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Aso barcamp 3 - Olivier verdin how to increase discoverability through keyword localization #aso barcamp


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Adapt Worldwide presents ASO Barcamp 3 - Olivier Verdin's talk on how to increase discoverability through keyword localization #ASOBarcamp

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Aso barcamp 3 - Olivier verdin how to increase discoverability through keyword localization #aso barcamp

  1. 1. Olivier Verdin - How to increase discoverability through keyword localization
  2. 2. How to increase discoverability through keyword localization
  3. 3. Localization is difficult • Localization is a difficult task because you miss important knowledge: – Market competition – Language – Culture • Don’t target countries, target languages
  4. 4. What should you do? 1. App Store Optimization – Keywords / App Title / Description – Screenshots / App Preview 2. App Translation – Don’t forget to consider date format, time format,…
  5. 5. 1. App Store Optimization • Have high relevancy • Have highest search volume possible • Have lowest competition possible • Be easily combined to other keywords For each language, every keyword should
  6. 6. Pick the right keywords : Volume / Competition - KEI
  7. 7. Search Volume Estimation • This important information is not given by Apple or Google • ASO tools provide an estimation of the Search Volume based on their own algorithm
  8. 8. How AppTweak estimates Search Volume? Search Volume is based on multiple criteria: • Density in App Title & Description • Density in Reviews • Density in the language • Presence in the hints • Search volume on web For 7 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Portuguese, French.
  9. 9. Presence in the hints
  10. 10. ASO Search Volume Study | r(ST,MA)=0.94 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 0 5 10 15 20 25 AppTweak SensorTower MobileAction
  11. 11. SR=10.log(SemRush) | r(ST,SR)=0.96 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 0 5 10 15 20 25 AppTweak SensorTower MobileAction SemRush
  12. 12. How to localize your keywords 8 steps to pick the best keywords 1. Select a country and a language 2. Add competitors on this market 3. Add 200 keywords from suggestions / top keywords 4. Keep 50 best keywords with highest KEI 5. Select best keywords for App Name, Keywords field, Short description,… 6. Get help from a native speaker 7. Monitor your keywords evolution 8. Update 20% of your keywords at each new update 9. Keep Improving
  13. 13. How to localize your keywords Google Translate : easy but weak
  14. 14. Beware of automatic translation
  15. 15. App Title & Description
  16. 16. App Title & Description
  17. 17. Screenshots / App Preview
  18. 18. 2. Translate your App
  19. 19. Format Date
  20. 20. Format Energy, Length & Mass
  21. 21. +33% App Installs +16% Session
  22. 22. COUPON CODE: ASOBARCAMP 50% Discount on 1st Month Thanks!
  24. 24. Datingmade easy.
  25. 25. DOUBLE Text Here More Fun Less Awkward Safer Double is a location based double dating app. Double makes dating:
  26. 26. DOUBLE Started in October 2014 We’re live in London & NYC and have 34k MAUs London and Edinburgh based You might remember us from Dragons’ Den where we wore some pretty fetching suits
  27. 27. WHY ARE YOU TALKING Good Question… Having users is a relatively new thing for us Up until October 2015 the app basically didn’t even work And when it finally did work, getting users was tough…
  28. 28. I’m gonna talk about our experience with ‘hacking’ Facebook
  29. 29. OUR STRATEGY STEP ONE Build an app STEP TWO Get users STEP THREE
  30. 30. OUR STRATEGY STEP ONE Build an app STEP TWO Get users STEP THREE This part was harder than we thought
  31. 31. WHAT DID WE DO We tried everything Handing out flyers Flyering in student dorms - had a negative effect Google Ad words Twitter ads PR - Worked well but not sustainable Networking Using a cardboard cutout at major events Tube ads - way too expensive!
  32. 32. What about? Lots of people told us they had success with Facebook
  33. 33. Problem Facebook doesn’t allow dating (or gambling) companies to advertise on its platform… (I don’t know why) Unless you can get on their ‘approved list’ There seems to be no process of getting on this ‘list’ And literally no one at Facebook seemed to know about it or who to speak to At one point we set up an automated daily email to the entire marketing department… never got a response
  34. 34. Was there a way we could advertise on Facebook without being approved? Maybe…
  35. 35. NOW WHAT Maybe someone else could do it for us… So we paid Facebook pages to post articles about us and then boosted it (i.e. sponsored posts) Good News: It worked (kinda) Bad News: Great for awareness but not great for installs Posts we’re confusing as we couldn’t mention ‘date’ Very difficult for the user to install the app - post > website > app link > App Store > Install Expensive & difficult to do
  36. 36. NEXT STEP Lets just do it ourselves … Created our own Facebook page and website called ‘The Campus’ Good News: We could post as much Double content as we liked Practically free Bad News: No page likes Now have to create even more content Posts still confusing Still difficult difficult for the user to install the app We’re not a media company But we could do loads of experiments
  37. 37. LEARNINGS SO FAR Every time we do a Facebook campaign our metrics go up (sounds a lot more obvious than it is) We can definitely do better Experiments can be done very cheaply Facebook is VERY big I know nothing about Facebook advertising
  38. 38. LETS LEARN ABOUT FACEBOOK Eventually discovered that Facebook have their own ad University buried deep in their site Sat down and spent a week doing the whole thing It was very boring But I now knew the basics of how to run and ad and interpret the results
  39. 39. CAN WE TRICK FACEBOOK? Can we make Facebook think we’re advertising something else? Every Facebook ad has to be approved by them Its all done by computer Facebook is so big that once the ad gets approve they will probably never see it again If we can submit an ad and change it after it has been approved then Facebook may never notice Can we make it look like an app install ad and make really easy for people install from the ad?
  40. 40. Finally! As long as we followed these rules we would be fine: Don’t have date or dating in the picture (logo and brand is fine) Don’t have date or dating in the ad copy Use a redirect url which you can change to send users to the App store after the ad is approved Once the ad was approved we were golden and could run it as long as we want
  41. 41. Initial Results UK App Store Lifestyke Ranking Jul 15 - Nov 15
  42. 42. Game Changer Then we got a little lucky… Facebook opened up Instagram to everyone for advertising To test it we ran a really bad Instagram experiment It was a total game changer Much more effective than Facebook After some optimisation we did a big push in New York and UK to see how well it would work
  43. 43. The Results US App Store Lifestyle Ranking Jan 16 - Feb 16
  44. 44. The Results UK App Store Lifestyle Ranking Dec 15 - Apr 16
  45. 45. Learnings There is no silver bullet: Just because something doesn’t work well initially doesn’t mean it will never work Persistence is key: I had no experience with FB and everything thing we learned was through trial and error. So many of our accounts got blacklisted as well. It takes time: it took us months to get from step to step Run as many experiments as you can: We learned the most from just trying stuff. Advertising on social platforms is cheap and the results are almost instantaneous Just do it: even if you think its not possible just give it a try
  46. 46. THANK YOU
  47. 47. Olivier Verdin - How to increase discoverability through keyword localization