and target audience.Search Terms are the keywords that you want to rank for and Target Audience clearly means whowill download and find your app.Why ASO?So why should we consider ASO, as opposed to any other app marketing strategy? Mainlybecause ASO’s true power is often overlooked when it comes to mobile apps.As a developer, ASO doesn’t have to cost as much as any other type of direct marketing strategy,thus making it a potential option for small players trying compete in competitive app categories. Find more ASO info and latest news at
  9. 9. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 9Also, ASO gives you the freedom to test, experiment and compare results without having to keepreinvesting in complex marketing campaigns, PR or media buys.ASO is free, uncomplicated and it’s here to stay.ASO frame of mindFor content creators, the need for making a play for the App Store is greater than ever since appshave become an increasingly valuable mechanism through which content reaches consumers.Be forewarned; this is just the beginning. There is plenty of potential in the world of digitalentertainment.The number of mobile-only startups is continually increasing, which is why so many bloggers andtech junkies are claiming that ASO is the new SEO.With over two million apps in different app stores and markets right now, it is easy to fall into theapp graveyard, especially if you don’t make it to the top in the first few weeks. That’s why gettingthings right from the beginning is a must.Before you go and start optimizing your app, it’s essential to understand that ASO needs to beone part of your overall marketing strategy, the same effort you put into developing an App needsto be put into the marketing and the positioning of your end product.The download and revenue potentialNow let’s look at reasons why ASO techniques can benefit your app business in case you stillhave any doubts.To start, ASO can be easily the cheapest, most affordable step in the App marketing process.Although you can’t expect ASO to take your app from zero to hero overnight, ASO can provide anincrease in ranking that could give you the required boost in downloads to get your app noticedand help you become profitable.By achieving a higher ranking, hopefully you’ll attract the right users who are searching for thetype of app you have. Find more ASO info and latest news at
  10. 10. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 10In a few words: Search brings organic traffic which usually converts into buyers much easier andthat’s where ASO becomes an asset.So understanding it’s importance, let’s take a look at what ASO is and how you can start getstarted. (Yes, no more boring intro!) Have you checked my ASO Ninja Course? Find more info at Find more ASO info and latest news at
  11. 11. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 11 Chapter 3 - ASO conditionsBy now you have a clear idea that ranking your app is a critical aspect in your strategy to generatedownloads, traffic and revenue.So, let’s look at the different types of rankings and ways to optimize apps in different markets.Let’s start with the types of rankings you can achieve.Top Free/Paid Apps:This is a list of apps based on their cost. Everyone loves to be in this “Holy Grail” of rankings.The list is generated by adding the number of downloads of each app in a specific time frame andranking them in descending order.Top Free/Paid Apps in Your Particular Category:This is the list of the most popular apps within a specific category that have been downloaded themost often.This is the ranking you need to focus on to beat the competition. Most of your potential users willpay attention to this ranking before they decide to download your app. Find more ASO info and latest news at
  12. 12. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 12That’s why making the wrong “category” decision can mean the difference between being in thetop ranking or not.In reality, this is our most realistic target, to appear in the top 100 ranking in your category.Top Grossing Apps:This is a list of apps that have generated the most revenue. If you aren’t in the big leagues yet,this won’t be of much use to you.If you’re successful, you’ll appear on this list, hopefully while enjoying a Mojito in Jamaica enjoyingyour luck and revenue on your holidays.For the “normal app developers” out there, the likelihood of reaching the top grossing apps is veryunlikely.The ASO Process.To start, let’s be brave enough to claim that the ASO process is not very different from SearchEngine Optimization (SEO).At this stage, nearing the end of 2012, the algorithms in the app stores aren’t extremely advancedyet, compared to conventional search engine algorithms, which leaves developers with enoughroom to use their old fashioned SEO skills.In the same way, you have in the SEO world, Google, Bing and Yahoo (hmmm... who uses Yahooto search anymore?), in the app world, there are multiple platforms to optimize, which can beachieved by using separate app versions for each market.You have: ● Apple App Store. ● Android Market. ● Blackberry App World. ● Samsung Apps Stores. ● GetJar Find more ASO info and latest news at
