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Business Intelligence Dashboards

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Dashboard Business Simulation Deck

  1. 1. Overview of HR Dashboard & Business Simulation Technology Head Office Region Office (South) 98 2nd Avenue 18 Insinde Avenue Weltevreden Park, 1709 Newton Park, 6045 Johannesburg, SA, 2000 Port Elizabeth, SA, 6000 www.apsincsa.com www.apsincsa.com 011.475.2392 (O) 011.475.2391 (F)
  2. 2. Business Intelligence A hot objective in business today is using information technology to “maximise the power of corporate information.” Organisations are looking to technology to simplify the way in which decision makers access and analyze data so that they can spend their time focusing on generating innovative ways to drive business rather than searching for the information they need and deciphering “old school” reports. One popular method of providing users with simplified information access and management is via dashboards. A dashboard is an application or browser-based interface that helps measure organisational performance in terms of organisational units, business processes, and individuals. It offers “gauges,” or snapshot views of performance information to assist users with decision making or performance-related tasks. The following slides present an overview of APSincs’ scope of dashboard as well as business strategy simulation technology.
  3. 3. Business Intelligence – ABC’s Why Use Dashboard Technology Businesses are showing a renewed interest in dashboards. According to a study that surveyed 113 executives from large companies, “… 90 percent of the companies using dashboards in their organisation had over 200 users. And, this number is expected to grow over the next 18 months. In fact, over 50 percent of the respondents plan to add 500 or more users in this time period. #1 Companies are looking to dashboards not only to help improve decision making company wide, but also outsource costs associated with time-consuming, manual, information-gathering methods. Overview of Our Services Our Value Proposition :: Custom Dashboards and Analytics 100% Customised – We’ll build whatever needs to be measured :: Data Typically Refreshed Monthly or Quarterly 100% Technology Independent :: 3 – 4 Weeks From Concept to Launch 100% Outsourced – Give us your data and we’ll turn it into info :: Once-Off Build Cost With a Monthly Maintenance 100% Cost effective – Free up your personnel to add value :: Flash Production File Migrated to Your Internal Server
  4. 4. Business Intelligence – The Value Proposition About APSinc Dashboards Simplify your HR reporting and analysis with our APSinc Dashboard Solutions. Continuously track all business metrics, info, analysis, trends on an interactive one page dashboard. No more clumsy 80-page text and table-heavy reports. Our dashboards can be accessed from any local intranet or the internet or just simply sent as a one-pager via PDF, PowerPoint, or Word – without losing any of the dashboard functionality!!! Can you imagine what this could mean for those management meetings, market surveys, or presentations. Simply drop one PowerPoint slide into your presentation deck and have the total power of your dashboard on one page! Executing your strategy, sharing information and metrics, outperforming your competitors, and achieving outstanding results has never been this easy. Work with APSinc and develop effective and customised HR metrics and delivery mechanisms for your organisation. You will always be one step ahead and remain focused on relevant business related issues, problems, and opportunities. Our dashboard solutions allow you to access all the strategy driven metrics and demographics you need at a glance. Having an effective dashboard will help you improve your communication and maximise transparency. You will be able to get real-time feedback from employees and track individual and team performances. Every manager should have a well defined performance management system that will drive everyone towards common goals. Having the right metrics and the proper delivery mechanism is essential for successful functional management and organisational development. Customised :: 100% Technology Independent :: 100% Outsourced :: 100% Cost effective :: 100%
  5. 5. Business Intelligence – Application Process Client Underlying Technology Maintained by Large APSinc / Client collaborate to understand stakeholders, select metrics and mock-up Companies samples Client collates data from multiple sources and sends to APSinc to integrate $ 245 Billon APSinc APSinc integrates data sets, performs intermediary calculations and stages data $ 65 Billion APSinc builds rapid prototypes in Flash, refines form / function as users react with changes APSinc updates monthly / quarterly / $ 270 Billion annually with new client data End User $ 65 Billion Client Usually hosts Client applies rules / security Users view via browser with flash player 9+
  6. 6. Business Intelligence – Range of Dashboard Products Use APSinc templates or build it from the ground Up! APSinc has a number of dashboard templates that could fast-track your organisation’s dashboard solution – whatever the need. However, some organisations have very specific metrics and analysis requirements. Because we build the dashboards in-house, we will work with your organisation to scope, develop, implement, and maintain any customised solution. If it can be measured, we can build it! For more information on any of our BI products please drop us a line at bi@apsincsa.com or call APSinc at 011.475.2392 (O) or fax us at 011.475.2391 (F). Benchmark Analysis HR Health Assessments Talent Management Employee Engagement Organisational Climate Benefits Operating Ratios Human Capital Workforce Analytics
  7. 7. Business Intelligence – Dashboard Example The following dashboard is a typical example APSincs’ dashboard technology. In this example, we have a best practice Employee Engagement Survey that is totally developed, managed, and supported by APSinc on behalf of our clients. This entails the dashboard development, annual survey administration, data collation and analysis, dashboard update, and final distribution to client. Effectively freeing up HR professionals to focus on adding face-to-face value. This dashboard is completely interactive and has all the data embedded in a single PowerPoint slide! Make sure that the presentation is in “Slide Show” mode should you want to interact with the dashboard. For the demonstration purposes, the first column’s “DIRECTION” buttons have been activated so feel free to click on them for additional survey information. All the other functions (Functional Areas, Years, Graph, Norm) are all active as well so have a look at them as well. Click on “What is this” button to learn more. Please remember that this is just one of the many APSinc dashboards available to you.
