Arccn Report for Skolkovo Science Board


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Arccn Report for Skolkovo Science Board

  1. 1. Applied Research Centerfor Computer NetworksR&D Director ARCCN, prof. R.SmelyanskiyMoscow State
  2. 2. Applied Research Center for ComputerNetworksApplied Research Center for Computer Networks (ARCCN) is aRussian non-profit organization initially funded by Skolkovo and byIndustry Grants:» To create a world-class core competency in Computer Networking inRussia;» Facilitate collaboration between Russian and international research,scientific, educational and commercial experts and institutions;» Establish a national program developing computer networking tools,including design, configuration, installation and management;» Promote commercialization of networking products and services;» Create security solutions for:• international commercialization;• the protection of National cyberspace.31.05.2013 Смелянский Р.Л. ЦПИ КС 2
  3. 3. National InterestsComputer networks are:» One of the fundamentals of communication infrastructure in modern society;» National security.Industry problem: Russia DOES NOT participate in the value chain of creation and productionnetwork hardware and software (>90% - solutions of foreign vendors).Academic problem: Russian universities DO NOT conduct world level research in the field ofcomputer networks, DO NOT prepare professionals of the necessary level required by Nationalindustry.!!The moment has come: ongoing revolution in networking opens NEW OPPORTUNTIES forRussian science and industry.!!!To create a WORLD CLASS CORE COMPETENCY in computer Networking in RussiaPossible Solution:31.05.2013 Смелянский Р.Л. ЦПИ КС 3
  4. 4. One year ago …We expect to create and develop:» World-class core competency in Software Defined Networks in Russia;» 2-3 SDN segments and research groups in Russian universities and labs;» Experimental analysis of SND software tools developed in ON.lab;» Scientific fundamentals of SDN operation;» Development of the mathematical background for forwarding policy specificationlanguage in SDN;» Comparative analysis of SDN network operating system;» Requirements for OpenFlow-switch Architecture;» Algorithms for resource management and administration in SDN based Data Centerand wireless access networks;» Mathematical model of network application normal behavior in SDN network whichallows to describe existing attack types on network information and computingresources;» SDN Knowledge Base and Technical support of SDN segments.A year has passed…31.05.2013 Смелянский Р.Л. ЦПИ КС 4
  5. 5. International IntegrationPartnership with two leading projects in the field of next generation networksa non-profit organization founded by SDN inventors andleaders from Stanford and Berkeley Universities to foster anopen source community to develop tools and platforms torealize the full potential of SDNARCCNON.labopen source tools&platformGENInetwork infrastructureGoals of cooperation:» To establish scientific contacts withrepresentatives of the maindevelopment areas: EmulGeni,PlanetLab, ORCA / ExoGENI;» To connect into GLORIADnetwork.Goals of cooperation with Stanford,Berkley UC & ON.lab:» training ARCCN professionals in ON.laband conducting joint educationalprograms;» Joint research projects.Conferences attended:a unique virtual laboratory for at-scale networking experimentationwhere the scientists unite toenvision and create newpossibilities of futureinternets. GENI unites more than200 universities & labs31.05.2013 Смелянский Р.Л. ЦПИ КС 5
  6. 6. International IntegrationSUPERVISORY BOARD SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL BOARDAlexander Galitsky, Ph.D.Almaz Capital PartnersSerge Fdida, Ph.D.Director Laboratoired’Informatique, UniversityPierre et Marie CurieGlenn RicartCoordinator of US IgniteAlexandr PovalkoDeputy Minister of Education andScience of RussiaVictor OrlovskiySberbank ex-senior VicePresidentNikolay Suetin, Ph.D.IT Cluster R&D DirectorSkolkovoZahid HussainSenior Vice President,EMC CorporationNick McKeown, Ph.D.ProfessorStanford UniversityScott J. Shenker , Ph.D.Professor at University ofCalifornia, BerkeleyRuslan Smeliansky, Ph.D.R&D Director for ARCCNAleksei A. SoldatovHead of Information Committee ofMSUJeffrey S. Chase, Ph.D.Professor Duke UniversityMircea Mihaescu, Ph.D.Director, Sberbank TechnologyResearch Center31.05.2013 Смелянский Р.Л. ЦПИ КС 6
  7. 7. SDN: market potential2007$454 mlnMarket Potential Exponential InterestVenture Investments$10 M$454 M2012Investors strongly believe inSDN market potentialOpen Networking Foundation6 vendorsMarch 201190+ vendorsApril 20132012$300 M2018$35 000 MSDN Market31.05.2013 Смелянский Р.Л. ЦПИ КС 7Startup Vendor Deal$1260 mlnn/a$176 mlnn/a$100mln• IBM, HP, NEC, Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, Dell, Marvell areoffering hybrid SDN-solutions. Cisco develops own Platformfor the new generation of network – One Platform Kit• Google built hardware and software based on theOpenFlow protocol.
