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Zak Mensah: Self-publishing in Education

  1. Self-publishing in Education A fine mess hosted by Zak Mensah @zakmensah Arlis | UK & Ireland Art Libraries Society Conference 2013
  2. in a world where libraries were already stuffed with hundreds of thousands of decaying novels that would never again be read
  3. Self-publishing in education The digital book can be created by anybody in your institution. We must learn about self- publishing and the 'Post-Artifact' publishing ecosystem, in order to provide the support that students and staff need. We'll explore what is involved in self-publishing and what the library can do to help the future book within an institution evolve.
  4. 2007 2010
  5. The past • Ancient past • 2007 Kindle • 2010 iPad and ibooks store • Apps for reading
  6. There are prerequisites for us to reach what we desire as we pursue better circumstances and new inventions.
  7. For instance, in order to invent something like the printing press, we must first invent language and an alphabet, produce paper and ink, master metallurgy to cast letters, and construct a winemaking press.
  8. There had to be many contributions and breakthroughs before I could sit down and write this book.
  9. ereaders won't catch on'
  10. ereaders won't catch on' Engineers brought Bill Gates an ereader prototype in 1998 – but he dismissed it because it didn’t look like Windows. wont-catch-on.html
  11. Classic publishing
  12. The advantages of printed books have been underrated, while the advantages of e-books have been overrated. Nicholas Carr
  14. Preservation Many libraries exist not only to provide access to content, but also to look after that content for the future;
  15. Current status • Poor user experiences • Low adoption • Copying and pasting • Availability (#copies in use) • Range of books on offer
  16. 10 Reasons Why Students Aren’t Using eTextbooks The books they need aren’t available in digital format They are not as affordable as you might think You can’t lend or resell most e-textbooks It feels strange to mark up an e-book e-Textbooks are heavy, too
  17. 10 Reasons Why Students Aren’t Using eTextbooks There are better digital options available Today’s students grew up with books E-books offer a different experience Finding e-textbooks is a scavenger hunt Students expect more from digital editions
  18. It is easy to foresee a future in which books have ceased to be the primary medium for transmitting ideas and information; in some areas, that time is already here. p.175: Pearson, D Books as history. The British Library, 2008.
  19. Education uses Text books (ebooks textbooks) Course supplement Promotional books e.g. prospectus Course handbooks Workbooks Reading lists Reference book Monograph Research e.g. journals Collecting themed work e.g. blog posts
  20. Investigating epub files As part on my work on the PublishOER project I have spent some time investigating ePub files, looking at how they are put together etc. and whether there is anything we can do with existing files. files/
  21. In Post-Artifact Books and Publishing Craig Mod writes: The way books are written has changed. The canvas for books has changed. The post-published life of a book has changed.
