Capturing Processes For Your Company


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Your Company in a Box: How To Systematize Your Processes

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Capturing Processes For Your Company

  1. 1. Capturing Processes for Your Company Did you know that the SBA and a US Bank jointly did a study to figure out why small businesses fail? 62.8% fail within six years. Top three reasons are:  Lack of Vision  Lack of Systems for Marketing or Sales  Lack of Systems to monetize client base WHY CAPTURE PROCESSES? • Too many things going on at once • No planning for resources for growth • Caught up in the Day to Day • Do everything ad hoc and without systems • Don’t create or stick to Action Plans • We are a virtual office • Lack accountability processes • No consistent results • Dependent on individuals • Only way to scale • Convert ideas into assets • Produce income into wealth • Everything else is hard work! Would You Rather Systemize your Business or Work Hard? Document process © Candelaria & Associates 2008 1
  2. 2. Capturing Processes for Your Company Repeatable processes Easily read and understood Independent Whole thing in a box Systemization is unnatural for most Almost any system is better than ad hoc Don’t want to make it perfect; just capture it for now. Once captured, IMPROVE IT. Start where you are; capture; make it better! Strive for ISO Standard, we will get there eventually. For now we just capture. 1. Decide on a purpose: All functions can be systemized • Generating leads • Delivering services • Creating new products • Outsourcing projects • Finding partners • Managing websites • Hiring and training staff • Opening a location • Launching a product • Referring a client • Investing business profits • Raising capital 2. 5 ways to Figure Out Steps © Candelaria & Associates 2008 2 10 steps to create a system or document a process: 1. Decide on purpose: If you can’t figure it out; don’t do it 2. Figure Out Steps 3. Graphically Illustrate 4. Build a Checklist/worksheet 5. Add clarifications 6. Add Tools 7. Test It 8. Train on It 9. Tweak as needed 10. Evaluate regularly If you are new to a business, write it down as you do it initially
  3. 3. Capturing Processes for Your Company 3. Create a Picture/Make it a graphic/visualize process. Demystify the process. See Sales System Below from a holistic point of view. © Candelaria & Associates 2008 3 Adopt something that works/ ie. Different Industry/ Hire Expertise / Have Expert Train Employees/ Teach Specifics/ Capture it Interview Someone who Knows What they are Doing/ In Another Industry/ Colleagues/ Not Competitors Catch someone in the Act/Observe Invent It
  4. 4. Capturing Processes for Your Company 4. Build a Checklist/Worksheet See sample travel checklist below: Home Checklist • ________Arrange for pet and plant care • ________Stop routine deliveries • ________Make your home seem lived-in while away by putting lights and a radio on timers • ________Turn down thermostat • ________Leave keys and itinerary with a friend • ________Lock windows, garage, and doors Before Leaving • ________Guide books and maps © Candelaria & Associates 2008 Need or want identified by prospect » Funding Available » You have proposed a solution; Agreed to it » ROI & Estimate Agreed Key Player Access Granted » Need » Capabilities and solutions for each player Show Proof of Concept/ Demo » Proposal And Contract STOP CAN NOT OBTAIN 4 STOP CAN NOT OBTAIN STOP CAN NOT OBTAIN STOP CAN NOT OBTAIN
  5. 5. Capturing Processes for Your Company • ________Passport and visa(s) • ________Foreign currency of your destination country • ________Credit cards • ________Travelers checks or ATM card • ________Insurance: Trip Cancellation/Medical • ________Personal Identification • ________Photocopies of documentation • ________Birth Certificate (if necessary) • ________Marriage License (if necessary) Basic Essentials • ________Appropriate Luggage • ________Luggage Locks & ID Tags (Do NOT Lock checked baggage) • ________Appropriate Clothing • ________Comfortable Footwear • ________Rain Protection • ________Camera and Film (Place film in carry-on baggage) • ________Telephone Plugs for Modem • ________Small Flashlight • ________Travel Alarm Clock • ________Small Binoculars • ________Brimmed Hat or Visor • ________Reading Materials • ________Playing Cards/Games • ________Address Book Maintenance Items • ________Batteries for camera and flashlight • ________Mini Sewing Kit (place in checked baggage) • ________Travel Iron or Steamer • ________Sink Stopper • ________Folding Scissors (place in checked baggage) • ________Laundry Soap Packets • ________Laundry Bag • ________Ziplock Plastic Bags Medication • ________First Aid Kit • ________Aspirin/Pain Reliever • ________Cold/Sinus Medication • ________Diarrhea Medicine • ________Laxative • ________Insect Repellent • ________Contact Lens Preparations • ________Antibiotic Ointment • ________Alcohol Wipes • ________Sunscreen • ________Motion Sickness Medicine • ________Personal Hygiene Items • ________Personal Prescriptions Toiletries • ________Comb/Brush • ________Toothbrush/Paste • ________Dental Floss • ________Shampoo • ________Blow Dryer • ________Deodorant • ________Lotions/Creams • ________Cologne • ________Lipbalm • ________Towelettes • ________Shaving Cream • ________Towel/Washcloth • ________Earplugs  Create checklists/worksheets for projects  Combine checklists/ worksheets  Hiring someone to help if needed 5. Add Clarification: Clarify and Amplify Ask yourself: Do we need more? If so:  Narrate descriptions © Candelaria & Associates 2008 5
  6. 6. Capturing Processes for Your Company  Illustrate  Provide Photos  Provide Video  Provide Screen Captures  Provide Audio  Provide Physical Model, if needed 6. Add Tools: Tools and Exhibits Consider adding additional information to further describe process, simplify procedures  Add forms  Add scripts  Include samples  Prepare kits  Identify web pages  Animate with power point presentations  Distribute brochures  Include glossaries  Prepare FAQ  Capture/File/Retain Knowledge Bases Determine how you make these tools available; scripts, by email, in kit, etc. 7 Test it—do a Mom test, can your mother figure it out? See if temporary staff can figure it out when they are in to cover sick employees. 8 Train on it—Have employees repeat process to you so you understand that they understand. Create pop quizzes, make it fun. 9 Tweak it—As conditions change, be sure to keep processes up to date (systems overhaul, new equipment, new relationships, new laws, new regulations, etc. 10. Evaluate—if it is a crucial process, create metrics around it for performance/rewards © Candelaria & Associates 2008 6
  7. 7. Capturing Processes for Your Company Bottom Line: Blue Print Your Company (Figure out where all the bottlenecks are; or which parts have biggest impact. Begin Here Systemize Process: One by One. Most Important First; First generate money, Free up your time to use it to make most money. Work on the business, not in the business. Objective is to depersonalize all process. Non reliant on any one person. Create a machine. Lay out all moving parts. Do it by Roles and by Department. You will catch more actions by doing it both ways. Every critical factor needs processes outlined clearly. © Candelaria & Associates 2008 7 A method of documenting process: Merlin Method Interview: 1. What is the end result that you are going to accomplish? 2. Just before this end result, what would you have had to have done? 3. Repeat question 2 until done First Step Step Name Tools (if any) *Ideally do it back to front/then front to back to capture all steps.
  8. 8. Capturing Processes for Your Company Develop Master Calendar: Check list of checklists, system of systems Establish metrics and dashboards: Gauges, capture each central process, allows for easy review. © Candelaria & Associates 2008 8 Once complete: Roll out policies Train Staff Hire Staff Role Play Investors love systems that are not dependent on stars; You are now scaleable!