  13. 13. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 13 ● Nokia Store. ● And more.All these stores have technical and ethical guidelines on which the apps need to be based.However, once you have been accepted by an app store, you have the green light to try toincrease your own app ranking.Now, the challenge is that each platform has its own ranking factors and search algorithm. Sowhat may work in one market may not work in the other.However, content, popularity ranking, ratings and reviews are some of the global aspects you mayexpect to have an influence in almost all the app markets out there.So far we know that ASO involves a combination of elements that can help your app get noticed,downloaded and rated so that you move higher up the charts in the app stores.Obviously, ASO, like the old SEO, is not “a magic bullet” or quick solution like direct advertising orpay per click.That’s why it’s important to talk about the ASO prerequisites.Gab’s ASO PrerequisitesBuild a good app (seriously!)To start off, let’s make this clear. You MUST come up with a great application.Only a great app, combined with ASO, can get people interested, and help you achieve some typeof success from your app development.Just like in the SEO world, SEO will never help a mediocre site make money. That’s why, if yourapp sucks, then no ASO, marketing ads, optimization or advertising will save it.By asking you to use a good App, I’m talking about building something people WANT. Notsomething people install and 25 seconds later realize it was a waste of their time. Find more ASO info and latest news at
  14. 14. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 14Building something that people WANT, will keep and keep using will make your ASO processeasy, logical and natural.Playing The Name Game ProperlyIt makes sense to baptize an app with a name that indicates what the app does.Not only is choosing the right name important from an ASO point of view, but it’s also beneficialfrom a marketing and branding perspective.Choosing the right name is not only vital to increase the chances of your app succeeding but itcan influence how viral your app may become or the possibilities of it being featured in the appstore.Remember:Your app name must promote the image you want project, and in many cases, your app name canbe the first step in building a solid app brand that will help you to stand out from the competition.Getting the name right is also vital when you understand that the NAME (or App title) plays a hugefactor in the ASO game.Some researchers claim that around 75 percent of users install apps based on searching the AppStore or Google Play, while the remaining discover apps from ads, blogs, worth of mouth or newssites.Categorize – Put your app in the right placeIt may seem strange, but some developers make the unforgivable mistake of choosing anirrelevant category or sub-category when submitting their app. The wrong category can only spelldoom for an app’s visibility.That’s why it’s vital you categorize your app correctly to guarantee exposure to your targetaudience.Think about your app from a user’s perspective. It is wise to choose a relevant category with theleast competition and use competitive keywords. Find more ASO info and latest news at
  15. 15. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 15If your app fits into multiple categories, balance it out well and choose a category with the leastcompetition in terms of keyword search rankings and similarities to your app.Later on, I will talk about different tools that analyze the level of competition in different categoriesand sub-categories along with price, rank and average star rating.Get the Price Right.I know…. I know… you have done all this hard work and you really want to cash in big. Right?You want to move to Jamaica and have mojitos at the beach. Am I right?Regardless of how bad you want it, please price your app right.You can put all the hard work in the world into your app but if you price your App game at $29.90,trust me, nobody will buy it. It doesn’t matter how amazing your ASO skills are or how much yourmum thinks you are a great developer.So be smart with your pricing.Pricing your app right from the start is an important factor to get the initial sales rolling. So startsmall, get the momentum going. Then, if life is good, start testing different pricing strategies.Be ProactiveHi Gab, I tried that ASO thing and it didn’t work out really, so we gave up.Oh really? What did you try?Well, not a lot, we played with the description and that’s it… then we stopped. You see, it wasn’tworking.This is a marathon so be proactive. ASO is a process… not one move. So be sure if you are goingto embrace this process that you’re prepared to do it properly.You will need to be willing to experiment, track, improve and invest.Don’t expect miracles when you don’t put time or energy into it…. Things like that don’t happen...not to people like you and I at least.  Find more ASO info and latest news at
  16. 16. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 16 Chapter 4 - App Store vs. Google PlayWant to rank? Then get ready to adapt, to compete and to face your competition in differentmarkets and arenas.In this ASO game, you need to deal with different rules and variables depending on where youwant to promote your app.As I announced in the 1 st chapter of this book, I will be focusing mainly on the App store andGoogle Play.The App Store was built by Apple (I bet you didn’t know that!) and there has never been such alarge player in the search industry. Compared to Google Play, the AppStore is more complicated.This is mainly because it is a “mix” of 2 different algorithms… the traditional App store searchalgorithm created by Apple and the Chomp Algorithm purchased by Apple in 2012.Google Play’s algorithm is a baby version of the “big” Google algorithm, and I believe Googlecould do a better job in the future than Apple in the Search arena with Google Play. Find more ASO info and latest news at
