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The new pharma, customer centric, databased business model


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Customer focus is the core and the basis for all commercial activities for pharma. Customers, physicians and patients expect effective therapies in drugs and support. Sustainable relations with customers are necessary to build trusted relations to create a cooperation to realize that. This tells you how to!

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The new pharma, customer centric, databased business model

  1. 1. Customer Focus 
 through a new, databased commercial model The New Pharma Market Approach Rob Halkes
 June 2016

  2. 2. Differences in
 health care systems, 
 regulatory ruling, reimbursement, 
 decision making structures, various market and customer segments, differences in health care processes itself,
 in different care organizations, customers’ DMU’s, individually differentiated preferences,
 do deny any success for one generic approach
 to the market.

  3. 3. The core of 
 a new business model for the pharmaceutical industry is 
 the development 
 high-quality customer relationships
  4. 4. Everyone knows the difficulties of 
 developing a relationship, 
 to deepen it and to maintain it 
 over the long term.
  5. 5. Chances of Success 
 of the pharma company with a customer are determined by: Values associated with 
 Brand and Company like effectiveness, functionality, price and costs, characteristics of market approach, Image to customers and community Values associated with 
 The Customer like potential, policy, 
 organizational and decision making characteristics, culture of innovation, image to the health care community and to patients the quality of the Relationship
 expressed in parameters like: - the judgment by the customer’s decision makers 
 about the company and about its officials - the customers’ valuation of executed projects 
 already done with the company - sales already realized, or - characteristics of the company’s engagement with the customer
  6. 6. Customer Relations’ Development • Quality of business and personal activities, • Guided by and in reciprocity with the customers’ trust, • With respect for unique characteristics and personal peculiarities • With mutual benefits and profits - • Resulting in patients’ satisfaction, in better care, in saving costs • With better health outcomes.
  7. 7. Developing Customer Relations 
 starts with the Intention to Build Sustainable Relations. Sustainable Relations depend on:
 1. Reciprocity between what is offered and what is expected 2. Build up of intensity of the relation (frequency, intimacy) and 3. Build up of magnitude of the relation (impact, need of change)
 by adding value to it!
 It expresses itself in the mutual agreement in perception 
 and characterization of the actual relation
  8. 8. Levels of Relations Development -
 How it can go wrong! Relationship Σ Investment Reciprocity
  9. 9. Levels of Relations Development -
 How it can go wrong! Relationship Σ Investment Reciprocity More will be 
 expected When this is the actual level of relationship.. And this is Invested …
  10. 10. Levels of Relations Development -
 How it can go wrong! Relationship Σ Investment Reciprocity Positive Stretch More will be 
  11. 11. Levels of Relations Development -
 How it can go wrong! Relationship Σ Investment Reciprocity Positive Stretch Negative Stretch Manipulation “Too much” elicits
 feelings of distrust
  12. 12. Levels of Relations Development -
 How it can go wrong! Relationship Σ Investment Reciprocity Periodical investments Positive Stretch Negative Stretch Manipulation
  13. 13. Levels of Relations Development -
 How it can go wrong! Relationship Σ Investment Reciprocity Periodical investments Periodical Investments to follow natural growth
 of customer relations Positive Development
  14. 14. Gradual build up of Relations’ Quality, 
 levels sustainability and growth of business
  15. 15. Contact & 
 Profile Connect & 
 Relate Build & 
 Collaborate Develop & 
 Co-create Partner Engage 
 Tablet detailing Info & Services Inform & Promote Multi channel Demo, Educate & Relate Service & Support Service delivery Collaboration to 
 shared intentions Co-Create To tailored solutions In care delivery 
 to improved outcomes Continued & advanced Innovation in multi-stakeholder partnership
 for better patient care, better outcomes and 
 shared savings Customer Relations’ Development 
 in Stages of Customer Intimacy
  16. 16. Characterized by: Stages of Customer Intimacy Engagement 1. 
 Shared Orientation of Customer and Company to the Business Relationship 2. 
 Goals and Objectives, (shared) Values and Policy, aligning 
 Company and Customer
 &Value for Customer 3. 
 Process of Delivery, Fulfillment, Development, Creation 4. 
 Fields of Individual 
 Expertise and Skills 
 Internal Organizational Conditions for Successful Relations Development Intention Delivery Capabilities
  17. 17. Acquaintance Mutual Information Multichannel
 Building relation
 Delivery of standard
 Info. & Services Product / Rx Disease Information Promotion Products/Brands /
 Rx Care / Disease Broadening & 
 Deepening DMU & KA
 Relations Mngmnt Service Marketing;
 Collaboration in 
 implementation –
 to shared intentions Partnership for
