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IZ Workshop 2014: DHCD Getting Units to Count


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IZ Workshop 2014: DHCD Getting Units to Count

  1. 1. APA-MA Inclusionary Zoning Conference Getting Units to “Count” on the SHI May 18, 2014 Toni Coyne Hall Aaron Gornstein, Undersecretary
  2. 2. DHCD Key Initiatives  Working in Partnership with Communities  Expanding Housing Opportunities  Improving Public Housing  Preventing Foreclosure  Ending Homelessness  Investing in Community Development and Revitalization  Building Economic Security and Self- Sufficiency
  3. 3. Mission  Part of the Secretariat:  Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development (“EOHED”).  EOHED’s mission is “the creation of homes and jobs in the Commonwealth”.
  4. 4. About LIP Local Initiative Program  Established in 1990  Non-financial subsidy program  Locally initiated development projects  Board of Selectmen/Mayor must endorse  Access to the Comprehensive Permit process and Local Action
  5. 5. LIP/Local Action Units  Affordable Units that are ‘counted’  No Comprehensive Permit is used  Result of a municipal/local action  Each Project:  Affirmative fair marketing and lottery plan  Sale price/rent is affordable  Long term restrictions
  6. 6. What Is The Subsidized Housing Inventory  A list of the number of subsidized units in each community and the percentage of all units.  Units count if: —Developed under a state or federal eligible subsidy program —Affordable to households at or below 80% of area median income —Have long term restrictions —Are fairly marketed
  7. 7. Counting Units-Local Action Local Initiative Program  Long term deed restriction  Affirmative Marketing  3 page Application
  8. 8. LIP/Local Action Units Project Types  New construction  Building conversion  Adaptive reuse  Substantial rehabilitation  New affordability in vacant units
  9. 9. LIP/Local Action Units Project Types Site Reuse New Construction  2 affordable rentals
  10. 10. Fair Housing Framework  Obligation to affirmatively further fair housing  maximum opportunities for persons protected under fair housing laws
  11. 11. Marketing Must Be Affirmative  The application process must be explicitly fair in the Marketing Plan.  A local preference may not exceed more than 70% of the units in a Project
  12. 12. After the House Is Built  Work seems to begin all over again  Relationships  Monitoring  Legal documents/regulations  Can provide guidance for you and the homeowner
  13. 13. Helpful Hints  Political will  Plan/strategy  Use existing rules/regulations  Capacity  Education  Relationships
  14. 14. Contact Information DHCD 100 Cambridge Street, Suite 300 Boston, Massachusetts 02114 Phone: 617.573.1351