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Editing dps Lydia R


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Lydia Rosado DPS

Published in: Education
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Editing dps Lydia R

  1. 1. Editing DPS Lydia Rosado
  2. 2. Here I edited this picture on Photoshop by turning down the vibrancy and increasing the exposure. I also decreased the offset and increased gamma correction.
  3. 3. Here I edited this photo to increase the vibrancy slightly and saturation because this is my main image. Next I selected the background and deleted it. Next I imported a different background and edited it like the previous photo to fade it slightly to match the other photo.
  4. 4. Here I faded the bottom of the photo before fading the side of the photo instead to blend the 2 images together. I also added a pull quote into the article and added my standfirst.
  5. 5. Here I added the magazine name to make it more realistic and I faded the side of the picture into the spine to fade into the other image.
  6. 6. I then added a black box behind the magazine name to make it stand out more and I added a second pull quote over the main image, as well as credits to the author and photographer and I added a caption for the main image. I also added page numbers that match the contents page and a drop cap.