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Brochure A380 Door Modification


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An unusual sound from a Singapore Airlines passenger door in 2014 led the Federal Aviation Administration to publish an airworthiness directive (Airworthiness Directive - AD) for all Airbus A380 machines that were already in operation: All 16 passenger doors have to be subsequently reinforced. The structure repair crew travels to the maintenance company authorised by Airbus and modifies the A380 machines on-site during their downtime.

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Brochure A380 Door Modification

  1. 1. EXTENDING YOUR SUCCESS Structure Repair Crew A380 Door Modification
  2. 2. 2 3STRUCTURE REPAIR CREW A380 DOOR MODIFICATIONSTRUCTURE REPAIR CREW A380 DOOR MODIFICATION ARTS supports you in implementing structural modifications under Airbus A380 Service Bulletins No.A380-52-(8079 up to 8094, 8122 up to 8131) On 5 January, 2014, the crew of a Singapore Airlines A380 interrupted the flight from London to Singapore, diverting to Baku for an emergency landing due to a loss of pressure and an unusual noise from a passenger door. The Federal Aviation Administration subsequently published an Airworthiness Directive (AD) for all A380 aircraft in service (MSN up to 0165): operators of these full double-deck aircraft were required to apply a retrospective modification to the sixteen passenger doors in accordance with AD No.: 2014-0253. Airbus reacted with Service Bulletins for all passenger doors on the A380. All affected airlines are required to complete the required maintenance by 2020. The worldwide available ARTS Structure Repair Crew has already supported various Airbus certified maintenance companies in the A380 door modification. Thus, ARTS knows the qualitative requirements imposed by the Service Bulletin, the general Structure Repair Manual (SRM) and the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM).
  3. 3. • Removal of mechanical/ electrical components Perform non-destructive testing (NDT) Perform structure modification Installation of mechanical/ electrical components • • • 4 5 AMONG OTHER THINGS, WE INDEPENDENTLY FOR THE FOLLOWING PROCESS STEPS: ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY Do you need support in A380 Door Modification? Please contact: ARTS Solutions GmbH is your aviation and aero- space partner for contract work in the fields of: • Manufacturing & Engineering Services • Production & Industrial Support Services • Logistics & Supply Chain • Quality Management & ServicesHelmut Schuster ARTS, Sales Representative Tel. + 49 (0) 89 978 962 114 STRUCTURE REPAIR CREW A380 DOOR MODIFICATIONSTRUCTURE REPAIR CREW A380 DOOR MODIFICATION
  4. 4. In accordance with Airworthiness Directive AD 2014-0253, stress tests revealed fractures in the main deck doors and upper deck doors of the A380. In order to prevent forma- tion of micro-fractures, structural reinforcements are incorporated. In this process, our experts remove and modify all A380 passenger doors. The mobile ARTS Structure Repair Crew supports you in A380 door modification anywhere in the world. ARTS assumes responsibility for the following process steps: • Removal of insulation • Removal of relevant structural components including preparation for structural modifications • Calibration and measurement of components including preliminary modification of the structure of the passenger doors • Special Detailed Inspection (SDI) • Roto testing • Cold forming of structural components (flap peening/cold working) • Final installation of the modified structure including fasteners • Installation of the cover mecha- nism assemblies as well as cover plates, seals, door components and insulation . . . . . . . . . . . ARTS takes on the following sub-processes in the scope of A380 Door Modification. 6 7 ©,AndiGraf STRUCTURE REPAIR CREW A380 DOOR MODIFICATIONSTRUCTURE REPAIR CREW A380 DOOR MODIFICATION
  5. 5. A380 door modification is performed by our Structure Repair Crew. After the door is removed from the Airbus A380 and placed it in the jig, our technical experts work on the door modification. While observing all applicable standards (SRM, AMM, IPC, 80-T, TA) the Service Bulletins are systematically implemented step by step. Our Structure Repair Crew removes the door insulation, then dismantles the cover plates, the cover mechanism assembly and seals and, then prepares the door for modification. After your employees have removed the paintwork, the ARTS Structure Repair Crew resumes work and removes the old structural components from the doors. A Special Detailed Inspection (SDI) is performed using High-frequency Eddy Current (HFEC). This is carried out 8 9 by our NDT auditor, who is certified according to EN 4179 standard. If a thorough inspection of the doors does not reveal any irregularities, our technical experts proceed with the next process steps. During the flap peening and cold working steps in the process, our technical experts re-shape the surfaces and thus remove the symptoms of fatigue from the struc- tural components. Until reinforcement parts are finally installed, they are laid onto the doors and provisionally attached using fixation pins. After approval of the quality assurance and paintwork, our Structure Repair Crew installs the cover plates, cover mechanism assemblies, door seals, door components and insulation. ARTS technical know-how for your A380 Door Modification STRUCTURE REPAIR CREW A380 DOOR MODIFICATIONSTRUCTURE REPAIR CREW A380 DOOR MODIFICATION
  6. 6. Depending on the downtime of the aircraft, our technical experts work on the A380 door modification. Our Structure Repair Crew can be deployed flexibly anywhere on the globe. They will be on site at your location on short notice to imple- ment the door modification for you, adhering to all requirements in terms of time, cost, and quality. Providing their own tools, our expe- rienced team will perform the complex process of door modifica- tion in a careful and efficient manner. If, for any reason, any material fatigue in any of the door compo- nents becomes apparent, our staff will consult you. They will imple- ment the individual solution, as notified by Airbus, while adhering to all regulations and then continue with the next steps in the Service Bulletin. The ARTS crew support you in per- forming an A380 door modification during a C-Check or other mainte- nance work. 10 11 Worldwide, flexible deployment of the ARTS Structure Repair Crew Benefit from ARTS' expertise in the field of A380 Door Modification ARTS is your reliable partner for door modification, having demonstrated our expertise to well-known custo- mers on multiple occasions. We guarantee you an on-schedule and efficient door modification, with our highly-qualified staff accurately carrying out the necessary structural reinforcements. We guarantee that the standard modification will be completed during the aircraft down- time. ARTS supports authorised main- tenance companies in accordance with EASA Directive AMC 145.A.75 (b) (AMC/GM TO ANNEX II (PART-145) TO REGULATION (EU) No 1321/2014). We provide you with a Certificate of Conformity (COC) in respect of the works carried out. Do you need support in A380 Door Modification? Please contact our Solutions team. STRUCTURE REPAIR CREW A380 DOOR MODIFICATIONSTRUCTURE REPAIR CREW A380 DOOR MODIFICATION
  7. 7. EXTENDING YOUR SUCCESS ARTS Office Bremen Flughafenallee 22 | D-28199 Bremen +49 (0) 421 365 111 17 | Office Dresden Airport Center Dresden | Hermann-Reichelt-Str. 3 | D-01109 Dresden +49 (0) 351 795 808 0 | Office Hamburg Hein-Saß-Weg 19 | D-21129 Hamburg +49 (0) 40 554 354 950 | Office Munich Special Airport Oberpfaffenhofen | Friedrichshafener Str. 3 | D-82205 Gilching +49 (0) 89 978 962 110 | Office Sevilla | Spain Calle Rafael Alberti, 4, 3E | 41900 Camas, Sevilla +34(0) 692 127 006 | Office Toulouse | France 6, Avenue Edouard Serres | 31770 Colomiers +33(0) 534 527 511 |