Autism – symptoms, services and treatment


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Early identification and intervention are more helpful.

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Autism – symptoms, services and treatment

  1. 1. • Autism, also known as Autism spectrum disorder is a condition wherein the primary symptom is impairment in social interaction and communication. The symptoms differ from person to person from mild to severe. Many a times, these symptoms of Adult Autism include other medical conditions also. The genetics of autism has been extensively researched, however no conclusive evidence is present in identifying any specific genes responsible for autism in isolation. The condition is rarely understood by general population and goes undetected during childhood unless the parent or the pediatrician is aware of the peculiarities observed. Rating scales and behavioral assessments along with clinical interview are used to diagnose the autism spectrum conditions. Early identification and intervention are more helpful.
  2. 2. The theoretical basis of the autism spectrum conditions has primarily focused on the concept of ‘theory of mind’. The ability to differentiate between ‘me’ and ‘the world other than me’ is significantly compromised in Autism. Hence a person tends to attribute his own experiences and feelings as well as thoughts on other people. As of now, there is no medical Treatment for Autism to ‘cure’ autism. However, the behavioral therapies along with supervision from the significant others, a person with autism spectrum can lead a life with less difficulties. Some symptoms associated with anxiety, anger and a few psychiatric conditions that can accompany autism need to be evaluated and treated by psychiatrists as necessity arises. Significant contribution to better quality of life can come from family’s understanding and acceptance of autism issues and support system of professionals.
  3. 3. The support system aforementioned tends to reduce the stress and burden experienced by caregivers and family members while dealing with persons with Autism Services.
  4. 4. Autism issues carry forward in adults in varying degrees of severity. People who come in contact with person with autism need to show sensitivity towards the condition and be compassionate to accommodate the difficulty in social interactions. It is generally recommended to maintain same behavioral therapist with whom a person with autism may experience resemblance of familiarity and association. A careful choice of selection of occupational environment with supporting supervision based on the nature of difficulties can help in reducing unpleasant situations and increase avenues of social interaction.
  5. 5. Some persons with Autism may show a significant talent in some areas of functioning such as ability to remember things, drawing, visualization, etc. An excellent example of this is Temple Grandin who not only learnt to live her life with Autistic Services issues but also devised logistic arrangement to show humane treatment of slaughter house animals.
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