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Our final idea

  1. 1. The Shadow - Final idea Our final idea: As the title sequence therewill be a man, with a black hoodie and sunglass on to hide his face, who is seen taking pictures of a woman while she doing her daily activities. In scene one of the film the antagonist will be sitting in a dark room with candles around him and the pictures of the woman scattered around him. He stabs a knife on one of the pictures and grabs tablets, which are on the table and takes them. Scene two is a dual storyline. The woman is seen getting ready to leave her work, by collecting her bag. Then it goes back to the man walking away from a door. Then back to the woman, she is walking down the road into a darken park. Next the man is seen sitting on a bench getting out a newspaper and looking around. Then seeing them both with a wide angle in the park. She walks faster approaching him, showing slight fear. He stands up and starts to follow her, and grabs her from behind then puts the tissue over her mouth, blackout. End with titles. Age rating: our film will have the age rating 15. This is due to drug abuse, from the antagonist, as well as violence, by kidnaping her and the stabbing of the picture. Market research: we did not want to use voice over on our film because we thought it would take away from the feel of the film, so we went with the second most popular choice of a montage for the opening. We thought that if we set the film in the 18th century we would not be able to show our skills as filmmakers and make up artist so we chose to do it in the present day. We are setting our film in a town, which is what the market research showed was wanted. The sound effects that were used in perfume, such as the noise of Paris, will also be used in our film to, give a more realistic effect. Type of film opening: we are using a montage film opening. Conventions: Hidden antagonist Weak female character Low key lighting System of looking Scenes of crime Common fears
  2. 2. Sub genre: crime thriller The research that we have done, has built up to this decision of the final film. We learnt about the elements that we needed to put in our film, to make it a good thriller. We have watched films to get inspiration for our film, but used our original ideas. With the research on openings we found different one and used the one we found most effective.