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NEAIC Conceptual Map


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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NEAIC Conceptual Map

  1. 1. New England Asthma Innovations Collaborative Controlling asthma. Controlling costs. WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT FOR COMMUNITY HEALTH WORKERS AND CERTIFIED ASTHMA EDUCATORS HOME VISITING INTERVENTION PROVIDER LEARNING COMMUNITIES AND MENTORING Asthma self-management education Consistent protocols Environmental trigger remediation Culturally-competent care Training and support for CHWs and AE-Cs Increased capacity for services New workforce Adherence to best practices Higher Quality of Care AIMS Better Patient Health Improved asthma control Increased training opportunities Lower Costs POLICY ADOPTION Increased demand for services Funded by HCIA grant #1C1CMS331039 HEALTH AND UTILIZATION OUTCOMES Reduced ED/urgent care admissions Reimbursement for services ENGAGEMENT WITH PAYERS AND POLICY MAKERS Reduced environmental triggers Buy-in from payers proximal distal DATA SHARING AND ANALYSIS