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Kallash Choudhari Aksh Optifibre Ltd

  1. 1. Introduction Aksh Snapshot Indian TV story Aksh – MTNL & BSNL IPTV Unique IPTV Interactive service IPTV Case Study: INDIA A-Tube icontrol mall IPTV – Revenue Growth Future Roadmap Breadth of our capabilities Questions & Answers
  2. 2. Aksh - Snapshot Manufacturing 2nd largest manufacturer of Optical Fibre & Optical Fibre Cables (OFC) in India Single largest manufacturer for Fibre Reinforced Plastics in the world ISO 9000 UL approved Exports 25% of total turnover to 28 countries including Japan Services First IPTV Service Provider with the Largest Subscriber Base in South Asia in association with MTNL and BSNL First to provide High Definition TV ( HD TV ) in history of Indian telecom using Fibre To The Home( FTTH) Completed trials for 3G Mobile platform Content agreements with Linear channels and Hollywood and Bollywood studios Video Phone and VOIP Services with MTNL
  3. 3. India - TV Story Unique family culture with 80 million TV homes and rapidly growing entertainment market Total number of wired landlines approx. 54 million PC penetration still low at 2.5 million homes India is the world’s second largest content producer 75% of CATV homes are analog and average revenue per month is US$ 3.5 Advertising revenues of all push media is US$ 2 billion Extra educational spend per year US$ 0.5 billion. Potential for interactive education Online push shopping is still nascent but good awareness Challenge is to deploy IPTV with a capex per subscriber to compete with existing models To launch new services on IPTV platform not available in the other broadcast models
  4. 4. Aksh – MTNL & BSNL Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) is the incumbent service provider for Telecom, Broadband and Mobile services in the cities of Delhi and Mumbai and has 4.0 million landlines and 0.6 million Broadband connections on ADSL2+ technology MTNL and Aksh have signed an agreement on revenue share basis for providing IPTV services the cities of Delhi and Mumbai Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited ( BSNL) is the incumbent service provider for the rest of India and has 40 million landlines and 1.0 million Broadband users BSNL and Aksh have signed an agreement on revenue share basis for 20 cities of Northern India
  5. 5. IPTV Digital Platform Services IPTV CAS DTH Interactive Services (Cable TV) (Satellite) (ADSL2+ or FIBRE) e.g.Hathway e.g.Tata Sky AKSH + MTNL MultiCast UniCast 10% Concurrency 100% Concurrency I²VoD • Broadcast • Broadcast • Broadcast I²VoD I²CAS • NVoD • NVoD • NVoD ATUBE I²CAS ICONTROL MALL I² GAMING VIDEO CALLING TRP 100 % CAPEX PER SUBSCRIBER (USD) Increasing $20 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ 150 ARPU PER SUBSCRIBER (USD) Increasing $3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ 50
  6. 6. IPTV Unique End to end solution provided by UTStarcom 1000 TB of Storage capable of storing 1.0 million hours of video content (essentially for Atube) 24 x 7 recording of all channels for anytime viewing under Time Shifted TV Unicast Traffic for nPVR and VOD capable of supporting concurrently 50% of registered subscribers i.e. 100% online subscribers (essentially for Atube) Video delivery on Mpeg 4 Part 10 - H.264 platform
  7. 7. IPTV – Interactive Services A tube :Video Classifieds, Video Yellow Pages icontrol Mall: Shop through TV Satellite TV more than 135 channels Time shift TV Instant & Interactive Video on demand (I2VOD) Instant & Interactive Conditional Access System (I2CAS) I2 Gaming Messaging Triple Play: Voice, Data and Video
  8. 8. Atube Atube – An interactive digital video yellow pages Direct digital interactive video advertising platform made possible on a high concurrent unicast availability platform of IPTV It offers the “Picture” advantage P -Pull advertising, the Cruise missile of AD I - Interactive PFR (Pause, Forward & Rewind) C -Cataloging T- Time Format not restricted to 10,20 and 30 sec U- Upgrading R- Rating – Real time 100% TRP info E- Effective cost for the advertiser and free for the subscriber The Power of Internet – Convenience of TV
  9. 9. icontrol Mall The natural progression of Atube icontrol mall is the secure buying mechanism based on unique - subscriber telephone number - Set top box ID - Delivery Address No credit card theft or internet risk No need of complex PC inputs Instant communication with Video calling
  10. 10. IPTV – Revenue Growth
  11. 11. Future Roadmap Sign similar IPTV agreements with other incumbent Telcos with smaller footprints HDTV, Multiple set top box in home would grow the Fibre to Home market. Service on other platforms like Mobile and PC to reap benefit of Convergence “IPTV will do to India what PC did to US”
  12. 12. Breadth of Our Capabilities Organization Services Technology Marketing Building. A-tube EPG Business planning Manpower Planning icontrol mall Payment gateways Customer acquisition Define Roles/ CRM Content delivery strategy Responsibilities Studios Aggregation Target segment Recruitment Training Encoding Co-branding/ Alliances Technical training Website Switches /Servers Website booking and manuals development Hardware & software Demo centers Leadership development Reports/MIS NOC Customer relationship Risk management strategies Web platform Brand building Mobile 3G platform Effective PR & FTTH communication CSR