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X-Cart Integration With the Help of API


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Want to expand your e-Business soft possibilities? Look at this presentation to find out how X-Cart Integration can be a real hand of help to solve this issue.

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X-Cart Integration With the Help of API

  1. 1. X-Cart Integration with the Help of API
  2. 2. Intro While conducting e-Business merchants have to deal with a lot of problems. API is considered to be the best solution for the issue. It provides merchants with very beneficial opportunities. All the data manipulations are easy as anything with API. Furthermore, it is a key to success while conquering the market. Analyzing all digital market’s demands, it is worth to mention that integration between different platforms and services with the help of API, is increasingly required.
  3. 3. Step by Step 1. X-Cart Integration 2. What is API2Cart 3. API2Cart’s Benefits
  4. 4. X-Cart Integration X-Cart is powerful shopping platform which is reasonably in the top position among various shopping carts  13 years of successful work and an army of plethora adherents  more than 30 000 online shops are powered by X-Cart
  5. 5. X-Cart Integration Integrate your e-Business soft with X-Cart in order to increase your income  Retrieve, update and sync various data from your clients’ stores on X-Cart and integrate it with your software with the help of API
  6. 6. What is API2Cart A robust solution for the problem is API2Cart , a unified shopping cart data interface that provides single API to work with 30+ e- Commerce platforms
  7. 7. API2Cart’s Benefits  5 mln API calls are served by API2Cart per month  1000+ online stores are supported, which is definitely not a limit  products, prices, customers, orders and other information could be retrieved, added, updated and synced Dozens of customers have already integrated with X-Cart with the help of API2Cart
  8. 8. API2Cart’s Benefits Mobile Commerce Challenge:  Have troubles with synchronization of e- Commerce and m-Commerce stores functionality? Solution:  with API2Cart get products, customers and orders from online store and transfer them to mobile one  sync an e-store with m-store including products, prices, orders, categories, customers, etc. API2Cart provides you with quick and secure X-Cart Integration which is a crucial factor of success for such e-Commerce systems:
  9. 9. API2Cart’s Benefits Challenge:  Have difficulties with retrieving customers info from X-Cart store in order to implement highly efficient e-mail campaigns? Solution:  API2Cart will help you seamlessly retrieve and sync customers’ names and e-mail addresses with ease E-mail Marketing System
  10. 10. API2Cart’s Benefits Accounting System Challenge:  Faced with obstructions of keeping record of accounting transactions or managing receivable as well as payable accounts? Solution :  get and update customers’ info, product count, orders’ list, prices and other necessary information as easy as pie
  11. 11. API2Cart’s Benefits Inventory Management Challenge:  Puzzled with keeping track of inventory, processing payments and replenishing stock levels? Solution:  retrieve information on inventory and stock levels including products, prices, orders, products quantity, categories, etc. easily and effortless
  12. 12. API2Cart’s Benefits Social Commerce Challenge:  Worry how to gather different data including customer info, products, orders, etc.? Solution:  get new products from e-Commerce shop and publish the information on social page  retrieve order and customer information from social commerce page and return it to e-Commerce store
  13. 13. API2Cart’s Benefits Order Management Challenge:  Panic about an issue when there are thousands of merchants who you provide your service with and so you need to collect and process the information from hundreds of thousands orders in a quick and secure way? Solution:  easily retrieve and add orders, update prices, quantities, statuses and many others.  gather and analyze data about stock quantity and inform your customers about its lack at ease
  14. 14. API2Cart’s Benefits Reprising System Challenge:  Want to monitor, compare and analyse your client's prices and dynamically change products cost in real- time? Solution:  Use API2Cart to retrieve products, prices and all related information from your client’s stores
  15. 15. API2Cart’s Benefits Comparison Shopping Engines Challenge:  Wonder how to bring together products from different stores so that buyers could find the most optimal price of a product? Solution:  get and update orders’ list, prices, customers’ info, product count and all the necessary information
  16. 16. API2Cart’s Benefits Analytics System Challenge:  Want to provide your customers with industry best reports but can't access X-Cart and gather all the necessary info? Solution:  API2Cart will help you to retrieve products, prices and categories, customers with related information as well as orders with order statuses
  17. 17. API2Cart’s Benefits API2Cart provides you with advantages while X-Cart Integration that are worth of considering: Scalable and flexible. You are provided with possibility to integrate as many online shops as you need because API2Cart handles unlimited number of clients stores Work at a high pace. Use a possibility to add, sync and update up to 10 products, customers, orders or users’ data only in 3 seconds Security guarantee. In order to secure integration process, you are provided with unique 32 symbol API Key
  18. 18. API2Cart’s Benefits Tech support. You are provided with the full product support. Furthermore, it is possible to broaden the functionality on your request Interactive documentation. In order to be acquainted with the API features in details, API2Cart provides developers with an interactive documentation Pricing. A detailed pricing we will be given to you, taking into consideration your business requirements and the API calls quantity
  19. 19. API2Cart’s Benefits Moreover, after establishing X-Cart Integration you will get automatically, with no extra efforts an integration with 30+ other shopping carts:
  20. 20. Customer Testimonials
  21. 21. Don’t waste your time and empower your e-Business soft with API2Cart which provides X-Cart Integration at ease. Let our expert help you! Schedule a FREE Consultation. Thank you for your attention!