  8. 8. Applied Research Center for ComputerNetworksARCCN is focused on: Multidisciplinary scientific research in innovative computer networkingtechnologies with an emphasis on SDN; Activities with high commercial potential; Open Source software development; Breakthrough technologies, platforms, prototypes and solutions designed toseize commercial opportunities in the fields of Information andTelecommunications technology; Information Security.ARCCN Team7%20%12%54%7% Ph.D.Assos. ProfPostgraduateEngineeresVendorscertificated31.05.2013 Смелянский Р.Л. ЦПИ КС 8
  9. 9. Key R&D Results for 2012/2013Fundamental Research:» Mathematical models of SDN operation.Assimilation expertise of currentsolutions, technology and international experience:» Experimental analysis of open source SDN controllers (networkoperating systems for SDN).» Analysis of SDN based Data Center resource managementmethods and Quality of Service (QoS) management systems.Software development and experimental research:» Methods and testbeds for experimental study of ON.Lab software.» HiFi simulation of Large Scale Networks» Requirements for OpenFlow-switch Architecture;» Prototype of software open source tool for development anddebugging of applications for SDN.» DPDK open source development for OVS.31.05.2013 Смелянский Р.Л. ЦПИ КС 9
  10. 10. Research Community» Initiation of research groups in four Russian Universities» Development of e-Learning infrastructure, including courses on basicSDN software tools.» System of technical support of SDN-hubs in Russian universities.» SDN Knowledge-Base Development.» Educational Programs and Workshops for Russian researchcommunity.International Cooperation» Internlships ARCCN professionals in ON.lab.» Research made by ON.lab for ARCCN:− Using Multiple Wireless Networks;− OpenFlow optimized switch design;− VM placement in DataCenter;− Header space analysis and network policy checking.» Collaboration with GENI:− GENIRUC project: 10 accounts for Russian Universities to enter the globalresearch network.31.05.2013 Смелянский Р.Л. ЦПИ КС 10Key Research Results for 2012/2013
  11. 11. Collaboration with Academic and IndustrialSocietys» Summer and Autumn SDN Schools for students, researchers & engineers in collaboration with ON.Lab(Stanford, Berkley) >40 participants» Open Lectures about SDN/OpenFlow with Nick McKeown, Scott Shenker and Russian scientists andexperts > 600 participants offline & > 2500 participants online» Research and development on OpenFlowswitch architecture on Intel Platform usingIntel Data Plane Development Kit.» Development of security technology forpayment transactions via cellphonesfrom unauthorized access.» Resource usage efficiency increasingmethods for data centers based on thestorage virtualization.» Development of pilot segment cloudplatform for data centers based onSDN.Current research projects granted by Industry Cooperation with universities: MSU, Orenburg StateUniversity, Southern Federal University, UniversityITMO, St.Petersburg State PolytechnicUniversity, etc.; GENIRUS: 10 accounts for RUS Universities.University Consortium: Information Dissemination: > 15 scientific papers; > 10 reports on conferences; 150 unique publications of SDN in Russian MSM; Educational TV & radio programs.31.05.2013 Смелянский Р.Л. ЦПИ КС 11
