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AR Marketing Conference: Dave Lorenzini 20/20 Vision


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Dave Lorenzini provided the audience at AR Marketing Conference with an opportunity to experience Google Glass on the very day it was launching. He proposes that by 2020 there will be perfect vision, AR vision without the need for clunky devices.

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AR Marketing Conference: Dave Lorenzini 20/20 Vision

  1. 1. 20/20 Vision & Augmented Results Smart Glasses Changing The Way You Look at the World April 2014 – Dublin Ireland AR Marketing Conference
  2. 2. Space Imaging, Keyhole .com Glassware GOAL: Visual Magic To Generate Attention Attention to Create Understanding Understanding to Create Compassion Compassion to Move People to Action Dave Lorenzini
  3. 3. By 20/20, the world will have perfect vision. With movie quality special effects and information so real, you have to lift your smart glasses to see what’s really there.
  4. 4. To Augment is Simply to: “Add To” Adding Things to People’s View of the World. Information, 3D Animations, Special Effects
  5. 5. AR Supercharger
  6. 6. AR Today Pull Out Phone Unlock Screen Find AR App Start AR App Point AR App See Something Cool Massive Friction
  7. 7. POWERED BY AR Soon: Look At Something Wearing Fashionable Smart Glasses See Something Cool Later:
  8. 8. transformative technology often arrives masked by how it looks or works today.
  9. 9. Smart Glasses circa 2014
  10. 10. Google Glass Hardware Camera, Display, Speaker, Sensors, No Phone 720p 5mp 640x360 Bone Conducting Nexus Tether to Droid/iPhone A Nexus Device For Your Face
  11. 11. Mind Blowing Potential
  12. 12. 2014 Smart Glasses Explosion
  13. 13. Google Glass Rapidly Improving New Features: Custom Frames, GDK & Hardware Control. AR & webRTC via Chrome, Prescription Lenses, Sensor Access and New Card Types.
  14. 14. Glass Myths & Reality 1. Glass is a final product - Work in Progress 2. It costs $1500 - $300-600 this summer 3. It replaces your cell phone – tethers & wifi 4. Glassholes are always filming you – kills battery 5. The Battery Lasts All Day – 1-2hrs w/heavy use 6. It’s google’s “AR” play - Google Now Play .com
  15. 15. .com Best on Glass Today Travel (translation, guides, pics) Vertical Market Uses Medical, Commercial, Industrial, Real Estate, Marketing Remote Assistance Anything with Head Tracking (Games, 360 Panos, Walking Directions)
  16. 16. Pictures & Video Effortless and Serendipitous Image Capture in the Blink of an Eye Five + Ways to Take a Picture OK Glass, Take a Picture, Button, Wink, Remote Trigger, Application Control
  17. 17. Pictures - 360 Panos Head Tracking & Impact is no Rift, but Powerful
  18. 18. Communications Calls (Tethered) Fast Texts (voice) Hangouts (video) Coming: webRTC goodness – fluid communications
  19. 19. Travel & Translation +Google Now +Personalization
  20. 20. Navigation Great Walking Experience Better than Fumbling with Phone
  21. 21. • Effortless Capture of Pictures and Videos • Connects You to Others via Voice & Video Conference (hangouts) • Allows you to Broadcast Your Experience/s • Elegant Delivery of Location Alerts, Info & Messaging • Powerful Step by Step Visual Instructions to do Anything • Contextual Delivery of Info & Visual FX • Ultimate Travel Companion w/translation, conversions & maps • Glass Greatly Magnifies Google’s Other Services Google Now, Hangouts, Google+ all shine on glass • At-a-glance HUD for status of biometric & other sensors & data • Effortless Ability to Jump Views & See Any Feed • Answer Engine On your head & Expert on your shoulder via google now, hangouts, helpouts (paid hangouts) .com Glass Strengths
  22. 22. Smart Spaces
  23. 23. Smart Sensors Project Tango
  24. 24. Smart Spaces
  25. 25. Smart Combo
  26. 26. Real World Gaming moneymakAR
  27. 27. Movie Quality Special Effects and Information in the Real World Blended into View
  28. 28. Huge Leverage - Persistent sensing Audio Visual Location Biometrics Social Purchasing Attention Thoughts
  29. 29. 2020 Visions Elegant Information
  30. 30. 20/20 – Movie Quality Real World Games
  31. 31. HMD + BCI – WYTIWYG Tools What You THINK is What You Get
  32. 32. Unstoppable AR Already in 3 Million Sony PS4’s
  33. 33. Get Ready To Change the Way People See Your Brand
  34. 34. AR Strengths: Attract Engage Inform Entertain Convert
  35. 35. Ready, Aim, Fire 1. Get Ready Collect & Prepare Content Multi Media, Multi-Versions Spatial, 360 Panos, Models Language, Demographic, Psychographic, Location, Context, Relationship Industry & Media Specific 2. Aim Identify Specific Targets & Define Your Triggers ID Location, Precursors, Context Refine Your Calls to Action Test Incentivizes & Tune For Results 3. Fire 1:1 Communications Clear, Consistent Calls to Action Track Everything Reward for Action Master the Art of the Elegant Fail
  36. 36. Characteristics of Effective Campaigns 1. Identify Added Content How will the fact that the page is AR activated be made clear to a potential User? 2. Strong Call to Action Is the Payoff Sufficient to Move Users to Engage (if not, up the reward) 3. Deliver Exclusive Content What aspect of the AR content is exclusive to the experience? 4. Leverage Spatial Elements How are you using spatially-connected mobile tech? Eg 360 panos or 3D or geospatial triggers. 5. Generate Purposeful AR Clear Target, Built in Tracking, Effortless Interactions for Maximum Results 6. Gain Additional Insights Does the User have options (such as product versions or colours etc) that could be tracked for useful consumer insights? 8. Stay On Brand Is the AR complementary to other campaigns and style? 9. 1 to1 Are you making the User feel special, using language that is personal, positive and meaningful? 10. Viral Component Why and how would a User share the content/experience with a peer? Is the content virus-worthy?
  37. 37. Explore New Business Models Beyond Campaigns & Brand Building Where can you generate new revenue using Virtual Goods & Services “Next Net” Trends: • remote assistance • content creation, remixing & delivery • transactional info, big data insights Bonus Round:
  38. 38. Bonus Round 2 Get Ready For Tomorrow, Today: 1. Persistent vision, listening, sensing 2. Fluid Communications & Vision via smart glasses, tpc’s and webRTC tech 3. Shared Local & Remote Interactions (games/help) 4. New Hardware kickstarter, portals, mfgs 5. New Software – Computer Vision, Analysis, ARweb 6. New Business Models remote assistance (helpouts) & answer engines transactional info, fx, content 99c at a time 7. Contextual Connections – People, Services, Devices go deeper on personalization
  39. 39. What Vision Will You Create? When There Are No Limits.
  40. 40. Creating Killer Apps that Magnify Glass • Glass & AR Applications • Glass Platform + Tools Communications, Real Estate • Strategy & IP Development +1.602.570.4040 USA skype/g+/li: davelorenzini