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ARXivar Business Process Management


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ARXivar Business Process Management enables companies to be more efficient, more capable of changes and attempts to improve processes continuously.
Business Process Management: identify, design, execute, monitor business processes to achieve consistent results aligned with your company rules.

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ARXivar Business Process Management

  2. 2. BPMBusiness Process Management enables organizations to bemore efficient, more effective, more capable of changes and attempts to improve processes continuously.
  3. 3. For …
  4. 4. Who
  5. 5. Some considerations• Centralize information• Better security• Manage backup and updates• Simplify organization• Facilitate search• Share information• Integrate documents, e-mail, fax• Integrate with ERP• Manage work through processes• Be autonomous in management
  6. 6. Basic elements• Capture from company information sources – Archiving • Electronic documents • Paper documents CRM• Search and consultation Office CAD• Full text Search Paper E-mail/Fax documents Vertical ERP software
  7. 7. Basic elements• Active information management – Folders and binders – Connections and links• Multichannel (E-mail, Fax…)• Teamwork/Collaboration
  8. 8. Basic elements• To achieve a right document and process management, some “objects” need to be mapped, to replicate the structure of the company in the application
  9. 9. Basic elements • You can gradually manage the most• Standard procedures critical processes and integrate them with the existing organization• Time definition• Check up• Exceptions management• Process simplification
  10. 10. Company processes Workflow Management
  11. 11. Company processes• The Workflow Management is the use of graphical schemes to define organization processes and their functioning and check system • Ease of use for the final user that is guided during the execution of his tasks • Simplicity for the company, which can put into effect a new flow in a short time • Simplicity for the ICT that has complete control of design, test and go-live phases of the new implementation
  12. 12. Company processes Basic features • Task – Who, what, how – Time • Link – Decisions – Input, output, actions • Conditions – Routing and connection
  13. 13. Examples Quality control
  14. 14. ExamplesCustomers order management
  15. 15. ExamplesIncoming invoices approval
  16. 16. Examples Project approval
  17. 17. Examples Non-conformity
  18. 18. Examples Corrective action plan