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Yes on1631 presentation oct 26, 2018


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As concerned business leaders, NOW is the time for us to do everything we can to take action on climate by supporting Washington State’s Initiative 1631. This groundbreaking initiative will cut pollution; invest in clean energy infrastructure, healthy forests, and clean water; and create thousands of well-paying jobs across the state.

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Yes on1631 presentation oct 26, 2018

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. The Opportunity 2 ● Washington state has a historic opportunity to lead the nation in passing the first fee on climate pollution, spurring national action ● Standing behind this initiative is the largest, most diverse coalition Washington state has ever seen ● Over 300 big and small businesses across Washington and nationally endorse 1631.
  3. 3. Coalition and Momentum 3
  4. 4. Prominent Business endorsements 4
  5. 5. As the world’s travel platform, Expedia Group proudly supports initiatives that protect natural resources for future generations of Washingtonians and global travelers alike. That is why we strongly support I-1631 efforts to keep Washington state vibrant, clean and healthy for everyone who lives here and the millions of people who visit our state every year. ” - Amanda Pedigo, Vice President of Government and Corporate Affairs, Expedia Group. “Washington state’s natural beauty attracts people from all over the world and it has a real economic benefit to our state. Outdoor recreation generates $2.3 billion in state and local tax revenue from a vibrant outdoor industry that employs at least 200,000 Washingtonians. 1631 is a choice to take action for our collective future.” - Marc Berejka Director of Government and Community Affairs at REI. “We wholeheartedly endorse I-1631 and the cleaner energy future that will follow. We believe I-1631 is also an important investment in climate friendly innovations. These investments will create jobs which is good for Washington’s economy and consistent with our state’s values as well.” - Frank Foti, President and CEO of Vigor. 5 “Over 100 Flagship Washington Companies Announce Support for Initiative 1631”
  6. 6. Media Endorsements 6
  7. 7. Opposition No on 1631 has raised $26 million with 99.9 % of the funds coming from out of state oil companies. They have broken the record on most money spent to try to defeat an initiative in WA state history. 7
  8. 8. 8 LESS POLLUTION, BETTER JOBS, STRONGER COMMUNITIES This ballot measure will invest in projects that protect our air and water, build clean energy infrastructure like wind and solar, and create good-paying local jobs across our state. 20 MILLION TONS OF POLLUTION REDUCED OVER 40K JOBS CREATED IMPROVED PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY I-1631 Policy Breakdown
  9. 9. 9 OVER $700M TO DRIVE THE CLEAN ENERGY TRANSITION OVER $250M FOR CLIMATE PREPAREDNESS OVER $50M TO PROTECT COMMUNITIES FROM CLIMATE IMPACTS Transportation-related reductions in pollution Energy efficient projects Helping farms and forests sequester carbon Incentives for clean energy projects such as wind and solar Improved health of our forests and reduced likelihood of forest fires Investments in critical water conservation and clean water projects Investments in fire preparedness, education, and public safety and participation. Investments prioritized to bring concrete benefits to the most highly impacted communities and workers, ensuring a just transition, investments in low income urban and rural communities and tribal sovereignty. Investments in Solutions
  10. 10. 10 A pollution reduction fee will be levied on large emitters based on the carbon content of fossil fuels and electricity, including imported electricity, sold or used within this state. $15.00 BEGINNING JANUARY 1, 2020 per metric ton of carbon content the fee is equal to $2.00 BEGINNING JANUARY 1, 2021 per year until greenhouse gas reduction goals are met. the fee increases by POLLUTION FEE GOAL ORIENTED TARGETED EXEMPTIONS to protect workers in vulnerable industries in WA Pollution Fee Explained
  11. 11. 2018 Political Environment ● Midterm elections showing strong turnout from women, younger voters-- primary supporters of 1631 ● Statewide Prepaid Ballot Postage ● Our Base is Energized and Ready 11
  12. 12. Strategy to Win • Maximize our base voters • Shore up persuadable voters – who tend to skew female, Democratic and independent • Invest and partner to turn out low propensity voters 12
  13. 13. 13 REI Blog Post :
  14. 14. Ways to Engage in the Campaign ● Endorse Yes on 1631 ● Share your 1631 endorsement on social media ● Send an email or blog post to your customers telling them why they should Vote YES on 1631 ● Make a financial contribution to the campaign 14
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