  17. 17. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 17While Google Play can rely on Google’s army of Search geniuses, Apple’s Search technology hasfailed to be as accurate as required, to the point where some third parties like Appchomp(purchased by Apple in 2012) have managed to provide a better result that the App Store itself.Although Google Play has a lot to improve, I believe that the app community (developers andusers) are less patient with Apple than Google regarding changes to their algorithm and the waysearching takes place.While the App Store has for years been criticized by the app developing community, implementingthe right amount of algorithm changes to keep everyone happy has shown to be more challengingthan expected.The ChallengeThe difficulty with ASO is that you don’t just have to achieve results. You also need to keep upwith the constant changes and diverse factors that influence search results in the App Store, andGoogle Play.Also, it’s pretty obvious to assume that Apple and Google are not going to find a commondenominator to rank Apps. In fact, it is most likely each company will stick to their rules andalgorithm to command the way Apps get ranked.For us, this means that every submission sent to the App Store needs to be treated in a differentway to an app submitted to Google Play. Different markets mean different rules.That makes the challenge of ranking an app even harder.Not only do you have to keep up with the latest ASO trends, but also you have to understand whattype of ASO tactics produce results, depending on the market you are targeting.The App StoreWe all know the app store… this is where everything started.As we already know, the Apple App Store layout and listings work like a big directory of Apps,where Search seems to be a painful process. Find more ASO info and latest news at
  18. 18. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 18Finding the EXACT type of app you’re searching for can be a frustrating ordeal with Apple or withany type of App Store at the moment.There are too many apps, not a lot of accurate results and some strange layouts.Now that Apple has purchased Appchomp, the app industry predicts that they’ll try to focus onproviding a more accurate search algorithm where less “spammy Apps” will appear in the results.Regardless of Apple’s intentions, the App Store’s search function is still in its infancy and Apple isaware that search will be a decisive factor in the way they compete with Google Play.Apple knows that not only do they need to satisfy app users expecting accurate search results, butthey also need to keep app developers happy.The more frustrated app developers become with Apple, the more credits and brownie pointsGoogle Play will win automatically.The Chomp AlgorithmThe “Chomp update” took place while I was working on this book and obviously I was excited thatmy predictions were right, but also frustrated by the fact that I had to edit a lot of the content!The first chomp algorithm update took place in June 2012, and like any search algorithm update,Apple decided to do the Chomp rollout in phases.This means that we may expect the Apple search algorithm to have incremental updates duringthe next year or more while they try to focus their search function to work more in the “chomp way”of finding apps.But before I continue; let’s try to understand what exactly Chomp is?Let’s ask Wikipedia, shall we?Chomp is an app search engine company founded by Ben Keighran and Cathy Edwards in 2009.Chomp’s app search engine is available in a Chomp app or as an integrated search box inpartners’ websites or other content. Chomp’s propriety algorithm allows users to search for appsbased on what apps do, not just by what they are called. Find more ASO info and latest news at
  19. 19. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 19In February 2012, Apple purchased Chomp (the app search startup).The purchase of Chomp not only gave Apple an advantage over Android, but it gave them thetechnology required to improve their search algorithm. Apple slapped Google in the face with thispurchase and they also acquired a smarter algorithm ready to be implemented in the big leaguessuch as the App store.So what is the Chomp Update about?The chomp update could be defined as an update where Apple started to move towardsreplicating their algorithm to the way Chomp works.In the eyes of Apple, Chomp has brought a smarter search system where the algorithm can detectand understand what types of apps are more relevant to user search terms.The changes implemented by Chomp also provided a decrease in the power of previouscontextual ASO factors such as title and keywords.This means that just keywords and names as ranking factors have lost power compared todownloads and the topic correlation between search terms and what the app does.Although the update could be labeled a soft update, it could be considered the first move by Appleto start building a more accurate search algorithm.This update not only improved the search function, but it’s a first move by Apple to battle “grey hattactics” where developers were trying to manipulate the algorithm.Obviously with any update, many developers claim that the biggest losers are the small playersthat will always have less downloads than the big app companies. But some developers claim thisis the right move towards a new era where the App store is actively improving their searchalgorithmGoogle PlayGoogle Play obviously comes from the creators of modern search. I.e. Google. (I bet you didn’tknow that!) And I believe Google Play has as a huge advantage, the search background of theGoogle search algorithm. Find more ASO info and latest news at
