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Digital strategy as a response to the New Normal


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презентація E&Y на форумі Next Normality: Let's prepare 25 травня 2020

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Digital strategy as a response to the New Normal

  1. 1. Digital Transformation in the “New Normal = Never Normal” World 25 May 2020
  2. 2. Digital transformation agenda in the “New Normal = Never Normal” context Key points 1. How can the Industry 4.0 community deal with a crisis with the Now. Next. Beyond. approach? 2. How to adapt to the crisis in a structured way? 3. What is important about the Digital Transformation Strategy? 4. Which digital tools could be useful in the context of the Now. Next. Beyond. approach for Industry 4.0? The current world is so unbelievably unexpected, unreal, unfriendly and abnormal. Welcome to the ‘brave new world’ of: • a dangerous virus without a safe vaccine • people without safe physical contacts • supply chains without safe physical goods or safe physical delivery How can digital transformation help now? Oleksiy Shmuratko Manager, Advisory EY Ukraine EU4Digtial Facility Coordinator in Ukraine 2 Crises and deadlocks when they occur have at least this advantage, that they force us to think Jawaharlal Nehru „
  3. 3. Crisis operating model for a Resilient Enterprise: Now. Next. Beyond 3 How do organizations respond to the crisis in the sector, in the economy? Distributing task priorities across three horizons: Now. Urgent intervention in the processes to limit the impact of the crisis on the continuation of operations Next. Adaptation of organization management to the conditions of rigid restrictions and deep transformation Beyond. Crisis management, building a sustainable organization, re- evaluating development conditions and successful transformation Supply Chain Management Financial and Investment Management Information Technology and Security Leadership and communication Well-being of the Organization’s Staff Risk Management Government and Public Relations People Management Reputation and Customer Relations Insurance and Financial Sustainability
  4. 4. “…I always remember the observation of a very successful soldier who said, “Peace- time plans are of no particular value, but peace-time planning is indispensable.” Dwight Eisenhower 5-star General, 34th President of the United States Letter to Hamilton Fish Armstrong, 31 December 1950 4
  5. 5. Planning as a structured approach to adapt to the ‘New Normal’ emergency response teams emergency plans and mechanisms communication plans employee health and safety flexible work arrangements health monitoring systems supply chain taskforce assess risk and effects of supply chain delays or disruptions securing redundant sourcing continuous customer relationship management scenario planning legal and commercial contract reviews active stakeholder management adjusting budgets and business plans risk management optimization supply chain reorganization footprint optimization, forecasting and production planning Key steps for actionEvolution of crisis delayed or interrupted supplies of raw materials changes in customer demand logistic cost increases alternative logistic routes production stop payment defaults logistics shortages leading to delays in delivery delay or loss of sales store closures settlement challenges related to import and export trade transport barriers or slow-downs quarantines travel restrictions additional non-tariff trade barriers curfews cancellation of trade fairs and other mass gatherings general economic downturn How do you respond? Establish crisis management teams / task force to calmly manage short term (liquidity) impacts and countermeasures Assess potential risks and define coordinated response mechanisms Communicate clear and positive messages via coordinated standardized communication tools Focus on employee health and protection of productive assets – define supply chain and production risks Incorporate crisis impacts in budgeting and business planning process and implement early warning mechanisms Update corporate strategy and review resilience of business model for future crisis potentials short term liquidity measures and management assess crisis impact and prepare response bridge financing holistic performance improvement flexible organization ✓ Now.Next.Beyond. shorttermmedium-termlong-term 5 ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
  6. 6. Industry 4.0 response to the crisis – in the Now. Next. Beyond. context Now. Next. Beyond. Complexity RPA AI Industrial Robotics Digital Twins Industrial Internet of Things Smart Enterprise Big Data Analytics Cyber- security Control Towers 6 Digital Transformation Strategy
  7. 7. Scenario planning analysis to understand all-round impact on your business 7 Now. Next. Beyond. Risk dashboard: EY Risk Nav™ EY Clients utilizing risk dashboards in GRC or ERP software, such as EY Risk Navigator, can augment the dashboard with data from the final and intermediate states of SPA processing: • Causal pairs can be utilized to generate accurate, dense mind maps and other relationship diagrams • News indicated drivers can be utilized to provide a feed of relevant information to the dashboard user • Scenarios generated by SPA can be visualized within the dashboard, with supporting data available on detail screens. This is the opportunity to positively change how our clients plan for and react to risk. • The Scenario Planning Advisor (“SPA”) helps our clients realize risks they may not have previously considered. Utilizing artificial intelligence technologies designed by IBM Research, SPA puts an added emphasis on identifying the extreme yet possible risks and opportunities that are not usually considered in daily operations “ SPA will change risk planning and strategic thinking: ► Modernizes strategic planning, shifting from cycles of annual or quarterly review to on demand as events arise ► Provides a variety of often unexpected potential future outcomes for decision makers to consider ► Accelerates production of these outcomes from 3-4 weeks (typical duration of traditional, “manual” advisory approach) to a few hours ► Promotes a diversified point of view by eliminating natural biases associated with risk planning ► Encourages exploration through an immense capacity to rapidly analyze and extract risk drivers from news, journals, social media, and other digital sources
