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WNYLRC Lunchtime Learning Presentation on Pinterest and libraries. Includes how-to information on setting up accounts, changing settings, and creating and editing boards and pins.

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  • Pinterest is an image-based social network.
  • “People use boards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and share their favorite recipes.” – Pinterest Help
  • Other popular boards include fashion, crafts, travel, and even . . .
  • Booklists. This is a board on my personal Pinterest site, and each board is made up of individual images, or pins, that link out (in most cases) to the Web, in this case to the BECPL’s library catalog.Also point out Follow (and Follow All) options.
  • Most prominent pin = Board Cover.Link = Unless you change it, the link will go to the website address you pinned from, or the image file you uploaded from.
  • Between Feb and March, users went up to 17 million.Pinterest grew so rapidly that a few months after this, Pinterest became the 3rd most popular social network after Facebook and Twitter, although growth has slowed somewhat so they are continually competing with sites like LinkedIn and Tumblr.
  • There are a lot of infographics out there that will give you even more information about the average Pinterest user.
  • Staff use same username and password. I trained each librarian before they got started.David Lee King on his blog - Digital Branch & Services Manager at the Topeka & Shawnee County Public - “We set up 16 boards for starters, each with at least one staff member in charge of it (most of the boards have a team of 2-3 staff).”
  • Can pin YouTube videos and Slideshare presentations in addition to images.
  • I’ve also seen other libraries with boards devoted to books to movies, award winners, read alikes, library/literary quotations, staff members, local authors, read posters, book crafts, beautiful libraries , merchandise, community partnerships, etc. The possibilities are endless.
  • Other system Pinterest sites, earlier in their development stages. Maintained by a part-time librarian.
  • Currently maintained by a senior page at the Lackawanna Library. I hope that some of our other branches create Pinterest sites. Right now, though, our focus is on patron education. Training Lab creating online tutorials on Pinterest.
  • And at the end of each month, we do keep track of the number of boards, pins, and followers we have, and submit those to administration and our Library Board.But it’s not just the number of followers you have. Congressman Brian Higgins is following us. The Library at Mount Saint Mary’s, a local high school, now has a Buffalo and Erie County Library Board on Pinterest, where they have repinned several of our pins - Spree, a local magazine, is also following us.
  • You can search for pins, boards, or people. To see what other libraries are doing, simply search for library, public library, college library, etc. and click on Pinners. You can also search for the name of a particular library here.
  • Pinterest currently links to personal Facebook pages only.
  • It has you select 5 and then it automatically uses this information to follow otherPinterest users, but you can go back and unfollow them.
  • Home – “Pinterest”Profile – Click on the name of the site.Default – Pins from those you are following. Will want these to be other libraries, library-related accounts.Recent activity on the left.
  • Add (sometimes hidden), About, and Library Name top-rightGo over the following – Library Name, Can Add Image, Description, Website, Twitter and Facebook ConnectionsRepins on the rightBoards, Pins, Likes, Activity on LeftEdit Profile and Rearrange Boards in middle (I’ll be going over these a little later on)Followers and Following on the rightBoards
  • Based on the 5 items you chose during the set-up process, Pinterest will choose profiles for you to follow. You can go to “Following” and then click on “Unfollow” to start from scratch and choose who you want to follow – libraries and library-related that will help you build the site. You can follow entire profiles, or you can follow individual boards.
  • Settings allows you to deactivate your account, or change your email address and password. It also allows you to change your profile info. and connect to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Go through possible changes – First and last name, upload image, add a description, a location, website (If you verify the website, the full address will show rather than an icon), search privacy (all Pinterest profiles are public, although you can create some private boards, which I will address a little later)
  • We have Pinterest connected to our Twitter, but only tweet a small number of our pins to avoid oversaturation.
  • We don’t currently have a direct connection with Facebook because we have a Fan Page, and Pinterest currently connects only to personal Facebook accounts. There are some apps, however, that will help you create a tie in (Pinterest tab) if you choose. BECPL has a Pinterest Tab set up on our Facebook Fan Page using a Woobox app.
  • Boards and private boards.Secret boards (up to 3)– You can make a secret board public, but you can’t make a public board secret.
  • Board name – short, otherwise can get cut off on your profileChoose category – If you don’t choose a category, other pinners can make suggestions for categories.Secret boards – Private (either just you or you and whoever you share with) can see. You can’t make existing public boards private.Who can pin? - You can also add other pinners to make a collaborative board. Please note that other Libraries will invite you to collaborate on their boards, but keep in mind if the board fits in with what you are doing for your Library because if you collaborate, the board will also show up on your Pinterest site.
  • To edit board, from board view, click on the title of a board, and then click on “Edit Board”
  • You can add a board description and make changes to any existing information.
  • Repin a pin, Edit a pin, Comment on a pin in addition to setting a board cover. Want your covers to be beautiful, timely, and eye catching.
  • Click and drag to move boards. Click on red checkmark to save, or X to cancel.
  • Steps to add “Pin It” Button to Favorites Bar.
  • Always test your pins. Make sure they link where you want them to, and edit the link if not.
  • When you upload a pin and click onto it, it will bring up a jpeg image. When you can, edit the pin to add a link. Central Library Tour examples.
