Fb welcome aramark dietetic interns[1]


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Fb welcome aramark dietetic interns[1]

  1. 1. Welcome ARAMARK Dietetic Interns! The ARAMARK Dietetic Internship Programs started on Monday, September 13th. Orientation for the ARAMARK Kansas City Dietetic Internship Program was held at St. Joseph Medical Center in Kansas City, MO and at the ARAMARK Tower in Philadelphia, PA for the Mid-Atlantic and Distance Learning Dietetic Internship Programs. The 2010-2011 ARAMARK Dietetic Interns were able to participate in a variety of activities during orientation week. The primary focus was on introducing interns to ARAMARK as a company as well as the programs and resources available to use as an intern. Additionally, interns were introduced to the internship curriculum, rotations, and projects to prepare them for the upcoming year. The interns were welcomed to the internship by Tim Campbell, ARAMARK Healthcare President; Cindy Banta, Director of Clinical Practice; Sharron Lent, Senior Director Patient/Clinical Services; Don Hall, ARAMARK Southwest Region Vice President of Operations, and Kelly Snyder, ARAMARK Healthcare Senior Recruitment Manager. ARAMARK Kansas City Dietetic Internship Interns From Left to Right: Stephanie Lakinger (Illinois State University); Lisa Conway (Colorado State University); Anne Pazder (University of Central Missouri); Teequa Twiford (University of Central Missouri); Pam Brill (Kansas State University Distance Program); Renee Goodfriend (Kansas State University Distance Program); Anna Stadler (Southern Illinois University Carbondale); and Amy Kirchhoff (Iowa State University) ARAMARK Distance Learning Dietetic Internship Interns From Left to Right: Deidra Littleton (Texas Tech University); Leila Babb (East Carolina University); Amanda Sajczuk (Westchester University); Kristi Crow (Abilene Christian University); Ian Barkin (Queens College, CUNY); Michelle Bacon (Abilene Christian University); Dana Babeau (Montclair State University); Joanna Harner (Abilene Christian University); Lynn Canberg (Montclair State University); Nicole Stoklosa (University of Delaware); Kathleen Rivera (Brooklyn College, CUNY); Amy Kunzman (Queens College, CUNY)
  2. 2. ARAMARK Mid-Atlantic Dietetic Internship Interns From Left to Right: Corinne Carey (University of Maryland); Kirsten Diegel (University of Delaware); Matthew Naliborski(Ohio State University); Kayla Braa(South Dakota University); Karen Maroni (University of Wyoming); Amberly Scheidt(Penn State University);Jacqueline Nester(Penn State University); Rebecca Stack(New York University); Jennifer Chetty(University of Maryland); Adrien Trevisan(West Chester University)