When Business Meets Arts


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When Business Meets Arts

Lucie Huiskens, Han van der Meer
September 15 2011

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When Business Meets Arts

  1. 1. When BusinessMeets ArtsLucie Huiskens, Han van der MeerSeptember 15 2011
  2. 2. ContextBusiness in the 20th century focused on analytical skills, on increasingnecessary knowledge and skills for technological, funcional improvements.To find the right answers. Business in the 21st century needs to focus oncontinuous innovations, on the capability of each and every employee toput oneself in another position, to influence and inspire others. To pose theright questions. Artists might be able to help organisations break out offixed patterns, to explore new directions, and tap new sources of creativity.
  3. 3. DSMPRODUCT LAUNCH ROOM.– Multidisciplinary team of artists have designed an ‘inspiring, creativity-triggering’ room where temporary teams responsible for developing product launches work together for several weeks on campaigns and plans.– http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=up4mtrMW5q4
  4. 4. BankTRUST DEPICTED.– Artists in dialogue with the financial sector. A project from ArtPartner and Cultuur-Ondernemen. The financial sector is in crisis. Trust has been badly damaged. How can trust become significant again, and how can artists contribute to this?– http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIyuwZs1S5c
  5. 5. TauwA Dutch engineering consultancy– brought together six site exploration engineers with six artists from different disicplines, painting, sculpture, soundscaping, mixed media. The six engineers also came from different fields of expertise: waste matter, water, soil, civil works, environmental planning and legal affairs, and were coupled with artists who felt an affinity with their partner’s working field
  6. 6. T.a.u.w. Bigband (example)Tone Adjustment under water
  7. 7. Quotes from business partners– “How do I loose the fear of loosing control? If I can do it with the artist, I might me able to do it with my staff.”– “Especially when you don’t know what to do, you need artists.”– “How exemplary is this process with artists for the way our organisation operates?”– “I was surprised to experience how a different way of thinking influenced the way we cooperate.”– “The artists asked questions I was never asked before, and gave answers I never had before. It was 2 years ago, and it still influences me.”
  8. 8. Quotes from artists– “I learned to trust myself and my way of thinking and looking at the world, and that I have something to offer with just that.”– “Can I create space for the human being in the organisation?”– “Bringing artists and business people together leads to disturbing encounters, giving both parties new perspectives and possibilities.”– “The biggest barrier for co-creation is my need to manifest myself.”– “It’s great to see that they’re happy with what you’ve done in the organisation. It was fun, but also difficult; you really have to stay focused on their needs and issue at hand.”
  9. 9. My question (for you)“Organizations that collaborate with artists accellerate their powers ofinnovation, but it is still not business as usual for them to work together So:in what ways can we organise Business meeting Art?”
  10. 10. Plácido Domingo defines opera When it becomes clear that no one elseshares your level of passion, you are where you belong Rolex 2003
  11. 11. My passionInnovativeEntrepreneurslove Art
  12. 12. My passionInnovative Entrepreneurslove Artbut Why?
  13. 13. Possible Why’s 1. Investment 2. Borrowed plumage 3. Nice formies 4. Resemblance of the process 5. Pivot (lookout?) to the future
  14. 14. Lookout to the future Levels in good entrepreneurship 1. Vision 2. Form 3. Balance in Cost and Income
  15. 15. Research in Possible Why’s(n=12)1. Investment 22. Borrowed plumage 33. Nice formies 24. Resemblance of the process 35. Pivot (lookout?) to the future 1
  16. 16. Research in Possible Why’s(n=12)1. Investment 22. Borrowed plumage 33. Nice formies 24. Resemblance of the process 35. Pivot (lookout?) to the future 16. Energy 10
  17. 17. SoWhat if Beauty is (provoking) a form ofenergy ?
  18. 18. SoWhat if Beauty is (provoking) a form ofenergy ?What if Art is a way to step on the "line"between Knowing and Not Knowing ?
  19. 19. SoWhat if Beauty is (provoking) a form of energy ?What if Art is a way to step on the "line" between Knowingand Not Knowing ?In what ways can we than organizeBussiness meeting Art?
  20. 20. So, maybeThe purpose of arts is not the release ofa momentary ejection of adrenalinbut rather the gradual, lifelongconstruction of a state of wonder (andserenity).Glenn Gould, pianist