GSM Based Home Security System


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These are the slides of GSM Based Home Security System, which is built to ensure the safety and security of the assets and the threat by using an 8051 microcontroller to automatically send predefined text notifications, voice and video calls to a desired number to meet technological advancement to automate life and to prevent intrusion to provide maximum degree of protection against danger, damage, loss, and crime.

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GSM Based Home Security System

  1. 1. Chapter 1 Introduction CHAPTER# 1 INTRODUCTION1.1 What is a Security System? Security is the degree of protection against danger, damage, loss, and crime. Security as a form of protection is structures and processes that provide or improve security as a condition. A Security System provides a form of protection that ensures the safety and security of the assets and the threat but is not limited to the elimination of either the asset or the threat.1.2 Why Security Systems are becoming more necessary? Homes without security systems normally find themselves targets to property crimes. Security systems give homes a much higher chance of not being burglarized, and keep family members out of harm’s way. Home protection concern for the safety of your family is only natural. It is understandable that many people also want to protect their property. Burglaries can happen at any time of the day. It usually happens during the day when they know you are at work or away from home. Your home can still be broken in to while you are inside, which makes you and your family vulnerable. Having a security system enabled allows your home to be safe any time of the day. Your home will be monitored by a security company or even you do it yourself at all times. It provides a good reassurance to your home security when you know that if a serious threat does arise someone will be there to alert professional emergency help. If a burglar knows your home has security system installed, they often stay away. If they decide to take the risk, once the alarm sounds more often than not the burglar decides to not stick around for the police. When someone breaks in to your home, a security system also warns you of it so you can take the necessary precautions you know to get your family out of harm’s way. 1
  2. 2. Chapter 1 Introduction1.3 Types of Home Based Security Systems In todays technical world, there are a variety of home based security systems in the market. Compiled below are a few of the many systems that are available for security needs. 1.3.1 Wireless Security Systems These systems are convenient because they can be put almost anywhere and can be moved when necessary. There are no wires to worry about hiding, or getting tangled with other wires in the home. 1.3.2 Motion Sensors Motion sensors detect movement in the home or on the property. Some of these systems use infrared light that detects changes in heat. High frequency wave is another motion sensor. 1.3.3 Acoustic Sensors These sensors can detect sounds such as breaking glass. These sensors are usually put around windows and doors where intruders are likely to try and gain entrance into a home or business. 1.3.4 Digital Security Systems These systems secure a certain area and require a code to disarm them. If this is not done, the company that monitors the device, will check for an error or send help, if necessary. 2
  3. 3. Chapter 1 Introduction 1.3.5 Security Alarms These alarms are fixed in homes and are triggered in case of emergencies or they are carried around with a person and in the event that there is a medical or other emergency, the alarm can be triggered. 1.3.6 Automotive Security Systems Automotive security system provides complete advantages of the technological advancement by giving proper automatic security measures. GSM Based Security System GSM Based security system makes use of the currently-available GSM infrastructure and the hardware units using said infrastructure, functioning everywhere with GSM signals available. It automates the home and keeps updating the user using GSM technology.1.4 Why GSM Based Security System? (An Overview of Dissertation) The GSM Based Security System provides enhanced security as whenever an interruption occurs a text message is sent to a desired number to take necessity measures. The GSM Based Security System is reliable and user friendly and posses Automatic Emergency Care Response that detects Sound, Smoke, LPG Leakage and informs user on their mobile number via text messages, Cameras are embedded with the security system that allow live streaming and give direct access to the user to monitor their protected zones. Moreover it can automatically switch Electric Appliances and Devices ON/OFF as per user’s requirement. The Door Bell detector sends a notification to the user’s number if in case someone ring’s the bell while the Auto Door Locks enable the user to know whenever anyone opens the door in his absence. If incase the user gets a clear evidence of someone breaking in the home s/he can live stream the cameras from anywhere in the world and can trap the robber using Trapping System. 3
  4. 4. Chapter 1 Introduction1.5 Aims and Objectives The aim of the project is to develop & launch an up-to-date, reliable and user friendly security system to automate home security using microcontroller circuitry synchronized with GSM module with an objective to provide maximum possible security based on an automatic emergency care response using detectors, cameras and trapping system.1.6 Achievements We have made a big contribution in the promotion and reliability of home based security systems. Among the contribution, the part of providing automatic text message notifications regarding any undesired movements is user friendly, live streaming of cameras of user’s desired secured zones is more trustable than that of previous versions of home security systems. The concept of trapping system is new, unique and more reliable than any of the previous automatic security systems ever designed for homes. 4
  5. 5. Chapter 1 Introduction1.7 Comparison of GSM Based Security System with other Security Systems The Comparison of GSM Based Security System with other Security Systems enlistedabove is given below: SECURITY SYSTEMS ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES1. Wireless Security Portable, Easy Installation Expensive, Unreliable Systems Reasonably Priced, Easy Detects undesired motion,2. Motion Sensors Installation, detects motion and Not reliable, non portable, triggers alarm Exceptionable Detects undesired sound,3. Acoustic Sensors Economical, Easy Installation, Not reliable, non portable, detects sound and triggers alarm Exceptionable4. Digital Security Systems Automatic emergency care Expensive, Not User response, Reliable, Support Friendly, non portable Cameras.5. Security Alarms Cost Effective, Easy Exceptionable, Non Installation, Quick Response Reliable, Non User Friendly Reliable, User Friendly,6. GSM Based Security Automatic Emergency Care System Response, Detects Sound, Smoke, LPG Leakage and informs user on his/her mobile, Cameras Embedded, Expensive, Non Portable. Live Streaming of Cameras, Automatic Electric devices ON/OFF, Auto Door Locks, Door Bell Detector, Trapping System. Table 1.1 - Comparison of GSM Based Security System with other Security Systems 5