Writing skill by Arthit Wiangsima


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Writing skill by Arthit Wiangsima

  1. 1. Unit: Interpersonal relationship Topic: Letter writing Matthayomsuksa 1
  2. 2. - What the video talked about?b- How many way can we write letter?- Have you ever written letter?
  3. 3. picnic (N.)
  4. 4. beach (N.)
  5. 5. park (N.)
  6. 6. firework (N.)
  7. 7. 00.00 a.m. midnight (N.)
  8. 8. Howto writepersonal letters
  9. 9. Heading1.) The Headingincludes thewriter’s addressand the date. Theheading is writtenin the upper right-hand corner ofthe page.
  10. 10. Greeting2.) The Greeting iswritten under theheading at the leftside of letter. Itbegins with a capitalletter and ends witha comma. Thegreeting can beformal and in formal;for example,Formal: Dear Uncle Jim,Informal: Hi Joe, Greetings,
  11. 11. Body3.) The Body isthe informationyou are writingin your letter.
  12. 12. Closing4.) The Closing islined up directlyunder heading. Itbegins with acapital letter andends with acomma; - Sincerely, - Love,
  13. 13. Signature5.) The signatureis your namewrittendirectly under theclosing.
  14. 14. Antonio’s letterDear Mom and Dad, How are you? Do you know that IndependenceDay is on July 4 in the U.S.? My friends and I are going to havea picnic in the afternoon. We might have the picnic at thebeach or we might have it at the park. Martin might come.Amina might be there, too. I’m going to make a salad for thepicnic. I might make sandwiches, too. I’m going to make asalad for the picnic. I might make sandwiches, too. We’regoing to watch fireworks at the beach at night. We might stayat the beach until midnight! I’m really excited about July 4. Antonio
  15. 15. It’s time for activity!!!!
  16. 16. While – writing Activity 2(match and write)
  17. 17. 1.) Work in pair.2.) Each pair receives letter board, box of topic cards and paragraph guidelines.3.) Match each topic card with the paragraph guideline and write to complete the paragraph guideline. (write the letter)4.) Which pair that finishes first, and raises the hands up while saying “Hey!” is the winner and get rewards.
  18. 18. Post – writingActivity 4 writing letter(self evaluating)
  19. 19. 1.) Do pre-activity evaluation to check what type of letter you can write well.2.) Choose the sign from the board to select the situation.3.) Write the letter from the situation you have selected. (10 minutes)4.) Exchange the letter to other friends and check.5.) Receive self-evaluation: post-activity evaluation in order to check how much success you have gained after finished the activity.
  20. 20. Pre studying (Self- evaluating)How do you rate your progress? Check / in the box. 1 = Can do better 2 = OK 3 = Good 4 = Excellent 1 2 3 4
  21. 21. 1 2 3 4 5 67 8 9 10
  22. 22. write the letter to yourelementary friends on New Year
  23. 23. write the letter to your uncle who live at New Zealand
  24. 24. write the letter to your brother who work at Japan
  25. 25. write the letter to yourlittle sister who live with your aunt at Canada
  26. 26. write the letter to yourgrandparents who live in Los Angeles
  27. 27. write the letter to yourfriend who is studying in England
  28. 28. write the letter to your parents who work at another province
  29. 29. write the letter to your dad who work at Philippines
  30. 30. write the letter to your mom who work as a teacher at Finland
  31. 31. write the letter to yourclose friend on vacation
  32. 32. Post studying (Self- evaluating)How do you rate your progress? Check / in the box. 1 = Can do better 2 = OK 3 = Good 4 = Excellent 1 2 3 4