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Content of Solar Tracking System of Final Report Submitted in B.Tech (EEE) Final Year.

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Solar tracking system - content

  1. 1. iinfo4eee | Information For Electrical & Electronics EngineeringCandidate’s DeclarationWe hereby certify that the work which is being presented in the report entitledMICRO CONTROLLER BASED SOLAR TRACKING SYSTEM USINGSTEPPER MOTOR in the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of thedegree of BACHELOR OF TECHNOLOGY in ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICSENGINEERING submitted in the Department of Electrical Engineering, College ofEngineering Roorkee, affiliated to Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun (India),is an authentic record of our own work carried out during session 2012-13, under thesupervision of Mr. Amit Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of ElectricalEngineering and Mr. J K Vashishtha , Assistant Professor, Department of ElectricalEngineering of College of Engineering Roorkee, Roorkee (India).The matter embodied in this project report has not been submitted by us for theaward of any other degree or diploma.Dated: May , 2013(Amarjeet Singh Jamwal)60060108014(Chetan Mehta)60060108015(Bablu Kumar)09060108028(Ankit Agarwal)09060108011
  2. 2. iiinfo4eee | Information For Electrical & Electronics EngineeringCertificateThis is to certify that the project work “MICROCONTROLLER BASED SOLARTRACKING SYSTEM USING STEPPER MOTOR” is a bonafide record of workdone by Amarjeet Singh Jamwal, Ankit Agarwal, Bablu Kumar, Chetan Mehtaunder our guidance in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the B-Tech project as perthe record of Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun in academic session of2012-13 at College Of Engineering Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India -247667.Mr. Amit Kumar Mr J. K. Vashishtha(Assistant Professor) (Assistant Professor)Department of ElectricalEngineeringDepartment of ElectricalEngineeringMrs. Anuradha Mr. Akhilendra Yadav(Project Co-ordinator) (Head of Department)Department of ElectricalEngineeringDepartment of ElectricalEngineering
  3. 3. iiiinfo4eee | Information For Electrical & Electronics EngineeringAcknowledgementWe would like to express our profound and sincere gratitude to our project guides,Mr. Amit Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Mr. JK Vashishtha, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, College ofEngineering Roorkee, for their constant and valuable guidance, inspiration, forbearanceand keen interest during this project work.We take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Anuradha, Assistant Professor,Department of Electrical Engineering for providing the departmental facilities forcarrying out this work.We are also very grateful for the forbearance shown by Mr. Akhilendra Yadav,Head of Department, Department of Electrical Engineering, for his concern and advice,during the period of our project.Finally, we would like to acknowledge the immeasurable contribution of ourparents, without their constant inspiration and comradeship this work would never havebeen over. After completion of this project we can confidently say that this experiencehas not only enriched us with technical knowledge but also enhanced the maturity ofthoughts and vision.Name of studentsAMARJEET SINGH JAMWALCHETAN MEHTAANKIT AGARWALDated : May , 2013 BABLU KUMAR
  4. 4. ivinfo4eee | Information For Electrical & Electronics EngineeringContentsCandidate’s Declaration(i)Certificate(ii)Acknowledgement(iii)Abstract(vi)List of Figures and Tables(vii)1. Introduction11.1. Background22. Literature Research32.1. Technology of Solar Panel32.2. Evolution of Sola Tracker33. Project Description53.1. Block Diagram53.2. Schematic Diagram53.3. Printed Circuit Board64. Components Description114.1. Solar Tracker114.2. Methods of Tracker mount11
  5. 5. vinfo4eee | Information For Electrical & Electronics Engineering4.3. Methods of drive114.4. Sensors124.5. Motor134.6. Microcontroller184.7. Liquid Crystal Display254.8. Transformer254.9. Bridge Rectifier274.10. Regulator IC294.11. The Capacitor Filter304.12. Light Emitting Diode354.13. Resistor355. Conclusion396. References40
  6. 6. viinfo4eee | Information For Electrical & Electronics EngineeringAbstractThis Project shows design and realization of automatic solar panel orientation system inorder to achieve high performances. This can be done by keeping the solar panel at 90degree to The Sun rays. To achieve this we are using a microcontroller, a stepper motor,five LDRs, and a LCD. The management of the system, depending on the movements,the presence of sun, and the regular checkup of the system evolution, is ensured by anelectronic unit executed around a microcontroller.Keywords: solar tracker, stepper motor, RTC, LDR, single axis tracking
  7. 7. viiinfo4eee | Information For Electrical & Electronics EngineeringList of FiguresFigure No. Figure Caption Page No.2.1Sun’s apparent motion 43.1Block Diagram of Project 53.2Schematic Diagram of Project 53.3Printed circuit board (PCB) 63.4Single sided PCB 73.5 Double sided PCB 73.6Multi layered PCB 74.1Light Dependent Resistor 124.1Unipolar Stepper motor operation 154.2 different type of photo diodes134.2 Port A Pins Alternate functions224.3Stepper Motors 144.4Bipolar and Unipolar stepper Motor 154.5Bipolar and Unipolar drivers with MOS transistors 164.6Block diagram of demo application 174.7 Operating states for different speed profile parts174.8 State machine for timer interrupt174.9Pin diagram of ATmega16 20
  8. 8. viiiinfo4eee | Information For Electrical & Electronics Engineering4.102x16 LCD Display254.11 Transformer264.12 Bridge rectifier274.13 Bridge rectifier in parallel capacitor at the output284.14 MCT7805CT voltage regulator304.15 Full-wave rectifier with a capacitor filter314.16 Half-wave rectifier without filtering314.17 Half-wave rectifier with filtering324.18 Capacitor filter circuit334.19 Capacitor filter circuit334.20 Full-wave rectifier with capacitor filter344.21 LED354.22 From top to bottom: W, W, and 1-W resistors.364.23 Different types of resistors.374.24 Fixed resistors: (a) wire wound type; (b) carbon film type.374.25 Color coding37