Unit 1 assignment 1 2013


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Unit 1 assignment 1 2013

  1. 1. Pre Production Techniques
  2. 2.  Develop your skills in pre-production in terms of planning and resourcing. You will learn how to organise resources to achieve your production goals
  3. 3. Understand the requirements for a specific media product through analysing pre production different documentaries and applying the headings to the documentary you will make.  Create a blog post
  4. 4. Prepare pre-production documentation for a specific media production   Assignment You will now use the knowledge you have gained from documentary unit and begin planning for the production
  5. 5.  apply your pre-production planning to the shoot  Assignment The production you make will be observed for how effective the planning was and you will submit a 500 word report on the usefulness of your planning. 
  6. 6.  You will have to create a blog post titled Unit 1 Assignment 1 using the following subheadings
  7. 7.    What is a shooting schedule? Why is it important to have a shooting schedule? How long does it take to get clearances for music/clips?
  8. 8.   From a documentary/ies of your choice, look at the credits, research the crew members (camera,sound, researchers etc) what have they worked on before, what qualifications/experience do they have? Why is it important to get the right crew?
  9. 9.   Where do you get money from to make a documentary? How did the documentary you have watched get funded? How much is it to clear music or clips from other tv/film companies?
  10. 10.    Where was the documentary you have chosen filmed? What did they have to do to get permission to film there? Make sure you have commented about why you get permissions
  11. 11.     From the same documentary, find out what equipment they might have used, any specialist kit that they needed. What camera, sound, editing equipment will you need to make your documentary, what are the technical specs of these? What are the costs of hiring things like this? Why is having the right kit important?
  12. 12.    From a documentary you have seen what archive or materials from other films/programmes have they used? Who would they need to get the clearance from to use this footage? Have they used popular music, who would they have to get the clearance from? What is a clearance/copyright, and who do you pay for/get one?
  13. 13.  From a documentary of your choice, find out who the contributors were, who have they interviewed? Were their any specialist advisors they needed to make the documentary?