  8. 8. Supply chain management with Control Towers and Digital Twins 8 Improving the disruption response through real-time monitoring and scenario analysis • Vital to having an accurate up to date view of end-to- end supply chain • Starts with end-to-end view of demand, inventory and supply (factories and suppliers) • Over-lay global and local events data such as pandemic, geopolitical, economic or natural disasters • Full digital twin allows for scenario modelling to assess and determine the right course of action Benefits • Visibility of current state of supply chain • Incident monitoring and reporting enables rapid well designed responses in the event of crisis • Agile response to day to day frequent but low impact issues – port strikes, production line shut downs, etc. • Improved major event responsiveness with crisis response based on modelled scenarios • Improved operational excellence These measures are updated every hour. Thus giving a real – time picture of every location’s performance. Control Tower Analytics Operational Pulse Supply Chain Control Tower Examine global flows through to regional execution • Easy Visualization • Onestop Solution • Data Integration • Report Automation • Trend Analytics Shipment Stock Fleet Status Covering… Now. Next. Beyond.
  9. 9. Cybersecurity preparation, planning and execution 9 Prepare the workforce and promote well-being Set Expectations Relax always “available” demands, but set clear goals and expectations Establish Social Channels Social channels keep employees and clients feeling connected and focused Track, Monitor, and Provide Updates Updates avoid spread of misinformation, panic, and decline in productivity Awareness Trainings Provide employee training to protect against social engineering by hackers who attempt to exploit COVID-19 Leverage technology to expand digital workspace capabilities Amp Up Remote Work Capabilities Enhance remote work infrastructure to scale and support business operations Plan for Response & Business Continuity Review response plans and contingencies such as alternate employee communication channels (e.g., phone, social media) Secure Communication and Collaboration Establish platforms that enable employees to work on day-to-day activities remotely High Touch Technology for Self Service Establish self-service platforms such as chatbots and IVR for issue management Make cybersecurity a top priority Ensure Data Security and Backups Review remote workforce data security needs, update policies and procedures, and communicate data handling practices Secure Virtual Infrastructure Review and fortify infrastructure security, such as for Virtual Private Networks and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Revamp Endpoint and Mobile Security Deploy or enhance endpoint and mobile security to monitor and respond to threats Third Party Sustainability Get regular updates from dependent third party security service providers; Revise SLA’s as needed 53% of US workers are afraid of the spread of coronavirus and 29% of them are afraid to go to work due to the risk of exposure Your organization can take proactive steps now to adapt to changing workspace needs in the face of pandemic and to ensure continuity of business operations. Source: Forrester’s Q1 2020 US PandemicEX Survey Now. Next. Beyond.
  10. 10. Digital strategy design: What are the tools? Digital Channels Digital Marketing Digital Commerce Digital Service Core Systems Common Services IM & ChatE-mailForums Mobile& Apps Online Affiliates Gadgets & Widgets Virtual Assistants Smart DevicesWebSiteSocial Media Sales Planning & Forecasting Shopping Basket Account Management Product Ratings & Reviews Quotation Management Pricing Engine Product Config. B2B Sales 2.0 Partner Sales Management Payments Gateway Order Management Self-Service / Account Management Complaints Management Service Knowledge BaseDispute & Case Management Analytics & Insight Digital Asset Management SEO Landing Page Optimisation Digital Lead Management Social Media Marketing Campaign Management & Automation Marketing Planning Brand & Campaign monitoring ERP CRM Supply Chain Billing Integration Platform & MDM Gamification WebContent Management Identity Management & Anti-Fraud Enterprise Social Networks Search Real Time Decisioning Business Rules & Workflow WebAnalytics Customer Feedback / Satisfaction MonitoringSocial Media Analytics Business Intelligence Predictive modelling Threat Intelligence Countermeasure Planning Security Monitoring Incident Response Vulnerability Identification Remediation Complicate Data & Context Complicate & Detect Reactive & Proactive Actions Prioritized Risks BusinessPriorities RiskAppetite Agile Innovation Flight Map1 End to End Experience Map Digital Maturity Assessment 2 3 Digital Canvas Digital Diagnostic Tool Innovation Games4 5 6 Digital Roadmap Customer research and insights framework Digital technology capability framework 7 8 9 Digital Transformation and Program Management Digital Operating Model Operating Model Impacts on processes and functions 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Cyber Resilience Blueprint Cyber Threat Management Framework Big data and the analytics sandbox Fraud analytics and monitoring dashboards Advanced Analytics Methodology to support the full outsourcing journey 10 Now. Next. Beyond.
  11. 11. The New Normal: Is your business ready? Larysa Marchenko Partner М: +380674630281 Email: Olga Gorbanovskaya Partner М: +380675077362 Email: Konstantin Neviadomsky Partner М: +380675005385 Email: EY | Assurance | Tax | Transactions | Advisory Company Information EY EY is an international leader in auditing, tax, transaction advisory and business consulting. Our knowledge and the quality of the services we provide contribute to building trust and confidence in the markets of different countries around the world. We form a team of outstanding leaders, under whose management our team fulfills its commitments. In this way, we make a significant contribution to improving the business environment for the benefit of our employees, customers and society as a whole. The EY name refers to a global organization and may refer to one or more companies within Ernst & Young Global Limited, each of which is a separate legal entity. Ernst & Young Global Limited, a UK legal entity, is a limited liability company and does not provide services to clients. © 2020 Ernst & Young LLC All rights reserved. 11 Key EY Contacts in Ukraine