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Liege ucv


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Liege ucv

  1. 1. Erasmus Intensive Programme “Generation Y” The New Tecnhologies in the classroom as an engaging element that enhances learning and thecreation of digital content from different essay tools Rocío Fernández (Catholic university ) Teacher of New Tecnhologies in Education HELMo Sainte-Croix, Liège, Belgium Febrero-Marzo 2013
  2. 2. Organization:1- Presentation (5 min.)2- Workshop with EDILIM (20 min.)3- Questionary and debate (15 min.)
  4. 4. Catholic UniversityGeographical location
  5. 5. Catholic UniversityGeographical location
  6. 6. Catholic UniversityGeographical location
  7. 7. Teacher Training , Psychology & EducationSciences FacultyThe Faculty has 7 degrees and 11 postgraduate courses Kinder Garden Primary Teacher Training Social Education Pedagogy Speech Therapy Psychology Occupational Therapy
  8. 8. We teach on Digital Competences for all our Faculty students: We work the ICT and with the ICT - In general: (platforms and nets) - Specifically (subjects, projects)
  9. 9. Example: Inside a Moodle course - Training Videos - Video-Lessons - Forums - Tasks - Web contents (SCORM) - Group activities - Virtual tutorials - Questionary - Others
  10. 10. Example: Mobile
  11. 11. UCVnet mobileAlumn@s
  12. 12. UCVnet mobileAlumn@s
  13. 13. In Teacher Training: ICT=Subject Core In all the Curricula (from 1st to 4th) Linked to the external practices in schools:
  14. 14. In the first two years we work with: Blogs: Internet activities: Treasure hunt Posters with GIMP and MSPublisher Activities for theachers with SMART Notebook. Easy video edition for tales.
  15. 15. In the two last years:  Author tools: Edilim, JCLIC, Hotpotatoes, … Webquest design. Some other tools for DW (animations and aplications)  2.0 Tools Lliurex: LINUX free software for education.
  16. 16. Example for kindergardens: Tale, SMART + JCLIC activities -Link - Activities
  17. 17. At the school
  18. 18. Another example for PRIMARY: Treasure hunt abouttransports - Activities
  19. 19. Example for EDUCATION SOCIAL: Poster and Blog
  21. 21. Instructions to do this activity 1- Acces to Shared Folder in Google Drive in: 2- Download the text to do the activity: "Activity with Edilim.PDF" 3- Execute Edilim program. 4- Chose and UNZIP in your computer one of the tale: TALE1.ZIP or TALE2.ZIP 5- Do the activities described in the text (Steps 1 to 12). 6- Play with your digital tale with Edilim
  22. 22. 3. DEBATE
  23. 23. Link to do the "IP-Questionari" in: If you prefer do the "IP-Questionari" in this blog:
  24. 24. Many thanks !!! Rocío Fernández