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Pinterest presentation for Library Assistants' Day in Syracuse April 30, 2013.

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  • Most prominent pin = Board Cover.Link = Unless you change it, the link will go to the website address you pinned from, or the image file you uploaded from.
  • Books, movies, and music link into our Catalog.Users can pin YouTube videos and Slideshare presentations in addition to images.
  • Created by the Library’s Training Lab Staff/Technology Team
  • Children’s Programming Team maintained by a part-time librarian. Lackawanna Library maintained by a senior page.
  • You can search for pins, boards, or people. To see what other libraries are doing, simply search for library, public library, college library, etc. and click on Pinners. You can also search for the name of a specific library here.
  • Instead of handouts, I put together a Pinterest site you can refer back to for additional information. Links to Pinterest Help and Support sites, links to Pinterest’sFacebook and Twitter accounts, Pinterest updates, to articles on how libraries are using Pinterest, Pinterest presentations on Slideshare and YouTube, books on Pinterest, Pinterest tips, Pinterest apps and tools, and Pinterest statistics.
  • Pinterest for Libraries

    1. 1. A N G E L A P I E R PAO L IT EC H N O LO GY S U P P O RT L I B R A R I A NB U F FA LO A N D E R I E CO U N T Y P U B L I C L I B R A RYP I E R PAO L I A @ B U F FA LO L I B .O RGP R ES E N T E D A P R I L 3 0 , 2 0 1 3L I B R A RY A S S I STA N T S’ DAY I N SY R AC U S EPinterest for Libraries
    2. 2. Presentation Outline Pinterest Information The Buffalo and Erie County Public Library’s (BECPL’s)Pinterest Profile What Other Libraries are Doing with Pinterest Useful Pinterest Features Further Information
    3. 3. “Pinterest is a tool for collecting andorganizing things you love.”Popular Content Includes . . . Food & drink DIY & Crafts Women’s Fashion Home Décor Travel
    4. 4. Some Pinterest Facts Launched March, 2010 Image-based socialnetwork Currently 48.7 MillionUsers 80% Pinterest users in U.S.are women, most in the 24-34 age group, followed bythe 35-44 age group 50% Pinterest Users haveChildren 80% total pins are repins
    5. 5. Pinterest Organizational Scheme1. Account2. Boards3. Pins4. Links
    6. 6. The Buffalo and Erie County Public Library and Pinterest - February 2012, Library learnedabout Pinterest’s growingpopularity Looked to see what otherlibraries were doing Brainstormed ideas for BECPL Joined Pinterest Site is currently maintained bytwo full-time and one part-timelibrarian (Susan Cutrona andMichelle Snyder) At the end of each month, wesubmit numbers ofboards, pins, and followers toAdministration and our LibraryBoard.
    7. 7. User Response Over 500 followers With Twitter connectionand Facebook Tab, we canpotentially reach 8500people with a single pin. Followers includepatrons, staff, otherlibraries, communitybusinesses andorganizations, andpoliticians.
    8. 8. BECPL’s Boards Highlight . . . Library Advocacy andFundraising Central Library and Branches Library events Training Lab Tutorials Books – Staffpicks, Cookbooks, NYTFiction and Nonfiction, NewBooks Music and movies Free downloads Local interest and specialcollections
    9. 9. BECPL’s Boards Highlight . . . Library’s presence on theweb Databases and SubjectGuides Favorite Apps Patron and Staff Bright Spots Summer Reading Buffalo and Erie County Timely boards, such asHolidays, National Women’sHistory Month, etc.
    10. 10. Share on Twitter
    11. 11. Pinterest Tab on Facebook
    12. 12. Pinterest Link on Library’s Website
    13. 13. Pinterest Tutorials
    14. 14. Other BECPL Pinterest AccountsChildren’s Programming Team Library
    15. 15. Other Libraries and Pinterest
    16. 16. Some Additional Ideas Books to movies Award winners Read alikes Library/literary quotations Staff members Local authors Read posters Book crafts Beautiful libraries Library cards of the world Library merchandise Community partnerships Non-library specific boardssuch as fashionideas, recipes, travellocations (Sacramento) The possibilities areendless.
    17. 17. Useful Pinterest Features New look Analytics New PinterestBusiness Accounts CollaborativeBoards Secret Boards Mobile Apps
    18. 18. Where can I go for further information?