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My paper


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Published in: News & Politics
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My paper

  1. 1. McDaniel 1What is leadership? A leader is a person who leads a group team or an organization. Agreat leader must always have confidents in what they do.Every leader should bemindful that the opportunity to effect meaningful change is limited by time. Everyleader must be able to move a team to action, to build coalitions, define campaigns, settargets, and encourage networks. A leader has a personal life and a life of a leader. Weneed leaders to guide us threw the good and bad times. A leader will see the future andnever try to correct the past. A leader is a person that will lead to better the communityor the nation. A leader is not born it is created. A leader can be an inspiration to a lot ofpeople from young to old. Some examples of great leaders are Dr. Martin Luther King,General Colin Powell, and many more. They led the way to shape Americatoday.Without a leader what would the world be like?Great leaders are good in social skills and good in debating. The social skillsknow different issues that are going on, a good smile, and connected to the people. Theylearn different issues by reading about it a newspaper about the world and in the placethey live in. By them knowing this they can be on point instead of being late on theissue. A good smile would pull you in sometimes but a good smile isn’t what it seemsbecause it might be a cover up. If you are connected to the people you got the key to theworld. People will go all out for that one person that is trying to make a change. For anexample President Barrack Obama said "It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get towhere we are today, but we have just begun. Today we begin in earnest the work ofmaking sure that the world we leave our children is just a little bit better than the one weinhabit today." Another way a great leader is prepared is debating. Debating is wheretwo people argue about an issue. To be good in debating they use the library to their
  2. 2. McDaniel 1advantage to make their debate shorter and more inspiring to listen to. They would speakmore swift and calm so there listeners can understand what they are explaining orinforming about. A great leader can be anyone u know or heard of. A leader is requiredto be that person that you will say he might change some things around and make itbetter. A great leader must be free of allegations and other things that will bring him orher down. A leader must stand on his or on two feet and fear no evil or mankind. Agreater leader never has a time limit. They can be working all day or all night. A greatleader want stop until his work is done.con……………. There will always be great leaders of all-times. You will have people likeScarface, President Barrack Obama, and Oprah. Scarface made people believe that theycan conquer the world and say at the end of the day the world is mine. President BarrackObama make it seems there’s nothing you can’t do. He showed people that just becausehe was black that don’t mean he couldn’t be president. Last but not least Oprah Winfreyshe started off young and now she’s one of the riches people alive. She started off at asmall radio stations now she has her own network and more. She tells us “live your bestlife.” A leader never knows that they are going to be a leader it just happens.Aleaderwill have its eyes on fame but just change. After the hard work is done they will knowthat they made a change. A great leader can work anywhere from a football field, to aclassroom, or in your community. You have the good and bad environments for greatleaders. The good is a teacher that will teach your future and will tell you can bewhatever you want to be. Some people see the bad or what you see in urbanneighborhoods. They see the money, the nice car, and the women that are what their goalwill be. A leader can be anything that will show great inspiration and leadership.
  3. 3. McDaniel 1Do you wonder why there are less great leaders today? People are less concern about what goeson today and what can be change for the future because they think you only live for today andnot think about tomorrow. Great leaders had a vision on life and they see life better for itspeople, its kids and for themselves. A great leader will lead the way not knowing that areleading. In an urban neighborhood people will take the wrong influence and take it and run withit. The negative will lead them dead or in jail. They don’t see great leaders’ everyday so theytake the bad for good. If the young people saw great leaders that are leading there would be lesscrime rates in our urban neighborhoods. In suburbs you see doctors’, lawyers, or people who gotgreat jobs. So there are people that guide them to be great. If there were more people that leadour young people there would be less crime and a better nation. In the world there people have tosurvive not lead. See back then they had the war to motivate them. They see older people leadand that’s what they wanted to do. The advantage leader would show change everywherewhere’s there’s an issue. A great leader would bring change and where’sthere’s change it wouldchange people opinion about the world around them. It would probably bring people closer.Where there is more fame here come the negative and people start to dislike the leader. Greatleaders have been assonated like President John F. Kennedy and Malcolm X. People woulddislike cause of the attention, the positive movement you are creating, and cause people arelooking up to you. If people start showing more leadership and take time up with the kids todaythere will be a better world. If there were more leaders it would will make the world better. The benefits of a leader are to lead and motive the present and the futuregeneration. A leaders has goals to accomplish and to complete, and always will love their job asa leader.
  4. 4. McDaniel 1