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APIdays Helsinki 2019 - Lean Method for Building Good APIs for Business – APIOps Cycles with Marjukka Niinioja, Osaango Oy


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Lean Method for Building Good APIs for Business – APIOps Cycles, Marjukka Niinioja, Founding Partner at Osaango Oy

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APIdays Helsinki 2019 - Lean Method for Building Good APIs for Business – APIOps Cycles with Marjukka Niinioja, Osaango Oy

  1. 1. Lean Method for Building Good APIs for Business – APIOps Cycles Marjukka Niinioja, Osaango & APIOps Community #APIDaysFinland @miinioja @apiopscycles
  2. 2. What I have done and still do…  API, Enteprise & Information Architect  API Product Manager  Developer  Manager  Project manager  API management vendor  Consultant (ERP, API, Business Strategy)  Trainer  Speaker  Author  Consulted, trained or advised 200 companies and public organizations on APIs, microservices, integrations and Developer experience  Consulting & training currently Finnish government, companies and enterprises in Platform & API Economy  Organizing API & Platform economy related events  Experience with multiple API management, integration & API tools + programming APIs  Founding partner of @miinioja @apiopscycles
  3. 3. Most of the material is on the APIOps Cycles site, blogs and API Economy 101 book @miinioja @apiopscycles
  4. 4. API Economy runs on ecosystem customer journeys  Analytics and content APIs  Awareness APIs  Sense APIs  Market place APIs  Search engine APIs  Product APIs  Ordering APIs (own, partner customer)  Payment APIs Logistics APIs @miinioja @apiopscycles
  5. 5. I wish someone had given me a magic API wisdom pill 10-20 years ago… Photo by OhTilly on Unsplash
  6. 6. APIs – Art or Science? Photo by John Gibbons on Unsplash @miinioja @apiopscycles
  7. 7. Method ? Expert MotivationSkills Tapping into my M.Ed. training… @miinioja @apiopscycles
  8. 8. And into research, practice and business domains In the scarce world of API research, this provides important view on APIs, from global economy point of view. How can we make APIs more widely adopted? @miinioja @apiopscycles
  9. 9. Source: Huhtamäki & al. Visualizing the Geography of Platform Boundary Resources: The Case of the Global API Ecosystem Amount of APIs correlates with Global Startup Index and economic growth areas. APIs thrive in cultures where user-centered design is dominant. Mashups combining several APIs require certain amount of co- location and mindset for marketers and developers to co- create.@miinioja @apiopscycles
  10. 10. The Cycle
  11. 11. Why do APIs need their own method???? LET’S LOOK AT 10 REASONS @miinioja @apiopscycles
  12. 12. Why is a lean process important? 1 To minimize waste and do things right the first time Else the docs don’t match the reality, like in this case… @miinioja @apiopscycles If you weren’t in the conf: when making my shirt they put the sleaves upside down and did a lot of other “bad process” mistakes
  13. 13. THIS MAKES COMMON SENSE? BUT IN FINNISH WE CALL IT… MAALAISJÄRKI = “Village sense” 2 @miinioja @apiopscycles
  14. 14. And we all come from different villages… @miinioja @apiopscycles
  15. 15. POST /meet Accept-Language: fi-FI “Hello”: “Moi” Response: Status code: 200 OK “Location”: “Helsinki” “Hello”: “Moi” Response: Status code: 200 OK “Location”: “Tampere” “Hello”: “Moro” Response: Status code: 200 OK “Location”: “Lappland” “Hello”: “Hei” @miinioja @apiopscycles
  16. 16. POST /add POST /del Hand-written documentation 200 attributes for payload “just because we have them” Sensitive information in URI and Query parameters When we get new API users, we need to boot our servers to give them access “Basic auth is just fine”Not validating specfiles And we also copy-paste bad APIs… That’s why it’s a technical jungle out there… 3 @miinioja @apiopscycles
  17. 17. If we don’t build the APIs with the right method… 4 @miinioja @apiopscycles
  18. 18. We’ll lose leaway in development and waste time and money during API lifetime. Difference between “normal software project” and one using API Consumer interviews and Prototyping introduced by APIOps Cycles 6 month project time line The “Oh s**t, they can’t use the API like this” -moment ✓ ⛔ @miinioja @apiopscycles
  19. 19. 5 @miinioja @apiopscycles
  20. 20. @miinioja @apiopscycles
  21. 21. API is... Description Example Type of API Important feature of a tangible product API is part of a tangible product or productized service. Customer gets the API as part of the deal when buying the product. Internet of Things (IoT) APIs for controlling and analyzing state of things like home appliances or sensors Partner or public, sometimes also private Productized service API in itself is a productized service, offered to all customers in the same way Translation APIs, Payment APIs Public API Part of a digital or real-world service API is part of the service experience, for example maintenance service is ordered with an API, or you can monitor package delivery with an API Logistics API Partner or Public API Customer-specific service API is part of a service offered to customers as a tailor-made solution including for example an integration to a service providers system. APIs in customer specific applications Partner Interface to resources API is just a means to access a resource the company is selling Company info APIs (risk category, owners, contact information). Cognitive APIs etc. Open data APIs, Partner APIs Interface to platform (boundary resource) API is a means to connect with a platform and get added value through participation in the interconnecting relationships of the platform (in Platform Economy business model) Online auction API, Apartment sharing API Partner or Public Part of an integration API is means to connect in to applications and devices Product API, Employees API, business transactions API Internal or partner API @mniinoja Niinioja Marjukka. 