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Planning Research


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Planning Research

Published in: Business
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Planning Research

  1. 1. PLANNING RESEARCH Asif Jamal
  2. 2. Research Planning Why?  Create, have fun, play  Invent, be on leading edge of discovery, be a scientist  Transfer discoveries to benefit society  Work in interesting and rewarding careers What?  Investigation of a problem in scientific manner  Discovery of a solution that advances state of knowledge in areas from theory to algorithms to prototypes to experimentation to applications
  3. 3. The marketing research mix  It is useful device, it can be moulded, recreated, applied, criticized, defined, adapted but most importantly, it can be remembered.  The marketing mix helps in marketing planning, and therefore is an important concept for the market researcher.
  4. 4. McCarthy four Ps  Product  Price  Promotion  Place
  5. 5. Stages of MR mix  Purpose  Population  Procedure  Publication
  6. 6. Choosing a Research Area Criteria  Exciting and interesting area to you  Important problems in area  Research type is suitable to you Ways to identify a research area  Take courses, attend seminars and colloquia  Talk to professors, visitors, other students  Consider both applied and theoretical areas  Read widely  Learn about yourself, what you like, etc.  Solve some research problems
  7. 7. Mind Map  Useful at the earliest stage of a project  Set out all possibilities and issues  Helps gives structure to project  Makes linkages more evident
  8. 8. Why am I doing research ? Why is this project happening ? How is it happening ? (methodology) Who will benefit ? Challenges for me project impact risks the future for me project
  9. 9. Projects and Risks  Identify sources of risk  Assess likelyhood of risk  Assess magnitude of risk  Develop response
  10. 10. Your Project  Please share with us