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  • Person one reads
  • Person 2 reads
  • Person 1 reads, show 40 seconds and then explain that form this clip we can see a siiliar ‘look’ oin terms of cinematogrpahy and colour, and detailed and engaging mise en scene throughout his work
  • Person 1 Play up to 60 seconds. In this secene we can clearly see the setting of the nedroom, the props all convey that their has been some mdeical issue, but these props seem out of place with the settng, and so the audinence are put on edge.The use of the costume of detectives shows that fincher has been trying to channel the ‘noir’ genre and makes these male characters seem important but also complex, as though they are rule breakers. The low key lighting makes the narrative seem more realistic and the thriller genre is clear, but also the clos up of the mummified mas is almost hit by high key lighting to make sure that the audinece really feel the scare.
  • Person 1, we can definatleycliam that Fncher is an auteur, Mariam keyes wrote about the style of finchersmise en scene and lighting and in this seem we can see similair uses of low key lighting. Research shows that fincher filmed most of the film at night to achieve a realistic look. Howvere Fincher is an autuer because of how he has used strips of neon, in the fight scene, we can see the neon light of the bar is the only high key sourse, many critic have said this is because the neon represents ‘fake’ and that Fincher wanted to make a film about the ‘fakeness of society’ Another point that supports Fincher as autuer is his use of casting. Brad pitt is often in Fincher films (CBOBB, SEVEN, FC)
  • PERSON 1Analysing the sound of this scene from finchers work we can hear how the diegetic sound and the non diegetic sound work together to create tension. The low pitch of the non diegetic soundrtarck creates tension for the audinece and supports the idea that the film is a thriller. The use of the dialogue ‘clear, clear’ also show that the film is trying to create realism by following police protocols. The other aspect of the dilogue, the cops whisper and the panicked gasp of the mummified man, shows us that the sound has been used to scare the audinece, as the volume of the sound vreaks the tranquil and low volume of the ambient sound in the room and shocks us.
  • Person 1: Kiss the girls is brighter lighting and a more straight forward depth of focus, whereas sven makes use of the Fincher ‘look’ with a bleached colour wash and use of depth of focus to make the shot more interesting
  • Person 2 Play up to 60 seconds. In this scene the camera allows us to see the panic on the faces of the individuals, but what is most innovattive and supports the idea of fincher as autuer, is the tracking aerial shot of the fall of the chaacter. As we fall from the roof, the same grainy colour wash we expect from fincher is evident, but as the camera moves, we are taken to another extreme visual, the brown/gold colour wash of the ballroo. The slow pace of this scne shows the audience the transition from one shot to the next but also, through the colur wash, makes us feel that we are in a sepertae film as it looks so different from the roof scene.The low key lighting makes the narrative seem more realistic and the thriller genre is clear, but also the aerial shot of the chracter landed on the air bag, confuses the audinece, making them wonder if what they have just seen in the film is real. Remmeber an autuer is someone that plays with narratuve and gets the audinece asking questions, the game certainly poses more questions than it answers.
  • Person 2. You can see in these stills that fincher likes dark colour washes and likes to use stark contrasts in the same film. Joe Bloggs, claims in his writing about fincher that….
  • Person : Unknown makes use of a consistent blue colour wash straight forward depth of focus, whereas the game makes use of the Fincher ‘look’ with a bleached colour wash and use of depth of focus to make the shot more interesting, and also swaps colour wash throughout the film to engage the audinece and disorinetate them
  • Person 1, this clearly shows through our analysis of the scenes from a range of clips and through reading about Fincher, that he is classed as a modern auteur.
  • Example of a1

    1. 1. David Fincher Auteur
    2. 2. In the simplest sense it proposes the director as the "author" of a particular film and is identified by a consistency of visual style and thematic pre- occupations across a body of work. We will now examine some of the characteristics of Fincher to see if he is justifiably an Auteur. WHAT IS AN AUTEUR?
    3. 3. “Fincher has created a series of films that are anything but meaningless. His slick and glossy treatment of a dark world frequently garners accusations that his films are shallow experiments in style. It is more accurate to say that Fincher absorbs the fleeting styles and tastes of Hollywood, reflects them, and twists them. He pulls back the curtain, revealing a mechanical process at the core of the filmmaker’s art, leaving us to wonder how we lost our humanity in something we love so much.” Senses of Cinema - Sean Lindsey AUTEUR
    4. 4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4ACtU2S3Lw This is a fan made video of Fincher’s body of work THE FILMS OF DAVID FINCHER
    5. 5. There are clear elements of auteur when looking at his use of lighting and setting. In this scene from Seven we can see (script) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8m69 o_1PoQ MISE EN SCENE
    7. 7. SOUND
    8. 8. Look at Kiss the girls, a film with the same narrative. The style is generic, dark and mysterious, but it is not as specific as Fincher’s look COMPARISON TO ANOTHER FILM OF A SIMILAR GENRE
    9. 9. the scene from The Game (1997) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q- gs8iXQ5Y (script) CINEMATOGRAPHY
    10. 10. His unusual colour washes and style is also seen in The Curious Csse of Benjamin Button and in Zodiac CINEMATOGRAPHY
    11. 11. Diegetic Non diegetic Sound bridge SOUND
    12. 12. Unknown COMPARISON TO
    13. 13. A true Auteur should be able to rise above Genre labels and avoid the type cast. Look at Fincher’s filmography http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000399/ GENRE