2018. Translated and revised version. Published in a book about API Economy (Finnish) by Moilanen, J., Niinioja, M., Seppänen, M., Honkanen, M. API-talous 101, Alma Talent Is API a Product, Service, Integration or Something Else?
  22. 22. Don’t know what the customers would use it for… I need the Force APIOps Cycles! Sell our API or else… @miinioja @apiopscycles
  23. 23. Available for anyone to register? Paid support available for adopting API? Pay for usage? Open license for data? Open Data Interface Yes Yes Maybe Yes Open API Public API Yes Yes Maybe Maybe Partner API No Yes Maybe No Internal and Private APIs No No No No @mniinioja API category cheat sheet: Marjukka Niinioja & Jarkko Moilanen 2018 6
  24. 24. 7 @miinioja @apiopscycles
  25. 25. 8
  26. 26. API = All People are Important But do all these people even make a difference between an App and an API? 9
  27. 27. Release both API interface and code which implements it Monitor API performance, code, developer experience & business metrics Configure API interface, management & code environment Create, verify and package API interface & code which implements it Plan API business model, API consumer requirements, interfaces, API mgmt, code DevOps cycle y Kharnagy - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 – APIOps changes by @mniinioja APIs need 2x DevOps 10 @miinioja @apiopscycles
  28. 28. APIOps CyclesTM For lean and business oriented API Development @miinioja @apiopscycles
  29. 29. About the method  Developed in 2017 at Digia Plc, updated version published in 12/2018 by Osaango  Licensed with CC-BY-SA 4.0 open license  Maintained and developed further by APIOps community backend by Osaango Ltd  Used in many public and private organizations, from small to enterprise size  Purpose is to bring collaborations, DevOps mind set, business needs, developer experience and lean thinking to API development. @miinioja @apiopscycles
  30. 30. Business models and business model canvases are well known by the business people and designers, as is Lean Startup @miinioja @apiopscycles
  31. 31. Minimum Viable API Architecture Prototype Just enough Scale API Audit Checklist collects all the rookie mistakes usually done with designing APIs, even by otherwise experienced developers. It’s great for improving the Developer Experience, security, metrics and API mgmt adoption. And helps in onboarding newbie API developers @miinioja @apiopscycles
  32. 32. Everyone hates NFRs so why not make them as easy and business user friendly – main thing is you consider them per API & Customer journey @miinioja @apiopscycles
  33. 33. Connecting APIs with business and user goals  Business strategy, IT strategy, API strategy  Service / Project goals  Customer journey or business process  Value proposition -> API Value Proposition Canvas  Business model -> API Model Canvas  Canvases can and should be used for identifying the APIs that you don’t have to or shouldn’t build @miinioja @apiopscycles
  34. 34. Consulting Partners  Certified Premium Partner  Certified Partner  Community members @miinioja @apiopscycles
  35. 35. API consumer’s customer experience – with Developer journey AWARENESS ”I need a image detection API ” ENGAGEMENT ”Hmm… there seems to be many visual recognition APIs that might fit my needs” COMPARISON / NURTURE ”I’ll compare these APIs: who else is using, what languages, features, revenue, support” TRANSACT ”How do I get access to it and use it” ”Do I need to pay, how & when do I pay?” USAGE CUSTOMER SUCCESS ”How do I get support?” ADVOCACY “This is a great API, we should use this for all of our projects!” “You should try this too, I’ll make a tutorial video” PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE FUTURE EXPERIENCE PRE- PURCHASE TOUCH POINTS PURCHASE OR ADOPTION TOUCH POINTS POST- PURCHASE TOUCH POINTS Niinioja, M. (2018) adapted from picture “Current customer experience” in article by Lemon, K. N., & Verhoef, P. C. (2016). Understanding customer experience throughout the customer journey. Journal of Marketing, 80(6), 69-96. FEEDBACK (Qualitative and quantitative, technical and satisfaction, API requests, errors, support requests, Conversion rate, drop-out, MRR, NPS, CES) Channels (brand owned, partner owned, customer owned, social): Search engines, cloud platforms, API market places, blogs, social media, company website, company’s developer center, extranet, intranet @miinioja @apiopscycles
  36. 36. Get started or contact for partnership or training! Contact via: LinkedIn Twitter @mniinioja or @apiopscycles