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Get Connected! Expanding Your Knowledge & Reach Using Social Media


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Slides presented on November 10, 2012

Tim Noteboom

Mike Pascoe

"Physical therapists have access to rapidly expanding sources of information, but they frequently do not have the tools necessary to filter and use information effectively. They also have to meet patient/client expectations on using, sharing, and understanding information. This session will provide helpful tips on using social media to help access and filter quality information, using social media to create your personal branding, and marketing services effectively to your target audience. The talk will give clinically-relevant examples of using Facebook, Twitter & other social media in physical therapy practice."

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Get Connected! Expanding Your Knowledge & Reach Using Social Media

  1. 1. Mike Pascoe, PhD @mpascoe
  2. 2. Physical Therapy ProgramUniversity of Colorado Anschutz MedicalCampus
  3. 3. Image fromThieme Atlas ofAnatomy
  4. 4. “Heath care is changing.”“Share your knowledge.”Amy Hammerich,Outstanding PTNov 10, 2012
  5. 5. FacebookFact & FiguresLaunched Feb 2004Ranked #1 by Alexa1 billion active users (Oct 2012)
  6. 6.
  7. 7. 7/10/2012 #APTACO
  8. 8. FacebookPro tips1. Post photos, URLs (educational)!2. Don’t post too often (1 per day)3. High quality logo that is square4. Enter all clinic information5. Add many URLs6. Customize your Page URL7. Good looking banner image8. Comment when time allows
  9. 9. TwitterFact & FiguresFounded March 2006Ranked #8 by Alexa500 million registered users (Apr 2012)
  10. 10.
  11. 11. TwitterUnderstanding the language“@” – mention: a way to reference another user on twitter
  12. 12. TwitterUnderstanding the language“#” – hashtag: a way to add context to your tweet
  13. 13. TwitterUnderstanding the language“RT” – re-tweet: a way to forward a tweet to others
  14. 14. TwitterPro tips1. Post photos, links2. Don’t post too often3. High quality logo that is square4. Complete you bio5. URL to your website6. Encourage patients to follow and mention you in tweets7. Do not cross post to facebook8. Reply when time allows
  15. 15. YelpFact & FiguresFounded Oct 200471 million monthly unique visitors (Jan 2012)
  16. 16. 82 results54 “PT”
  17. 17. YelpPro tips1. Post photos!2. Enter all clinic information3. Encourage patients to review your clinic4. Post signage about your yelp account5. Intervene with those that post poor reviews
  18. 18. Consistent Branding
  19. 19. Take away messagesCalls to action, next steps• 66% of people (your prospective patients) on the internet have a social media account• Social media will foster development of relationships with those in your community• A whole generation is relying on peer testimonials when deciding what to buy, where to eat, where to get therapy (?)• Creating social media accounts will improve your search engine position• Give this a try on your own, ask for help if needed, look to other examples for inspiration
  20. 20. Slide HandoutsSocial media style!