Zara Sheerin presentation at The Business of Fun


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Zara Sheerin from Mint Digital presented 'Money for nothing and your clicks for free' at The Business of Fun 2011

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Zara Sheerin presentation at The Business of Fun

  1. 1. money for nothing and your clicks for free...Friday 11 November 2011
  2. 2. money for nothing and your clicks for free... how to create real engagement through social media.Friday 11 November 2011
  3. 3. hello! Consultancy | Advertising | Social Media | Web Design | Search | Email MarketingFriday 11 November 2011
  4. 4. background Harvest Digital - Planning Manager. 2006 – 2007  Harvest is an integrated digital marketing agency based in Soho, London (‘fastest-growing digital agency’ - Marketing magazine 2008)  Developing effective digital marketing strategies for new and existing clients such as 3M, Autotrader, Cheapflights and Tesco, identifying the most effective online channel to maximise their budgets. (TBWA) - Senior Account Manager. 2007 – 2010  While at I delivered integrated campaigns through strategic planning, managing a team of three and 60% of’s client base.  Played a key role in short/long-term strategic planning for Meteor, Audi,, Etihad Airways, LVA, Murphy’s and Dublin Bus. Bluecube - Account Director 2010 – 2011  I headed up the client services team at Bluecube Dublin, Ireland’s ‘best web and design agency’ (DMA’s 2010), managing a team of four account handlers to deliver seamless campaigns for each client.  Responsible for leading efforts to deliver large, complex, high-priority projects which often require considerable resources and high levels of functional integration. Specifically focusing on the delivery of cross-channel campaigns for our larger clients; Meteor, Jameson, Lidl and Safefood. Mint Digital - Managing Director 2011 – Present  In February 2011 I establised Mint Digital - a digital marketing consultancy specialising in the creation and development of social media platforms that deliver results, engage audiences and boost sales.Friday 11 November 2011
  5. 5. backgroundFriday 11 November 2011
  6. 6. mint digital clientsFriday 11 November 2011
  7. 7. agenda 1. Growth in online 2. Social Media 3. Twitter 4. Youtube 5. Facebook 6. Summary 7. Video Case StudiesFriday 11 November 2011
  8. 8. the growth of online advertisingFriday 11 November 2011
  9. 9. online advertising  The 2010 IAB PwC Online Adspend Study values the Irish online market at €110m.  This represents a 12.2% increase in adspend  year on year.  “The growth in the Irish online audience and in their time spent consuming online media while other media are experiencing fragmenting audiences underlines the phenomenon of online’s growing share of media budgets”. Bartley O’Connor, Advisory Consulting, PwC Source: IAB PwC Online AdspendFriday 11 November 2011
  10. 10. online advertising Online Advertising 12.20% TV Advertising -5.90% Radio Advertising -11.10% Outdoor Advertising -8.90% Magazine Advertising -4.10% Newspaper Advertising -5.40% -15.0% -11.3% -7.5% -3.8% 0% 3.8% 7.5% 11.3% 15.0% Source: IAB PwC Online AdspendFriday 11 November 2011
  11. 11. key drivers for this increase Increased broadband connection  The total number of Broadband connections (fixed and mobile) grew from 1,861,242 in 2009 to 2,163,642 in 2010  This represents a 16.3% year on year increase. Greater time spent online:  The average hours spent online each week increased from 13.2 (ComReg) in 2009 to 19.1 hours per week in 2010 (Red C).  As a result of increased viewing time of online video, streaming TV and movies as well as the dramatic growth in social media usage. Source: IAB PwC Online AdspendFriday 11 November 2011
  12. 12. social media platformFriday 11 November 2011
  13. 13. The Power of Social Media:  This diagram shows how a fanpage that starts with a base of zero fans, starts to populate itself organically through a viral spread.  Once the campaign has plateaud a fresh burst of media will invigorate the campaign. media 2,300 €2,000 spend new fans 0 new fans €0 0Friday 11 November 2011
  14. 14. The Power of Social Media:  This diagram shows how a fanpage that starts with a base of zero fans, starts to populate itself organically through a viral spread.  Once the campaign has plateaud a fresh burst of media will invigorate the campaign. media 2,300 €2,000 spend new fans 0 new fans €0 0Friday 11 November 2011
  15. 15. social mediaFriday 11 November 2011
  16. 16. Friday 11 November 2011
  17. 17. Friday 11 November 2011
  18. 18. Friday 11 November 2011
  19. 19. Friday 11 November 2011
  20. 20. Friday 11 November 2011
  21. 21. Friday 11 November 2011
  22. 22. visibility To achieve visibility on the social web, a brand needs to leave breadcrumbs and footprints in all the right places...  Create a buzz drawing in your target audience organically  Be seen by the right people at the right time  Combine strategic visibility with excellent customer service - your community can’t help but rave about you Contribe Quality Information and Build Connections:  Be insightful, engaging, and provocative when creating a dialogue.  Achieve visibility by being conversational, relevant and by invoking emotions.Friday 11 November 2011
