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Sustainable Procurement

  1. Sustainable Procurement: How to Sell to Local Government September 19, 2017
  2. • ASBC represents over 200,000 businesses in 40 states. • Over 80 business organizations are members. • Over 130 companies are members. • We advocate at the federal level in Washington, DC. • We advocate in state capitals. • We place op-eds and policy statements in media. • We connect business leaders with media to speak on the issues. • ASBC brings business leaders to DC to testify and lobby Congress and the Administration. ASBC’s Reach/Capabilities
  3. SATYA RHODES-CONWAY, MANAGING DIRECTOR, MAYORS’ INNOVATION PROJECT Satya Rhodes-Conway is managing director of the Mayors’ Innovation Project, a peer-learning network for U.S. mayors and their senior staff that focuses on advancing policy that promotes sustainability, shared economic prosperity, and resilient democratic institutions.
  4. City Hall 101 for Entrepreneurs: navigating procurement Satya Rhodes-Conway Managing Director, Mayors Innovation Project
  5. All cities are different – and the same • Know who decides • Know the timeframes • Know the local context • Don’t assume these are the same from place to place
  6. Who decides? What kind of money? • Mayor • City Council • City Manager • Budget office • Purchasing • Department head • Federal pass through • State pass through • Borrowing/bonds • Tax levy • Fees • Impact/dedicated fees • Utilities/enterprises
  7. Budget cycles Budget Planning • Strategic Planning • Economic Projections • Input from departments, council, citizens Budget Development • Revenue Projections • Departmental Budget Build • Capital Project Prioritization Proposed Budget • Executive capital and operating Approval process • Public input • Amendments • Approval Adopted Budget • Start of New Fiscal Year Budget Maintenance • Periodic Financial Reports • Periodic Economic Reports • Budget Changes
  8. Opportunities • Requests for proposals, qualifications etc. • Sole source contracts • Budget allocations • Purchasing preferences • Minority and women owned businesses • Small and local businesses • Sustainable/environmentally friendly • Sweat free • Etc.
  9. Take-home • What does the city want to do? • How does your product or service meet that need? • Who wants to do it? • Who can find the money? • What are the rules?
  10. STACEY FOREMAN, SUSTAINABLE PROCUREMENT COORDINATOR, CITY OF PORTLAND, OREGON Stacey Foreman manages the City of Portland’s Sustainable Procurement Program and has been incorporating environmentally preferable products and services into public contracts for over a decade. Stacey is active in a variety of regional and national efforts to build sustainable procurement resources, and sits on advisory committees for the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council, EPEAT and Sweatfree Purchasing Consortium. Stacey is a LEED-Accredited Professional and has presented to national and international audiences on the topic of sustainability in public procurement.
  11. SUSTAINABILITY IN PUBLIC PROCUREMENT Stacey Foreman, Sustainable Procurement Coordinator, City of Portland, Oregon
  12. Outline  About City of Portland Procurement  About City of Portland Sustainability  About Sustainable Procurement  Implementing Sustainable Procurement  Tips 12
  13. About City of Portland Procurement  Procurement rules in City Code  Rules differ by type of purchase  e.g. construction, goods & services, professional services, IT  Generally, the higher the dollar value, the more centralized and formal the procurement process  Solicitation types we use:  Invitation to Bid (ITB), Request for Proposals (RFP), Request for Qualifications (RFQ), Request for Information (RFI)  Cooperative contracts also used 13
  14. About City of Portland Procurement  How Procurement Opportunities are Communicated (in general):  Small purchases: informal (e.g. credit card purchase at local store)  Intermediate purchases: semi-formal (oral or written quotes)  Large purchases: formal (ITB, RFP, RFQ, etc.)  These are posted on our Online Procurement Center  Vendors registered in system get email notification per their commodity classification 14
  15. About City of Portland Sustainability  Long history and variety of sustainability related policies, programs, initiatives 15  2002 - Sustainable Procurement Program initiated  Climate  Energy  Green building  Toxics  Equity  Water/Watersheds  Biodiversity  Sweatshop labor
  16. About Sustainable Procurement  Sustainable Procurement:  “Procurement that has the most positive environmental, social and economic impacts possible over the entire life cycle” [ISO 20400]  “Sustainable procurement involves the sustainability aspects related to the goods or services and to the suppliers along the supply chains.” [ISO 20400]  “Sustainable procurement contributes to the achievement of organizational sustainability objectives and goals and to sustainable development in general” [ISO 20400] 16
  17. Implementing Sustainable Procurement  Focus On:  Opportunities for greatest impact (spend or magnitude of issue)  Alignment with City sustainability policies, goals, and community values  “Low Hanging Fruit”  Existing “green” product standard/certifications  Existing best practice  “Green” option already readily available  Cost/benefit is easily understood 17
  18. Implementing Sustainable Procurement  How is a “sustainable” specification developed?  Existing standards/certifications  Best practices established by community of practice  Agency policy  Research – impact/benefit, market availability, stakeholder input  How is a “sustainable” company/supplier determined?  TBD/evolving issue – especially for public sector 18
  19. Implementing Sustainable Procurement  Sustainability in City Solicitations:  Integrated in to product/service technical requirements & scope of work  Integrated into RFP product/service evaluation criteria (points for sustainability)  Integrated into Corporate Responsibility evaluation criteria (points for sustainable business practices) 19
  20. Tips  Know the ins & outs of why your product/service/company would meet agency sustainability objectives  No greenwashing allowed! (FTC Green Guides)  Back up your claims!  Be a partner in pilot testing (knowing competition is still the outcome)  Get involved!  Vendor fairs  Public procurement networks/conferences (NASPO, NIGP)  Other “green” product related conferences/fairs (Greenbuild, etc.)  Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) 20
  21. Contact Info Stacey Foreman Sustainable Procurement Coordinator, City of Portland 21
  22. Working with ASBC Eliza Kelsten, Policy Manager