Scootle supporting teachers to implement the Australian Curriculum


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ASLA XXIII Biennial Conference - Stacey Hattensen - Be guided through the latest developments of Scootle including the free digital resources collection aligned to the Australian Curriculum; Scootle Community, a purpose built social media platform for teachers, and Improve, the online formative assessment tool.

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Scootle supporting teachers to implement the Australian Curriculum

  1. 1. Stacey Hattensen, Program Director, Content Services Education Services Australia Scootle, supporting teachers to implement the Australian Curriculum 30 September 2013
  2. 2. Thank you for downloading Scootle Scootle Community Australian Curriculum
  3. 3. • Setting: the national education architecture • Main characters: Scootle, Improve, Community • Supporting characters: ABC Splash, Illustrations of practice, Safe Schools Hub, Teach Learn Share, Myfuture, My Skills • Contributors: jurisdictions, commercial, non- commercial…free • Complications: funding, sustainability of service, free from copyright collection • Resolution…. Today’s narrative
  4. 4. National Architecture for Schooling
  5. 5. Pre-service teachers Online Curriculum Services Government (Catholic) Government Sharing and Distribution Infrastructure (managed by ESA) Government Independent Catholic Scootle Universities National Digital Learning Resources Network Government Independent Catholic Catholic Independent Government Scootle Catholic Independent The Learning Place Catholic Independent Teaching and Learning Exchange Scootle e Centre Government Catholic Independent Government Catholic Independent Government Independent Catholic Scootle Scootle Scootle FUSE / Ultranet
  6. 6. Overview of ESA’s national services
  7. 7. Connecting curriculum to content
  8. 8. Use of Australian Curriculum Approx. 30% of page views involve searching. 15 minutes per visit on the site, and viewing around 17 pages a visit. Teachers are clearly indicating the importance of tools that let them plan their online learning, and align to the curriculum in their classrooms Starting at the beginning
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Digital teaching and learning
  11. 11. What are the statistics telling us? 170,000 registered users Access for all teachers, all jurisdictions by 2014 0 20,000 40,000 60,000 80,000 100,000 120,000 140,000 160,000 Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June Scootle users Sccotle users Jul'11-Jun'12 Scootle users Jul'12-Jun'13
  12. 12. Resources are sourced from a range of suppliers including: • Professional associations • Commercial providers • Government and non-government organisations • Repositories of content • Jurisdictions and sectors Scootle Showcase
  13. 13. The digital relationships
  14. 14. National Digital Services Infrastructure Good metadata: conforms to vocabularies and standards uses authority control and content standards supports interoperability includes a clear statement of the conditions and terms of use supports the long-term curation and preservation of digital collections has the qualities of good objects... ...including authority, authenticity, archivability, persistence, and unique identification
  15. 15. • SCIS records have both SCIS and SCoT terms in subject fields • Check your system provider to see how to handle both systems • Then turn on the SCoT option in your SCIS profile • Retrospective subject reload available as fee for service • Bulk upload of TLF learning objects SCIS and SCoT
  16. 16. Scootle – Types of content Interactive multimedia learning and assessment resources and tools Sound speeches, songs, radio broadcasts and interviews files digital repository Websites developed in partnership for shared content Still images such as photos, artwork, posters, maps, documents and cartoons Moving images from documentaries, feature films, newsreels and TV programs Teacher ideas show how to inspire and challenge students using digital content Collections are selected resources based around themes Teaching units for targeted curriculum areas
  17. 17. • Focus - a clear focus on the learning of its intended audience. • Integrity - intrinsic veracity and authenticity and its source and content are reputable, current and accurate. • Alignment - direct relevance to the implementation and delivery of the Australian Curriculum. • Capacity to be licensed as free for school use including free from further statutory copyright collection. Our criteria for selection
  18. 18. Scootle - Interactive resources
  19. 19. Free Apps ABS- Statistics made fun ESA-Chinese language teaching ESA- Pirate treasure hunt Qld minerals Council -Oresome
  20. 20. Scootle - Websites Embedding indigenous perspectives ABC: Making of modern Australia ABC: My Place for teachers ARKIVE: open education repository
  21. 21. ABC Splash
  22. 22. Scootle – Professional resources
  23. 23. Partnerships +sustainable development
  24. 24. • Publisher’s portal pilot • Metadata records are uploaded by publisher for resources that are only available for purchase • Records align to Aust Curriculum • Links are direct to publisher’s site- for purchase or trail Direct from Publishers
  25. 25. Learning paths One in four page views involve teachers interacting with a Learning path. Visit involving Learning Path - approx. 20 minutes per visit, and average page views of 24 Visit not involving Learning path – approx. 4 minutes and average page views of four.
  26. 26. • Designed to support drivers in draft Australian curriculum (Chinese) – eg. literacy dev’t, diverse learners & multiple pathways, Intercultural Language Learning • Two sections: teachers and students • Second language learners in Years 5 – 8 the main target • Providing chances to learn Chinese beyond classroom very important • PL modules grounded in good classroom practice – over 10 hours of video. Language Learning Space
  27. 27. Professional Standards & Practice
  28. 28. Scootle Community
  29. 29. Community features • Feed • Networks • Tagging • Connections • Events • Blogs/wikis • Maps • Media library
  30. 30. As of end September there were: – 4243 users – 402 individual network areas – 428 teacher blogs – 612 wiki pages – 844 active discussions – 203 events – 1113 media uploads Fast facts
  31. 31. Improve
  32. 32. Improve • Launched in February 2012 • English, Mathematics and Science- Years 3-10 • Freely available to all teachers across Australia • Usage (5 April 2013)12,625 teachers; 92,869 students – 5,000+ tests created  User support with videos and manuals  Helpdesk phone: 1800 620 970 live chat link from page; email support
  33. 33. New- Parent dashboard
  34. 34. • An assessment creation and management system • An assessment delivery system • An assessment marking system • An assessment results and reporting system • A data warehouse • An interoperability solution to facilitate maximum reuse of the existing system • An identity and access management system • A learning resource repository National Online Assessment Capability
  35. 35. National Digital Services
  36. 36. The new myfuture
  37. 37. My Skills
  38. 38. – teachers and school leaders – specialist professionals working in schools (guidance officers, chaplains etc) – parents – students The Safe Schools Hub • a rich interactive website for:
  39. 39. • Voluntary reviewers • Must have good understanding of the Australian Curriculum • Keen interest in digital and online learning • Review online resources and provide advice • Contact: • Found something great? Think that it fits our criteria? Contact me through Scootle Community. Want to participate in creating a national collection?