  23. 23. achieving visibility Fanpage Ad People follow brands that are current, entertaining, informative, and above all, ones that provide value. Reward visitors with coupon codes, special offers, or fan-only content. This sort of instant payoff will help earn Wall their trust and loyalty. AppFriday 11 November 2011
  24. 24. Word of Mouth - when users interact with your campaign, stories linking to your page go to their friends via news feeds, driving word-of-mouth to a wider circle of friends.Friday 11 November 2011
  25. 25. Consumer Trust Online banner ads: 28% E-mail (opt-in): 48% Television, magazines, radio: 55% Newspapers: 66% Recommendations from consumers: 78% Word-of-Mouth: 62% - 93% Nielsen Statistics 2010Friday 11 November 2011
  26. 26. Consumer Trust Online banner ads: 28% E-mail (opt-in): 48% Television, magazines, radio: 55% Newspapers: 66% Recommendations from consumers: 78% Word-of-Mouth: 62% - 93% Nielsen Statistics 2010Friday 11 November 2011
  27. 27. Consumer Trust Online banner ads: 28% E-mail (opt-in): 48% Television, magazines, radio: 55% Newspapers: 66% Recommendations from consumers: 78% Word-of-Mouth: 62% - 93% Nielsen Statistics 2010Friday 11 November 2011
  28. 28. “If the news is important enough, it will find me”Friday 11 November 2011
  29. 29. The era of mass media is giving way to one of personal and participatory media, that will profoundly change the media industry as a whole’ The Economist 2007 Friday 11 November 2011
  30. 30. According to CNN 43% of news is shared via social mediaFriday 11 November 2011
  31. 31. The changing consumer If you let them, consumers can become your brand advocates - personally producing content for you, becoming part of your campaign and spreading your brand message to their networkFriday 11 November 2011
  32. 32. Friday 11 November 2011
  33. 33. social media  Every minute of every day, more than a half- billion members of Facebook collectively create almost 1 million photos, wall posts, status updates, and other bits of content.  Twitter looks tame by comparison - the network sees more than 125,000 tweets a minute.  YouTube receives more than 48 hours of video per minute. If you watched video every minute of your life, youd get through 10 days worth of YouTube uploads.Friday 11 November 2011
  34. 34. twitterFriday 11 November 2011
  35. 35. Shel Israel - author of Twitterville ‘Companies need to tell what theyre doing rather than sell what theyre doing. And thats a fundamental change. Were going into a conversational era, which is bi-directional.’Friday 11 November 2011
  36. 36. ESB Electric IrelandFriday 11 November 2011
  37. 37. ESB Electric Ireland Every day of the Hunt, the Electric Picnic mascot Sparkhead was hiding somewhere in Ireland. To find him each day, everyone had to get tweeting: whatever they liked to whoever they liked, so long as it included the hashtag #ShareTheEnergy And tweet they did - during the five days of the Hunt, there were over 10,000 tweets with the hashtag #ShareTheEnergy. An average of 2000 tweets per day, each of which made the aerial map of Ireland zoom in until Sparkhead’s actual location was revealed.Friday 11 November 2011
  38. 38. youtubeFriday 11 November 2011
  39. 39. Old Spice  More people watched this videos in 24 hours than Obama’s presidential victory speech!  Total video views reached 40 million in a week.  Campaign impressions: 1.4 billion.  Since the campaign launched, Old Spice Bodywash sales are up 27%; in the last three months up 55%; and in the last month up 107%Friday 11 November 2011
  40. 40. T-MobileFriday 11 November 2011
  41. 41. “A brand is no longer what a company says about its product, it’s what a friend tells a friend” Make the user engage, share and personalise – make them your brand ambassadorsFriday 11 November 2011
  42. 42. facebookFriday 11 November 2011
  43. 43. Facebook has 2,036,620 Users in Ireland It has the strongest reach of all online channels The news feed is a unique place to influence The advertising inventory is highly targeted and cost effectiveFriday 11 November 2011
  44. 44. Facebook in Ireland 13% of Irish users are between 13 and 17.... that’s the same percentage as the 45+ category! Users spend an hour a day on FacebookFriday 11 November 2011
  45. 45. Why do people befriend brands?Friday 11 November 2011
  46. 46. facebookFriday 11 November 2011
  47. 47. mint digital projectsFriday 11 November 2011
  48. 48. Fran & Jane Like-Gate  Promote the brands latest range and events  Convert browsers into actual fans  Increase branding on the pageFriday 11 November 2011
  49. 49. Salthill Hotel ‘Pic the Wall’ Objectives  Build the fanbase.  Create more frequent connectivity  Bring the hotel to the front of people’s mind, when relevant  Increase bookings and utilise facebook as a promotional tool  Raise the profile of the Salthill Hotel and keep it front of mind at relevant times  Capitalise on the viral reach potential of social networking sites through competitions, subtly promote the Salthill Hotel’s service offering through entertaining and engaging content.Friday 11 November 2011
  50. 50. Salthill Hotel ‘Pic the Wall’Friday 11 November 2011
  51. 51. Salthill Hotel ‘Pic the Wall’Friday 11 November 2011