  9. 9. Business Simulation The best way to learn business is to run a business. And a sure way to lose money is to run a business badly. APSinc Management Simulations offers simulation - based programs for every level of management, onsite or online, that will: :: Hone strategic skills :: Build awareness of cross-functional alignment :: Improve overall acumen :: Develop competence in competitive and financial analysis
  10. 10. Business Simulation – ABC’s Who We Are We Fulfill Learning Goals APSinc is an established HR and Business Business people have many learning goals. Intelligence Management Consultancy, Every business needs competent specialising in a wide range of effective and executives and acumen in all areas. Our innovative HR, BI, and Simulation programs help your people, at any level, solutions. We make exclusive use of MSi’s fulfil their potential. best selling business simulations in the world – Foundation®. Flexible Delivery Our Delivery Process Each organisation’s training budget and We provide a team-based learning in a internal demands are different. We offer realistic business environment. simulation-based programs in live Foundation® allow your employees to learn workshops, online, or in hybrid formats by doing. No other program condenses as designed to suit your needs. much material and practical experience into one enjoyable program.
  11. 11. Business Simulation – The Value Proposition FOUNDATION® Business Simulation Foundation® is APSinc’s primary business simulation designed to teach all the essential elements of running a business: finance, the cause and effect relationships between functional areas, satisfying customer demands and competitive analysis. Participants run a R350 million ($40M) company for five to eight years. They start with a company for five to eight years. They start with a company that has no clear direction and sub-par financial results. The goal is to create a successful business in the face of tough competition. Foundation companies operate in two market segments: low tech and high tech. Each simulated year, the management team shapes the company’s future by making decisions in Research and Development, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Production. In later rounds, decisions in Total Quality Management are added. The goal is to build a successful company with its own strategic direction, so each management team chooses its own benchmarks for success from: Return on Equity (ROE), Return on Investment (ROI), Market Capitalization, Market Share (in Dollars), Cumulative Profit, Return on Assets (ROA), Asset Turnover and Stock Price. Foundation is ideal for associates, newer hires, supervisors and functional managers. It can be offered in a face-to-face seminar (minimum 3 days), completely online (flexible time frame with a minimum of two week span), or as a hybrid instructional design, part face-to-face and part online. Foundation can also be used in more senior corporate training programs, where time is limited. For complete flexibility, the simulation can be managed: - As a team competition: four to six teams, each running a company and competing head-to-head, or - As a foot race, in which you run your company as an individual, competing against five computer-generated companies.
  12. 12. Business Simulation – Seminar Format The Business Simulation Experience APSinc® uses the Foundation® Business Simulation to improve financial skills, team work skills, management skills and overall business acumen in corporate training events. The delivery takes place using both face-to-face and online approach tailored to meet scheduling demands. The following table our typical training schedule and logistics: LIVE SEMINAR Course Time Frame 3 – 4 Days Participant Time Commitment Preparation Time of 3–5 Hours plus 3–4 Days at the Seminar. Seminars Emphasize Elements of Good Teamwork: Team Dynamics -Clear Goal -Agreed Process -Mutual Accountability Teams determine their own structure and can flex it as their internal dynamic develops. All Available Via the Simulation Website & Printed Material Materials Hard copies of the Team Member Guide (a complete description of simulation rules and website operation) provided. Large scale perceptual maps provided to support marketing and product development decisions. Seminar Delivery Fee Costs Sliding Scale based on facility, venue costs plus travel expenses for facilitators and participants. Full immersion learning with facilitator scrutiny, peer group pressure and Emotional & Intellectual Engagement competitive buzz to enhance learning. Networking opportunities.
  13. 13. Business Simulation – Underlying Technology Underlying Technology Maintained by Large Companies :: APSinc BSCW Learning Portal For more information on any of our Business Simulation (BS) products please :: CAPSIM Foundation drop us a line at bs@apsincsa.com or call APSinc at 011.475.2392 (O) or fax us at :: Microsoft Office 011.475.2391 (F). :: Adobe Flash