  22. Book discovery Doug told me on the train about the $100 start-up. I ordered a print copy(misplaced my kindle... Read it, tweeted it 15664963584 340974857560944641 Kate asked to borrow it so did Mike 0347390857216 758701478658048
  23. Self-publishing • Kickstarter • Crowd-funding • Print on Demand
  24. JISC Monograph 1. Rich full-text semantic search tools for scholarly ebook collections. 2. Tools for generating or traversing highly- specific stable citations. 3. Development of a pilot to produce student theses with high-engagement linked-data content. 4. Plugins or add-ons to provide simple, ebook output for popular word processing tools. 5. Improved workflows for authoring attractive, accessible, standards-based mathematical notation in ebooks. 1. 1. Development of an ereading system with an emphasis on scholarly annotation and research-gathering. 2. Provisions to train and share scholars interested in digital publishing 3. Aggregate ebook services for authors and university presses. 4. Maximize use of orphan works 5. Community resources for institutions with digital collections The Digital Monograph Technical Landscape study
  25. digital publishing technology is trivial. Ebooks are tiny digital files, mostly composed in HTML. People buy them from websites that accept credit cards. This is some of the most ubiquitously understood tech today Liz Daly
  26. David Hopkins stats Title: QR Codes in Education codes-in-education/ Available from: Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Smashwords (incl. Nook & Sony platforms)
  27. David Hopkins stats Launched on Amazon & Kobo: June 1 Smashwords, Nook, Sony: June 4 iTunes: June 19
  28. David Hopkins stats Sales figures to date (July 10): Amazon - 43 iTunes - 7 Smashwords - 3 Kobo - 0 Nook (via Smashwords) - 1 Sony (via Smashwords) - 0
  29. To use a pyromaniac analogy, publishers are accelerants, not sparks APE: Author, Publisher, entrepreneur - How to publish a Book (Kawasaki, Guy, Welsh, Shawn) Location 425 - 426 added sunday 10 march 13 20:34:38
  30. epub workflow Pre checks See what styles the book uses and note them Use a PDF or Indesign to begin with to produce native epub and kindle files. Upzip epub Open Terminal cd Documents/ePub/name-of-folder-containing- epub ENTER then upzip name of .epub reverse to zip cd Documents/ePub/name-of-folder-containing- epub ENTER then zip name of .epub Typical epub contents META-INF (folder) container.xml mimetype (simple text file that is used in all epubs so can be reused for all books) OEBPS (folder - Open eBook Publication Structure) content.opf (Holds meta infomration about the book and list of the individual files that make up its contents) fonts (folder) images(folder) template.css toc.ncx (used by ereaders to generate the navigational table of contents) chapter01.html chapter02.html etc
  31. Cover 560x865 To force Adobe Digital Editions to use the whole image for its icon, add style="max-width: 100%" to img tag in cover.html - from Liz p114 Test As many devices as possible epub check epub preflight * QED standard (13 point test on all major devices) Styles Chapter headings Section headings Emphasis and strong text- em, strong Numbered and unnumbered lists Hyperlinks both internal to the document and external to the web Inline images (by dragging and dropping) A cover page with an image All available metadata Tables Multimedia
  32. Validation Open Terminal CD Documents/ePub Then sh which runs the below. Change the sh for each book. java -jar epubcheck (tab) name of epub java -jar epubcheck-3.0b5/epubcheck-3.0b5.jar designisajob/designisajob.epub
  35. Our responses
  36. Technical EPUB 2/3 EPUB Samples samples/ Kindle previewer Readers will support some aspects of a file format but not all
  37. 100 Things ory-of-ebook-resources-in-education/
  38. OU Innovating Pedagogy 2012 “ the real benefits will come from new forms of teaching and learning through dynamic and shared books ” Potential impact: high Dynamic books Sharing Interpretations Assessemnt
  39. Possible • Abridged versions • Highlights • Social features • Search • Multimedia • Pull live data into charts, graphs etc • Co-creation • Sharing
  40. Crowd funding Keep creative control Only make a profit when you do (5% kickstarter)
  41. Example of students self- publishing Hayley Atkinson, Uni of Leeds, former librarian Students making their own books with her help... library staff MUST learn to make ebooks to assist students
  42. Defacing...annotating Issue How can students annotate an ebook on their kindle, institution tool, computer.....
  43. I may recall laughing at that passage when John McPhee, say, writes of Florida orange groves planted on a ridge of “soaring” elevation, but I may not recall how high exactly that elevation soared. Which diminishes the joke (right?), and hence the remembered pleasure. But by gods, I know exactly how to find out. I don’t have to find the carton or bookshelf containing that one damned (but damned fine) book, which I shall then have to obsessively re-read (highlighting or not) on a Saturday afternoon when I should be reading at least fifteen other things. And no, I don’t have to run to the computer and connect to the damned Web, either. I just open the e- book and search my notes to find out (again laughing to myself): the ridge soars “two hundred and forty feet into
  44. Momentum is the most important aspect of starting The Shape of Design (Frank Chimero)