  12. 12. Compare plans and realityWorld-class core competency in Software Defined Networks inRussia;2-3 SDN segments and research groups in Russian universities andlabs;Estimation of the efficiency of SND software tools developed inON.lab;Scientific fundamentals of SDN operation;SDN network operating system Architecture and Organization;Development of the basis of specification language of forwardingpolicy in SDN;Requirements for OpenFlow-switch Architecture;Algorithms for resource management and administration in SDNbased Data Center and wireless access networks;Mathematical model of network application normal behavior in SDNnetwork which allows to describe existing attack types on networkinformation and computing resources;SDN Knowledge Base and Technical support of SDN segments.31.05.2013 Смелянский Р.Л. ЦПИ КС 12
  13. 13. Open CloudGeneralized*Network*Slicing*Network*OS*Net*Hypervisor*Network*OS*App* App* App*Tenant&(of&John’s&AWS)&Isolated&Network&Slice&VM*Control*John’s&AWS&Network*OS*Net*Hypervisor*Network*OS*App* App* App*Tenant&(of&Jane’s&Rackspace)&Isolated&Network&Slice&VM*VM*Control*Jane’s&Rackspace&VMs& VMs&WANDCDC
  14. 14. EdgeCoreDSLAMOLTDSLAMAccessBRAS FirewallCarrier GradeNATDPICDNMonitorWAN AcceleratorCPEStandard High VolumeServers/Storage/SwitchesBRASDPIDPICG-NATCG-NATBRASCPE-FuncCPE-FuncCPE-FuncCPE-Func BRASBRASDPICG-NATBRASCPE-FuncCPE-FuncCPE-FuncCPE-FuncBRASDPICG-NATBRASCPE-FuncCPE-FuncCPE-FuncCPE-FuncCDNCDNCDNCDNMonitorMonitorWAN-AcclWAN-AcclCDNCDNCDNCDNMonitorMonitorWAN-AcclWAN-AcclNetwork Function-VMsCarrier Edge Network with NFV
  15. 15. EdgeCoreAccessNF-VM NF-VMNF-VM NF-VMNF-VM NF-VMNF-VM NF-VMNF-VM NF-VMNF-VM NF-VMNF-VM NF-VMNF-VM NF-VMNF-VM NF-VMVM MgmtSDN ControllerLoadBalancerFirewall CG-NATVM + Network OrchestrationBRAS BRAS WAN-Accel DPINFV with the SDN Control Plane
  16. 16. (B-RAS, CMTS, PDN-GW)Cloud to the Network Edge
  17. 17. » Distributed network operating system for scalable SDN control plane;» Seamless integration of hybrid networks, SDN in wireless and legacynetworks;» Optimized Architecture for OpenFlow-switch;» Informational Security: detect memory exploits malware from trafficflows, counteract DDoS attacks and anonymous requests;» Measurement and Load-balancing of SDN in Data Center;» Hi-Fi modeling of the National scale networks;» Resource management and consolidation in Data Centersgeographically distributed and connected through WAN (Open Cloud);» Network Definition and Forwarding Policy Specification Languages;» SDN network trouble shooting.R&D Program for 2013/201531.05.2013 Смелянский Р.Л. ЦПИ КС 17
  18. 18. Key Application Areas for 2013/2015» SOHO system for Home private network managementand administration;» Applications for SDN-controllers;» Safety and secure mobile banking;» Software services integration in Internet;» Open Cloud;» Virtual Network Infrastructure on Demand.31.05.2013 Смелянский Р.Л. ЦПИ КС 18
  19. 19. (495) 984 27 Смелянский Р.Л. ЦПИ КС 19