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Metal embossing


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Metal embossing

  1. 1. METAL EMBOSSING Studio #6
  2. 2. H I S TO RY O F M E TA L EMBOSSING Metal embossing has been around for centuries particularly in Europe The process is called repujado in Spanish or repousse in French. The embossing is used for decorative elements for wooden boxes,frames and even candles. A patina is applied to the embossed design to given the piece an oldworld look. From Metal Embossing Workshop by Magdalena S. Muldoon
  3. 3.  Madonna and Child Icon is a popular image used in metal embossing
  4. 4. TOOLS Stylus- wooden or paper Metal Tooling foil Soft surface for relief elements Filler paste Speedball printing ink- Black Steel Wool
  5. 5. ADDING PATINA First fill the back of the metal work with the filler paste Wipe off the excess with a paper towel and allow to dry Brush on the ink over the front surface Rub off excess with steel wool and allow to dry.
  6. 6. AT TAC H T O WO O D E N O B J E C T Using wood glue attach the metal tooling to the wooden objectusing wood glue.