  52. 52. Salthill Hotel ‘Pic the Wall’Friday 11 November 2011
  53. 53. Salthill Hotel ‘Pic the Wall’ “Mint Digital and Zara Sheerin did a superb job on our Pic the Wall Facebook campaign this Summer for Salthill Hotel. It surpassed our expectations by going from a very low base of just 500 fans to a whopping 5,500 within a very short time frame. Not only did we achieve a large number of ʻfriendsʼ on our FB page but the campaign also resulted in a great wave of traffic and revenue to our website. We look forward to working with Mint Digital in the future and would highly recommend them” - Sinead Cassidy, Marketing Manager - Salthill Hotel.Friday 11 November 2011
  54. 54. Were you BORN to be a Designer?Friday 11 November 2011
  55. 55. Were you BORN to be a Designer?Friday 11 November 2011
  56. 56. Were you BORN to be a Designer? ʻWe here at Born Clothing found Zara and Mint Digital to be an absolute pleasure to work with. Zara is professional, creative and extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of digital marketing. We introduced a Facebook campaign on our Born Clothing page in recent weeks and saw a huge impact immediately. For us it was a fantastic way to engage and reward our existing and newly acquired customers. Our customer database increased greatly as did the activity on our page. We will definitely consider doing something similar in the future as we found it to be very worthwhile.ʼ - Kate McDonald, PR & Marketing Manager - BORNFriday 11 November 2011
  57. 57. The Audi A1 Launch campaignFriday 11 November 2011
  58. 58. The Audi A1 Launch campaignFriday 11 November 2011
  59. 59. events using social media wellFriday 11 November 2011
  60. 60. Glasto TagFriday 11 November 2011
  61. 61. Isle of Man Bay FestivalFriday 11 November 2011
  62. 62. in summaryFriday 11 November 2011
  63. 63. online marketing process Our approach to Attract campaigns Acquisition Banner Conversion and service Advertising Enticing offers offering Social Media Engaging SEM Content Email Marketing Personalisation Measure & Optimise: Targeting Partner Marketing Viral Marketing Return on investment Competitor Benchmarking Online/ Offline Surveys Web Analytics Maintain Re-market Retention Customer Service Choice & Convenience Consistent service Quality E-Mail Marketing Build a communityFriday 11 November 2011
  64. 64. how to make social media work for you ✓ Offer value - either through engaging content, previews, coupons, prizes or offers. Recruit through games and daily prizes ✓ Achieve visability - stand out through engaging campaigns, use popular references - make sure your campaign resonates. ✓ Be conversational - create a tone of voice that cuts through and engages. It should be a dialogue ✓ Loyalty - build a loyal customer base to leverage organic spread ✓ Resource - be ready to respond to your customers and encourage them to talk about your brand ✓ Commitment - be ready to make a commitment beyond a campaign ✓ Integration - know how any other marcomm strategies will integrate with your social media campaign. Are there other assets (tools and content) can you leverage? ✓ Measurability - think about how you will measure successFriday 11 November 2011
  65. 65. Some common pitfalls Post too frequently. The recommended number of posts for brands is about 1 – 2 posts per day Not engaging with people in comments. Don’t forget that you have to engage with your fans and respond to them – make sure you reply to people when they have questions, even stupid ones! Arguing with your fans. If you have an angry fan, answer unemotionally and drive the conversation elsewhere Delete negative comments. Never delete negative comments. Never, almost never... 99.99% never! Running competitions against the sites rules. Don’t announce winners solely over Facebook, ensure you have adequate terms and conditions, and a data policy Not using applications/tabs. The best thing about Facebook is that you can create a campaign that will drive and boost your community organically. Sending your fans to your site Only. Sending fans to your site is not the best way of keeping your community really active and sharing. Communities love videos and pictures, but if you just send them links to your page only, that won’t do the trick (unless it’s really relevant content), but always make sure to mix the content. Not using Facebook landing tabs. Landing tabs are a very important part of your Facebook page, and can make your page grow 40% faster.Friday 11 November 2011
  66. 66. How to engage... ‣ Use a competition engine to recruit fans – building your initial customer base ‣ Plan your communications strategy - ensure updates are managed on the fanpage through a content plan outlining tone of voice, content ideas, UGC etc ‣ Maximise opportunities to recruit organically through engaging content ‣ Once a robust fanbase has been achieved we then have a platform to communicate regularly to fans with zero media costsFriday 11 November 2011
  67. 67. get noticedFriday 11 November 2011
  68. 68. stand outFriday 11 November 2011
  69. 69. entertain and engageFriday 11 November 2011
  70. 70. get resultsFriday 11 November 2011
  71. 71. thank you! Zara Sheerin | Managing Director | Mint Digital m. +353 86 84 77 512 | e. | l. 11 November 2011