 Mutual benefits from 
 improved Care Multichannel
 Inform, Promote Service, Demonstrate Pharmaceutical, Brand & Disease
 Promotion Co-creation 
 to develop
 Tailored Innovations Multi Stakeholder Contract to 
 shared delivery Rep Visits
 Detailing General on Line Alignment for
 Relation Development
 Multichannel Multidisciplinary
 Brand delivery 
 for Client/DMU 
 Satisfaction – 
 Int. cooperation Shared interests/
 shared savings Common 
 Investments to ROI Services 
 Re.: Rx, Therapy, 
 Disease info. & support For Shared Intentions
 & cooperative planning Company’s 
 Proposition Product offering
 Basic brand services
 Relations Development Cross Functional
 planning to customer
 obvious needs 
 Information/Education Support/Integration Integrated expertise 
 for disease & 
 customer care
 co-creation in care Tailored Optimization 
 of Care Delivery
 Improved Outcomes Continuous 
 innovation, research
 & experiment World class 
 R&D Co-Create
 Benchmark to 
 Innovation Contact & Profile Connect & Relate Build & Collaborate Develop & 
 Co-Create Partner Engagement Intention Delivery Capabilities Individual Organization Stages of Customer Intimacy
  18. 18. Contact & Profile Connect & Relate Build & Collaborate Develop & 
 Co-Create Partner Each Level of Customer Relations 
 presents its own standards
 the kind of activities, 
 behaviors in interaction, and communication with the client, and to
 internal alignment, 
 and way of management.
  19. 19. • Account and Company Cooperation • Collaborative planning • Multidisciplinary, cross functional internal planning • Account Management • Face-to-face and eDetailing • Services delivery • Multichannel engagement • Project Management At Each Level of Relations’ Development Customer Focus demands
 different routines of interaction
 with the customer • Co-creation with multi stakeholders
  20. 20. MAP - Multidisciplinary Account Planning a databased intelligent way of commercial activity design, aligning company and account interests with the demands of the account's situation In a data based professional “design” approach, 
 functionaries of internal disciplines 
 jointly define and plan the account approach in specific steps
  21. 21. Each Level of Customer Relations 
 directs the data based 
 Integration of your Marketing Systems • Customer Information
 & CRM • Market Access • Brand planning • Patient Support 
 Services • Multi Channel management • eDetailing • Key Account Management • Segmentation 
 andTargeting • Closed Loop Marketing • Social Media effective customer specific promotions, interactions &
 collaboration to innovate healthcare • (Big) Data
  22. 22. Each Level of Customer Relations 
 is characterized by the added value to the customer
 AddedValue is the glue between Customer and Company
 It levels the development of their relationship Traditional Services To educate 
 and support Focus on Unique Services to therapy Providing the necessary Services to fill in gaps and align Integrated Care & Outcomes Connect Structure Innovate
  23. 23. The customer focused, databased commercial model is a framework to differentiate the pharma market approach, to local conditions and to orchestrate the activities of the different disciplines to the opportunities and demands given by local customer organizations
  24. 24. The Customer focused databased 
 commercial model 
 has been developed and implemented 
 in EU countries - The framework has guided
 applications in EU countries, 
 the US and Russia. It has ben grounded on extensive experience
 in training, development and strategic change
 in (big) pharma company’s.
  25. 25. The Customer focused databased 
 commercial model Exclusive features: - Deployment and implementation of the model in local conditions - Targeting of customers by their best chances of success, based on quantitative and qualitative parameters - Formatting cross functional key customer teams, and training them to design commercial account plans - Creating integrated engagement plans with specification of (individual) customers’ journeys, both face-to-face and multichannel - Defining added value opportunities - Aligning intensity of promotion with added value invested and with level of customer relations - Parallel development of customer relations with the co-creation of health innovations (added value) with customers, patients and their stakeholders - Aligning and co-creation with patient advocacy groups to develop better care - Creating multi-stakeholder partnerships between customer organizations and the healthcare stakeholders
  26. 26. Consultancy to Pharma and Medical Devices Industry Brand planning Customer and Patient Centricity Key Account Management Value Beyond the Pill Business Innovation Consultancy to Health Care 
 Professional Skills Clinic and Department strategy Patient Care Paths Digital Care and eHealth Benefit Realization Management (Experience) Co-Creation Projects with Industry, 
 Health Care Providers, Pharmacists and 
 Patient Advocates ≥ 25 Years experience in Health Care
 and Health Industry Projects in Europe, Canada, US and Russia The Customer focused databased commercial model by Health Business Consult, RepublicM and PatientView
  27. 27. Drs.A.R.J. Halkes MHA De Dommel 42 5052VC Goirle The Netherlands M +31 6 31 66 2595 T F  L  W
 W   W