  20. 20. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 20Clearly ASO is not SEO and apps are not websites. Therefore Google Play has its own variablesthat make its algorithm difficult to predict.So how does Google Play work?Good Question! One way of understanding the way the algorithm may work in Google Play is toread the definition by Johannes Borchardt, founder of ANDLABS and blogger on states that if you could “formulate” what the Google Play algorithm would look like, it would besomething like this:Temporary relevance * t + keyword frequency in the title * u + keyword frequency in thedescription * v + ratings * w + composite score * x + active installs in percent * y + black magic * zOne of the things that I love the most about Johannes’ formula is the “black magic” component.For sure black magic, or the secret sauce, is one of the realities of any SEO, ASO or rankinggame: the unknown factor.What I really find interesting behind Johannes’ theory is how important “keywords” are in hishypothetical ranking formula.Also, it’s important to highlight the concept of temporary relevance.Temporary relevance could be understood by looking at the way Google works today.The Google search algorithm has a factor called the “freshness factor.”Freshness update: freshness factor gives relevancy to sites recently updated or sites that tend to provide more“fresh” content that others. Is it possible that this also works in the Google Play Algorithm? Find more ASO info and latest news at
  21. 21. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 21 I find it difficult to believe Google Play won’t follow some of the same concepts the GoogleAlgorithm uses for websites and adapt it to apps.Therefore temporary relevance could be the variable that guarantees that fresh results will gethigher “priority” for indexing and ranking compared to sites with no updates or new content.What could trigger the temporary relevance?Potentially (and we are speculating here) we could be looking at apps with new updates, recentlyreleased or with a recent spike in downloads or reviews. Again, it’s difficult to predict what couldbe or is not relevant for Google Play, but launching an update, for example, could trigger Googleplay to consider a new app as “fresh” potentially helping it to be more “relevant”Composite Score.To understand the composite score I want to quote what Google defines in their Google developerdistribution agreement“Product Ratings. The Market will allow users to rate Products. Only users who download theapplicable Product will be able to rate it. Product ratings will be used to determine the placementof Products on the Market with higher rated Products generally given better placement, subject toGoogles ability to change placement at Googles sole discretion. The Market may also assign youa composite score for any Product that has not received user ratings. A Developer CompositeScore will be a representation of the quality of your Product based on your history and will bedetermined at Googles sole discretion. For new Developers without Product history, Google mayuse or publish performance measurements such as uninstall and/or refund rates to identify orremove Products that are not meeting acceptable standards as determined by Google. Googlereserves the right to display Products to users in a manner that will be determined at Googlessole discretion”Are you still awake? Find more ASO info and latest news at
  22. 22. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 22Good. Ok, so this is not the most interesting content ever, but it’s very important to keep in mind tolook at how Google Play works, mainly because when I read this, I have a strange feeling of déjàvu.The representation of the quality of your product based on your history can be a way of Google toestablish a page rank system for apps developers.Page Rank is defined in Wikipedia as:A link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page and used by the Google Internet search engine,that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such asthe World Wide Web, with the purpose of "measuring" its relative importance within the set.So the question to ask here is …Could the composite score be Google Play Page Rank for the app world??Only time will tell (but I have the feeling I will be right – send me an email If time makes me eat mywords).The App store Algorithm Formula(Guessing what Chomp formula could look like.)It’s only fair that I try to play the same game as Johannes Borchardt with his Google Playalgorithm… and give you my 100% unprofessional guess of a potential Chomp formulaTemporary relevance * t + keyword the title * u + keywords * v + ratings * w + downloads * x +active installs in per cent * y + Apple Love * zVoila!My own taking on the secret formula that keeps tweaking every month…. but let’s presume I hadto defend my formula to a room of skeptics ….Why Keyword and not keywords in the title?I believe saturation of keyword(s) will make no difference to ranking Find more ASO info and latest news at
  23. 23. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 23Why not description as one of the variables?Description doesn’t make a difference in the App Store Algorithm – it does in Google playWhat’s the difference between Downloads vs Active installs?Downloads are always higher than active installs. Many users may download the app but not useit or uninstall it later on. Active installs I believe play a stronger role than many companies expect.Why Apple love and not black magic?Editorial Love by Apple seam to give a huge “ranking effect” in Apps. * WANT MORE? Check the complete Book at * Have you checked my ASO Ninja Course? Find more info at Find more ASO info and latest news at
  24. 24. ASO Ninja – Earn Your App Store Optimization Black Belt! 24Find more ASO info and latest news at