Apocope launches Bekonic - Demonstration - iBeacon


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Say HELLO to your digital customers In-store.
Improve sales and build your customers loyalty through cross-channel.
Designed to analyse your digital channels into a real world.
First solution in Europe by Apocope

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Apocope launches Bekonic - Demonstration - iBeacon

  1. 1. Apocope launches Bekonic © Copyright 2013 - Apocope
  2. 2. Apocope launches Bekonic © Copyright 2013 - Apocope
  3. 3. TWO TYPES OF PHENOMENA IN CONSUMERS 92% Are doing online research before buying in store - COMMERCE ON-LINE - 68% - Stores - Are doing both 76% Will see in store before buying ON-LINE Google 2013 © Copyright 2013 - Apocope
  4. 4. W I T H PA R A D O X I C A L E X P E C TAT I O N S Clients are becoming more and more demanding, influential, and volatile* as they are awaiting recovery signs leading to a double expectation of recognition and status: « Since I am giving you my money, I expect you to show me that you value me. » * L’échangeur juillet 2013 3 © Copyright 2013 - Apocope
  5. 5. INCREDIBLE MARKET OUTLOOK According to Forecast, in 2012, mobile generated IN-STORE, $ 158 billions in indirect sales Ecommerce Influence of mobile IN-STORE sales 226 M-commerce 158 12 * US online retail Forecast 2012 - 2016 © Copyright 2013 - Apocope
  6. 6. INCREDIBLE MARKET OUTLOOK Influence du mobile sur la vente IN-STORE forte croissance des revenus sur l’ensemble des points Une de contact déjà observée In 2016, mobile has generated INSTORE, $ 689 billions in indirect sales Ecommerce 689 M-commerce 327 31 * US online retail Forecast 2012 - 2016 © Copyright 2013 - Apocope
  7. 7. BEKONIC powered by Apocope © Copyright 2013 - Apocope
  8. 8. W H AT ’ S B E K O N I C ? Bekonic allows retailers to analyze the crosschannel shopping journey and personalize the customer experience in your stores. © Copyright 2013 - Apocope
  9. 9. I N S TA N T B E N E F I T S Identify Know that your clients have arrived in store and offer them a personalized service that will make them feel valuable. Expand Engage in a privileged conversation with your clients and drive them to products or appropriate offers. Influence Analyze and provide a comprehensive unified cross-channel experience on mobile, on the internet, and in stores. © Copyright 2013 - Apocope
  10. 10. S TA R T I N G U P Easy to implement Bekonic is really easy to deploy whether you are a retailer or an international brand. On-line console Act & Analyse In a few minutes you can easily integrate Bekonic in your app with the help of the SDK that we provide. The marketing intelligence console lets you analyze and evaluate sales performance ON-LINE and IN-STORE for your customers. © Copyright 2013 - Apocope
  11. 11. INTELLIGENCE MARKETING CONSOLE • Boutique activity in real time • Analysis of purchases and in-store positions • Control customers’ key moments • Interfaced with your information system (CRM, ERP, POS system, ...) Bekonic allows you to combine information across media ON-LINE and IN- STORE. © Copyright 2013 - Apocope
  12. 12. INTELLIGENCE MARKETING CONSOLE • Custom welcome message • Relevant information ( h i s t o r y, wishlist ...) which is influential in the buying journey before, during and after • Product offerings and custom geofencing for each campaign © Copyright 2013 - Apocope
  13. 13. U S E R S O P E R AT I O N The consent of the user must be given in the application ... 35% Des français sontd a t e a c h p a s s a g e . . ..an prêts à être géoS une localisés par T O R E , t h e d a t a a r e enseigne p o r t e d , m o n i t o r e d , a n d re IN- measured in real-time © Copyright 2013 - Apocope
  14. 14. FUNCTIONING Integrated into an existing iPhone or Android application with a simple API, the solution requires no modification or connection to a POS system. © Copyright 2013 - Apocope
  15. 15. BENEFITS 1/ IDENTIFY • Geofencing proximity offers • Offer a unique CONNECT ON-LINE TO OFF-LINE CLIENT IDENTITY • K n o w when your clients have arrived in store experience for a better brand loyalty • Greet them personnaly • Naturally direct them • Identify their on-line to products they could shopping journey love I N - S T O R E A N A LY T I C S & PROXIMITY 3/ INFLUENCE 2/INCREASE MARKETING PRODUCT AND ENGAGEMEN R E L AT I O N • User purchasing process in real-time • Make them valuable by some attentions that he does not expect © Copyright 2013 - Apocope
  16. 16. IN SUMMARY . Make become your vendors, personals shoppers. . Acknowledge your digital customers in point of sale. . Get contextuals and personnalized informations . Analyze crossed paths web / mobile / in store © Copyright 2013 - Apocope
  17. 17. www.bekonic.com © Copyright 2013 - Apocope
  18. 18. THANKS ! Apocope 93 rue vieille du temple 75003 Paris – FRANCE + © Copyright 2013 - Apocope