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Queer theory


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Published in: Education
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Queer theory

  1. 1. Queer Theory
  2. 2. • Queer Theory rejects conventional or mainstream behaviour, including sexual identity, but also a range of identities including race, disability and gender.• It rejects the essentialist nature of theories of identity based on binary oppositions like male/female, gay/straight and argues there is another space outside which is ‘queer’.
  3. 3. • Queer texts either deal with queer themes and have queer characters or are read as queer• Characters are often outsiders, on the edge of society• There has been some improvement in the representation of gay men and lesbians in the media, but queer theory rejects simple positive representations which it argues are based on queer characters and values fitting it and being acceptable to a heterosexual, mainstream audience.• Queer genres of often subvert traditional genre rules
  4. 4. Brokeback Mountain official trailer• LQc
  5. 5. Serbian anti-gay protest footage• Rx0
  6. 6. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Obama• mlNk
  7. 7. Omar – The Wire• xg8• O7rJ8• HIy2s
  8. 8. Christian and Syed• dA
  9. 9. John Inman• 9oxE
  10. 10. George Osbourne (Chancellor of the Exchequer)• 7iM
  11. 11. The West Wing – Jed and the homophobe• zhNiGlogQ
  12. 12. ‘The Old Homosexual Warning’• Qj4&feature=related
  13. 13. Will and Grace• Xw
  14. 14. B&B refuse gay couple, April 2010•• e-news/gay-couple-win-bed-and-breakfast- snub-case-2187347.html• w-and-order/8266097/Gay-couple-awarded- damages-after-Christian-hotel-owners- refused-to-let-them-share-double-room.html
  15. 15. Section A• Evaluate how the gay community is represented in both products (8 marks)• To what extent has the media given a more positive representation of gay people over the last fifteen years? (8 marks)• ‘It is wrong to show lifestyles beyond the mainstream before the watershed.’ How far do you agree with this statement? (12 marks)
  16. 16. Possible theories to consider• Queer theory• Binary opposition• Moral panic• Marxism