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Results analysis


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Our AS Media coursework questionnaire results and analysis.

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Results analysis

  1. 1. Results analysis These are our results of the questionnaire that we created and shared on Facebook to get a range of results. Before answering the questionnaire they watched the opening scene of the Perfume on We got 24 results, which gave range of views providing us the different opinions. 88% of the people who answered the first question said that they like the voice over in the clip. This means we probably use a voice over in our film next year due to consumer demand. However if this does not work we use a montage of different layers. We will use an 18th century setting and if that not work we will use the present day setting. For the location, the results were close suggesting that we could use Paris as a setting, such as in the film or another city, however if this does not work we could use the setting of a coastline for our film. 87% of people like the sound effects, which means that we will use these effects in our film. However wind and weather effects were popular with those who disliked the sound effects in our YouTube clip. With question 9 on reflection we saw that the question irrelevant to the film and was too generic. It showed the general taste of music and not what people would like in thriller films. Most of the people liked the story in the scene. We are really looking forward to make our own film! Your AS Media Team Leonie, Megan, Leslie and Gesa (: