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ASOBarcamp 2 - The (Past, Present and) Future of ASO - Hugh McCallion, Traffic Optimiser


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What were the app stores like before
What is app store optimisation like today
What is the future of App Store Optimisation
- Hugh McCallion gives a talk focusing on App Indexing, and how this will impact ASO (App Store Optimisation) over the next year

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ASOBarcamp 2 - The (Past, Present and) Future of ASO - Hugh McCallion, Traffic Optimiser

  1. 1. DOMAIN AUTHORITY + LINKING DOMAINS SNAPSHOT Metric* Vashi ( 77 Diamonds ( Stevenstone ( Rare Pink ( Domain Authority 42 45 32 35 Referring Domains 520 744 204 143 Considering selected direct competitors, Vashi takes second place, both from the Domain Authority as well as Referring Domains perspective. 77 Diamonds have highest metrics, although there is only a 3 point difference in DA value between them and Vashi. * Both metrics were last updated in August 2015 Future boy The (past, present and) Future of ASO Hugh McCallion, Traffic Optimiser
  2. 2. The (past, present and) Future of ASO Hugh McCallion, Commercial Director
  3. 3. The Past….
  4. 4. Past – Old School ASO Long Titles No Analytics
  5. 5. Past A/B Screenshot testing….using PPC & Optimizely ASO Barcamp 1 #neverforget
  6. 6. Past – pointless social integration
  7. 7. The Present…..
  8. 8. Present - App High Deletion Rate 28% of smartphone users delete an app within one month of downloading it Link
  9. 9. Present - Appstores Are A Mess Why does rank for “pissing”?
  10. 10. Present - Curation “King-makers” Being Featured leads to mass downloads of particular apps
  11. 11. Present – Conversion Optimisation is HAPPENING NOW (on Android….) Google Experiments are LIVE and REAL Win awards, impress your friends A/B test: • Icons • Screenshots • Descriptions
  12. 12. Present – PPC on Google Play Store • Rolled out for all marketers • Taking a while to….get good
  13. 13. The Future – App Indexing
  14. 14. The Future – App Indexing What is app indexing?
  15. 15. What is app indexing? Deep Linking allows the content in your app to be searchable Existing Users Currently have the app installed Public searchers Who don’t have the app installed
  16. 16. Universal Links in iOS9 This is a pretty big deal…. Link from an app Click on link Loads URL for web-page Loads corresponding app position
  17. 17. The Future – App Indexing Where will my app content be seen?
  18. 18. If you compare iOS8 and iOS9….. Much richer, deeper, indexed content is now available from Spotlight Search iOS8 iOS9
  19. 19. The new Search Engine landscape App Stores OS Search Engines Web Search Engines
  20. 20. The Future – App Indexing Why are Apple and Google doing this?
  21. 21. Apple and Google are deprecating the role of the App Store • New ways to discover richer app content • Actively indexing app content rather than just the app store listing page App Stores OS Search Engines
  22. 22. Apple Your new search engines are: • Spotlight • Siri • Safari browser address bar
  23. 23. Spotlight Search vs. • 1.6bn PCs • 1.4bn Google Android • 4-500m Android in China (No Google) • 700-750m iOS Link 100m iOS MAUs 500m iOS MAUs Apple could start taking serious amounts of traffic away from Google It is possible to do! They did it with Maps on iOS
  24. 24. The Future – App Indexing What are the ASO implications?
  25. 25. Multilingual If you are not localising your apps you are out of this ecosystem
  26. 26. More Analytics…. Yesterday’s announcements at SMX East Segment Analytics based on: Clicks on the search result links Clicking on the install app button
  27. 27. In Summary…..
  28. 28. Summary 1. Get excited about deep linking 2. Apple and Google want to crawl your app 3. The search landscape is going to change 4. More opportunity for ASO