  • Repinning makes a copy of the pin. You can repin one of your own pins to put it on another board, or you can repin from another pinner.
  • Edit link. Use this for pinning books from the catalog. We pin the cover and then have to go back and edit to the persistent link for the book record. You can use anytime you want something pinned from one place, but you want the link to go to another place. Just be careful to site the original source of the image when necessary. You can also change the board the pin is on.
  • You can use pinterest account, board, and pin urls to further market your Pinterest account or resources.
  • Instead of handouts, I put together a Pinterest site you can refer back to for additional information. Links to Pinterest Help and Support sites, links to Pinterest’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, to articles on how libraries are using Pinterest, Pinterest presentations on Slideshare and YouTube, books on Pinterest, Pinterest tips, Pinterest apps and tools, and Pinterest statistics.
  • Pinterest for Libraries

    1. 1. Pinterest for Libraries Angela Pierpaoli Technology Support Librarian Buffalo and Erie County Public Library Presented November 27th, 2012
    2. 2. Webinar Outline What is Pinterest? Why use Pinterest? The Buffalo and Erie County Public Library and Pinterest How-To  Creating an Account  Settings  Boards  Pins For Further Information
    3. 3. What is Pinterest?
    4. 4. According to Pinterest . . . “Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. Pinterest allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. You can browse boards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.”
    5. 5. People Create Boards to . . .Plan Weddings
    6. 6. People Create Boards to . . .Decorate Their Homes
    7. 7. People Create Boards to . . .Share Their Favorite Recipes
    8. 8. People Create Boards to . . .Share Their Favorite Books
    9. 9. Pinterest Organizational Scheme1. Account2. Boards3. Pins4. Link
    10. 10. Why use Pinterest? November – Approximately 25 Million Users
    11. 11. Who Uses Pinterest? Information from Power of Pinterest Infographic March 2012
    12. 12. The Buffalo and Erie County Public Library andPinterest -
    13. 13. BECPL Timeline February 2012, Library learned about Pinterest’s growing popularity Looked to see what other libraries were doing Brainstormed ideas for BECPL Joined Pinterest
    14. 14. Staff Thanks to . . . Susan Cutrona – Special Collections boardsOne Full-Time Librarian Michelle Snyder – Movies, music, andTwo Part-Time new books boards. Librarians
    15. 15. BECPL’s Boards Highlight . . . Library Advocacy and Fundraising Central Library and Branches Library events Training Lab Tutorials Books – Staff picks, Cookbooks, NYT Fiction and Nonfiction, New Books Music and movies Free downloads
    16. 16. BECPL’s Boards Highlight . . . Local interest and special collections Library’s presence on the web Databases and Subject Guides Favorite Apps Patron and Staff Bright Spots Summer Reading Buffalo and Erie County
    17. 17. Children’s Programming Team
    18. 18. Lackawanna Library
    19. 19. User Response  Over 300 followers  With Twitter connection and Facebook Tab, we can potentially reach 7000 people with a single pin.  Followers include patrons, staff, other libraries, community businesses and organizations, and politicians.
    20. 20. What are other libraries doing with Pinterest?Pinterest Search Box
    21. 21. Pinterest for LibrariesSetting Up and Maintaining Your Library’s PinterestAccount
    22. 22. Join Pinterest
    23. 23. Setting Up a Pinterest Account
    24. 24. Step 1: Create Account
    25. 25. Sample Account
    26. 26. Step 2: Click 5 things
    27. 27. E-mail Verification
    28. 28. Home vs. Library Profile
    29. 29. Library Profile
    30. 30. Following
    31. 31. Settings or Edit Profile – Click on “Edit Profile”or “Settings” under Profile Dropdown
    32. 32. Settings - Profile Info
    33. 33. Settings – Social Networks
    34. 34. Facebook Tab – Woobox App
    35. 35. Creating Boards –Click on “Add” and then “Create a Board”
    36. 36. Creating Boards –Or click on “Create a Board” template
    37. 37. Creating Boards
    38. 38. Editing Boards –Click on Board Title and then Edit Board
    39. 39. Edit Boards
    40. 40. Change Board Cover
    41. 41. Rearrange Boards
    42. 42. Creating Pins –3 Ways to Pin an Image1. From the Internet – “Pin It” Button on Favorites Bar easiest method (rather than “Add”)2. From a file on your computer3. Repin someone else’s pin
    43. 43. 1. Pinning from the Internet –Installing “Pin It” Button
    44. 44. Pinning from the Internet –“Pin It” Button
    45. 45. Pinning from the Internet –Select an Image
    46. 46. Pinning from the Internet
    47. 47. 2. Pinning from a File on Your Computer– Click “Add” and then “Upload a Pin”
    48. 48. Pinning from a File on YourComputer – Uploading a Pin
    49. 49. Changing the Link from an ImageFile to a Website Link Pin Edit the Link to avoid an image file dead end.
    50. 50. 3. Repinning
    51. 51. Editing Pins
    52. 52. Clicking Into Pins
    53. 53. Pins
    54. 54. Link
    55. 55. “Follow Button” on
    56. 56. Pin It Button for Library Website
    57. 57. Mobile Apps
    58. 58. For Further Information