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Quality Iranian Petrochemical Products
The Best Suppliers Of Industrial Equipment In Iran
ARMAN TRADING COMPANY is an Iranian Company which is a Subsidiary of Arman trade group. Our Head Office is in Tehran, Iran. We Provide Business Service In Iran and around the globe. We Specialize in Commerce, marketing and sale of petroleum products, oil derivatives and petrochemical.
Oil & Gas Product Trading products is a deep seated name for exporting and supplying Pvc Resins, Slack Wax and Liquid Paraffin. We are a well established Paraffin Wax and virgin base oil Exporter having our strong believe in maintaining technological up gradation.
Product innovation and quality control has helped us to meet the ever expanding needs of the customers in exacting industry standards. Because of all these qualities we have maintained a strong presence in the industry. Our efficiency in business has set benchmarks for our competitors on the lines of quality and finesse with all of our Pvc Resins, Slack Wax, virgin base oil, Liquid Paraffin made to high quality standards. In our product line we have :
Virgin Base Oil
Liquid Paraffin
Paraffin Wax
Rubber Processing Oil
Slack Wax
Each of our product like Pvc Resins, Slack Wax is subjected to strict quality control measures to ensure that only the best in terms of quality and design reaches the market. We believe that our clients know us for the quality that we provide and are fully aware of our responsibility of catering to their needs and requirements in this regard.
A technical & engineering company which is registered by a group of electrical, mechanics, Computer & civil engineers in Tehran.
By the help of several year of experience & providing Software & Hardware services & utilization of relevant professional experts and patterning proficiency, accuracy, speed, reliability & servicing in the desirable place of customers.
Head office address: Unit 6, No. 2, Vaziri pour St, Square mother Mir Damad Blvd., Tehran, Iran
Tel: (+9821)26424320
Fax: (+9821)26424921

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