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FADN in Cyprus


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FADN in Cyprus

  1. 1. FA D N i nCyprus Marianthi Giannakopoulou Stavroula Ioannou Brussels, 2012
  2. 2. _______________________________________________ Presentation Structure Field of observation Implementation of FADN Difficulties Solutions Data Diffusion Sample distributions
  3. 3. Field of observation of CypriotFADNSource: Cypriot Agricultural Payment Organisation (CAPO)
  4. 4. _______________________________________________ Implementation of Cypriot FADNWHEN ? Trial implementation 2002, 2003 Full implementation from 01/01/2004WHO ? Agricultural Research Institute (ARI), the only FADN agency (Cyprus representative)HOW?
  5. 5. Agricultural Holdings Agricultural Research InstituteAgriculture Directorate- General Public Database EU
  6. 6. _______________________________________________ Selection of agricultural holdings The basis is the Agricultural survey Farms are ranked based on SO Proportional allocation Sample of 500 farms, randomly selected
  7. 7. Hierarchy Tree - Staff Dr. Markou Marinos (Chief Agricultural Research Officer) 2 Agricultural Research Officers Permanent staff Temporary staff 3Technicians 3 Technicians
  8. 8. _______________________________________________ Difficulties to be overcome Farmers are not obligated to keep accounting books Hard cross-checking data Fragmentation and small farmers
  9. 9. Difficulties to be overcome____________________________________________________ 60% of the sample is over the age of 55 Discomfort to adapt ICT Farmers’ mistrust
  10. 10. _______________________________________________ Solutions Farmers’ assistance in keeping accounts (Balance-sheet Booklet) C ypriot Agricultural P aymentOrganization Create, Maintain, Enhance strongrelationships with farmers Gain farmers’ trust
  11. 11. Working in small groups ALLSource: Cypriot Agricultural Payment Organisation (CAPO)
  12. 12. _______________________________________________ Creating Competitive Advantages Staff works under the same shelter / building Direct communication and cooperation between working groups Efficient control / evaluation of data
  13. 13. _______________________________________________ Diffusion Articles to daily newspapers / agricultural journals Participation in television and radio broadcasts Presentation / Conferences – ARI (2003, 2010)
  14. 14. Diffusion____________________________________________________ In 2008, 5 presentation conferences were organized to the farmers participating in the sample: ~ 250 persons Topics covered:  FADN implementation  Ways of keeping accounting books  Cypriot Standard Results
  15. 15. Distribution of sample farmsSample of the year 2009: 444farmsSource: Cypriot Agricultural Payment Organisation (CAPO)
  16. 16. Distribution per district (2009) Famagusta (11%) Nicosia (27%) Pafos Larnaca (12%) (34%) Limassol (16%)Source: Cypriot Agricultural Payment Organisation (CAPO)
  17. 17. Chart: Sample Distribution perproduct Field crops 18.59% Orchards 14.34% Citrus Olive groves 9.29% 18.95% Field crops Orchards Citrus fruits Olive groves Young plantations Hens eggs Other products and Receipts Sheeps milk Ewes milk Potatoes Vegetables open field Honey By-products of crops, Cows milk Vines Occasional letting Dairy products Sheeps milk Other permanent crops Dairy Products of Goats milk greenhouses Meadows pastures Other areas Land leased to others
  18. 18. Olive groves Distribution(263)Source: Cypriot Agricultural Payment Organisation (CAPO)
  19. 19. Field crops Distribution(258)Source: Cypriot Agricultural Payment Organisation (CAPO)
  20. 20. Orchards Distribution (199)Source: Cypriot Agricultural Payment Organisation (CAPO)
  21. 21. Citrus Distribution (129)Source: Cypriot Agricultural Payment Organisation (CAPO)
  22. 22. Chart: Clusters of economic size35.00 32.66%30.00 26.80% 23.65%25.0020.00 16.44%15.0010.00 5.00 0.45% 0.00 2+3 4+5 6+7 8+9 >9
  23. 23. Weakness es Staff is partly trained (Rica-1) & Our Team does not have an FADN dedicated software for data entry / processing
  24. 24. Thank you for your Attention Markou Marinos: Giannakopoulou Marianthi: Ioannou Stavroula: