2010.04 everything you need to know about social media usa - raport agencji onboard pr


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2010.04 everything you need to know about social media usa - raport agencji onboard pr

  1. 1. Everything you need to know about social media but were afraid to ask / USA
  2. 2. Contents Chapter 1: About SSPR & ECCO 3 Chapter 2: Country Research 5 Chapter 3: Different Social Media Types 7 Chapter 4: Case Study Examples 9 Chapter 5: Online Social Media Tools, Tricks and Listening to the Online 11 Conversation Chapter 6: Popular Blog Tools and Blog Posts 13 www.sspr.com 2
  3. 3. Chapter 1 About SSPR & ECCO
  4. 4. About SSPR and ECCO SSPR is a full service public relations firm with offices in Chicago, Silicon Valley, New York, and Colorado. Founded in 1978, we have built a reputation for excelling at the toughest part of PR: getting ink for our clients. When a company wants to take its story to the public, SSPR is the place to start. Our deep knowledge of media and public relations, strong editorial contacts, and “nose for news” has produced an unsurpassed record of securing coverage for our clients. SSPR Over the years, SSPR has expanded its focus for general business clients and franchisers, +1-847-415-9347 including consumer goods, high-tech companies and dot-coms of all kinds. Our first www.sspr.com technology clients came on board in the 1980s, giving us exceptionally long experience in high-tech industries. From our inception as a two-person operation with $2,500 in capital, SSPR has grown to serve hundreds of clients from locations coast- to-coast. SSPR has established a strategic communications track record which we believe is second to none. All SSPR staff members are skilled in every facet of strategic public relations and marketing communications including: strategy, positioning and messaging; tactical media and analyst execution; collateral materials development; event management, and financial communications. SSPR joined ECCO in 2006 and are the ECCO US partner for IT and Pharmaceutical / Healthcare clients ECCO +44 (0)20 7592 3102 www.ecco-network.com www.sspr.com 4
  5. 5. Chapter 2 USA Background
  6. 6. Country Research > Social Networking Sites Account for More than 20 Percent of All U.S. Online Display Ad Impressions (comScore Media Metrix, Nov. 2009) > Facebook.com surpassed 100 million monthly U.S. visitors joining a very select list of web properties reaching such a threshold (the others are Google Sites, Yahoo! Sites and Microsoft Sites), (comScore Media Metrix, Nov. 2009) > Facebook accounts for 5.5% of all time spent online in the U.S. (up from 2.5% a year ago) consuming a significant percentage of the average U.S. Internet user’s attention online (comScore Media Metrix, Nov. 2009) > USA is ranked first in terms of number of users. As of December 31, 2009, USA had 101,303,240 users, accounting for a 140.8% growth in the previous 12 months (Facebook) > 11.1% of Internet users were Twitter users in 2009 (eMarketer, Sept. 2009) > 18 million US adults access Twitter on any platform at least monthly. That represents a 200% increase over 2008 levels (eMarketer, Sept. 2009) www.sspr.com 6
  7. 7. Chapter 3 Different social media types
  8. 8. Different social media types > Social networks, such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn, where people can ‘meet’ and share information and ideas with like-minded people > Blogs are simply a publishing tool that allows an individual or organization to share news and views. > Micro blogs are a much shorter version of a blog, limited to 140 characters, such as Twitter > Content sharing communities, such as Flickr, Slideshare, and YouTube enable users to share content such as photographs, presentations, video clips and live webcasts > Social bookmarking (or tagging) sites including del.icio.us, Blogmarks, StumbleUpon and GoogleBookmarks allow users to tag, save, manage and share web pages from a central source > Podcasts are audio files that you can download over the Internet. You can subscribe to podcast channels and once subscribed, your computer will automatically check back to see if new podcasts are available and download them for you. www.sspr.com 8
  9. 9. Chapter 4 Case study examples
  10. 10. Case study examples / Industry Focus: Social Networking – Facebook & Twitter Starting in March 2009, SSPR set up Twitter accounts for Patagonia retail stores in waves, with a handful being added each month. Managers were trained on Twitter basics including etiquette, mechanics, strategy, and execution, as well as branding Patagonia as an environmentally friendly local retailer. In a little over 4 months, The stores that were set up had a total over 3500 followers, making our tweets seen by thousands of potential customers. At 4 months, the stores average over 350 followers, with more being added every day. Additionally, SSPR assisted Patagonia in training store managers on Facebook etiquette, how to build a community, how to post photos, videos, links, etc. In the first month, Patagonia had an average of 85 fans per store, with more being added each day. Information has been posted on Patagonia store sales, local community events, The Patagonia Twitter page, with over 9,000 followers environmental initiatives, as well as staff and customer photos and videos. The community that Patagonia has built on Twitter and Facebook has made customers and potential customers feel more connected with the Patagonia brand. Whether the stores are sharing information on sales or organizing a volunteer opportunity, communicating directly with customers has helped Patagonia’s bottom line. The Patagonia Facebook page, with over 31,000 fans www.sspr.com 10
  11. 11. Chapter 5 Online social media tools, tricks and listening to the online conversation
  12. 12. Online social media tools, tricks and listening to the online conversation General Tools we recommend you look at are: > Google Alerts can help you track what is being said and receive streaming or batched reports. Set a comprehensive alert to monitor across various media – news, blogs, web, videos and groups > MonitorThis enables you to scan up to 20 different search engines at any one time > Social Mention (and Social Mention Alerts) pulls content from across 80+ social media properties directly. You can also set up daily Social Mention Alerts to track what is being said about your brand on a daily basis > whostalkin.com is similar to Social Mention and enables you to track over 60 of the Internet’s most popular social media platforms > Google Blog Search (and Google Blog Alerts) Google’s index of blog posts, allows you to see who is blogging about your brand and what they’re saying. With Google Blog Alerts you can set up daily, weekly or as-it-happens alerts for any time someone mentions your brand online > Technorati allows you to search the blogosphere and subscribe to RSS alerts so that when someone blogs about you, you find out > Monitter provides real-time monitoring of the Twittersphere > TweetScan (and Twitter Email Alerts) enables you to see what is being said about your brand on Twitter. It includes the option to set up Twitter Email Alerts > Tweetbeep is a kind of Google Alerts for Twitter that will show you who is tweeting about your brand and related topics. The key is to make your search as specific as you can, you can even narrow it down to a specific place, otherwise you may get more alerts than you bargained for > Twitter Search allows you to see what people are saying about Technorati allows you to search the blogosphere your brand or on a particular topic > HowSociable? allows you to measure your brand’s visibility across social media > Del.icio.us is a way of saving bookmarks and allows users to manage their bookmarks online and share them with friends. Searching for your brand, product or event in this way can be a real eye-opener – it is a good way to see how and in what relation others are talking about you www.sspr.com 12
  13. 13. Chapter 6 Popular blog tools and blog posts
  14. 14. Popular blog tools and blog posts Wordpress – www.wordpress.org/ Blogger – www.blogger.com Live Journal – www.livejournal.com/ MSN Spaces – www.home.spaces.live.com/ ???? www.sspr.com 14
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