John Drummey presenting at The Business of Fun


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John Drummey presents Getting the most from your regional radio station at The Business of Fun 2011

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John Drummey presenting at The Business of Fun

  1. 1. AOIFE Conference - 10th November 2011
  2. 2.  Cavan - 2  Sligo – 2 Donegal - 5  Carlow – 2 Monaghan - 2  Dublin – 10+ Clare - 3  Kildare - 2 Cork - 9  Kilkenny - 2 Kerry - 2  Laois - 2 Limerick - 7  Longford - 2 Tipperary - 3  Louth – 3 Waterford - 3  Meath - 2 Galway – 6  Offaly - 2 Leitrim - 2  Westmeath - 3 Mayo - 4  Wexford - 2 Roscommon - 3  Wicklow - 2
  3. 3.  What radio stations are in my area? What radio stations are in my customers’ area? In most counties...there are more people listening to my regional/local radio stations than the national stations combined
  4. 4.  What message do I want to give to my customers? When is the best time to reach most of my customers? When is the deadline? Will the interview be repeated online or in a podcast?
  5. 5.  Who are the journalists and presenters in my radio stations? Have we attempted to develop a working relationship with journalist in my regional radio stations?
  6. 6.  Most radio stations feed into Newstalk’s Regional Radio News Network Some radio stations feed into UTV Radio – FM104, Limerick’s Live 95fm, Q102, LMFM, Cork’s 96fm, C103 & U105 (NI) If it’s deemed newsworthy to a national audience your event could be included in their respective network bulletins & distributed to the news network
  7. 7.  Are we holding a press launch? What are the benefits of booking an Outside Broadcast (OB) during our event? Are we using Twitter or Facebook to tell our fans & friends to tune into the radio station to hear your interview?
  8. 8.  Are we overlapping or clashing with our print media providers? Have we free tickets to give away as prizes on radio? What are our competitors are saying/doing?
  9. 9.  How will our festival be affected by other events, sometimes outside our control? ◦ The Budget - VAT reduction, travel tax? ◦ Unemployment – pricing at event, transport to/from event? ◦ Sporting events – is your county playing a big match at the same time as your event? ◦ Industry reports - Failte Ireland tourism Barometers (quarterly); Festival season (June)?
  10. 10.  There are numerous annual or seasonal events to which your event can be attached Do we pre-empt them by issuing our own press release before or after? Do we consider if our statement will have a positive or negative impact on you or your event?
  11. 11.  The more NEGATIVE the event, the more likely it will become news... Do we a crisis management plan and does it include a designated official spokesperson to respond to queries relating to negative publicity? Only speak on radio if you are confident to do so and in full possession of the facts NEVER NEVER NEVER say “No comment”!!!
  12. 12. Techniques for improving yourperformance on radio
  13. 13.  CLOSE YOUR EYES...the next time you are listening to the radio (not when driving) & you’ll realise how your listening sense will be heightened NO ONE CAN SEE YOU (often including the interviewer)...therefore, you have to visualise who your audience is as they are trying to visualise you LISTENERS ARE stage or TV, you need to put on a performance in order to retain the attention of the audience...your customers?
  14. 14.  ALWAYS have notes about your event KNOW what the interviewer will ask you & be prepared for any eventuality – (another guest, breaking story, facts, statistics, financial info) GET TO THE POINT - listeners have short attention spans - so make an impact in the short time available Do not waffle and avoid long sentences
  15. 15. Are we getting a positivereturn?
  16. 16.  When are our customers listening? What are the listenership figures for the various times of the day/week? How much information do I need to less more...15” versus 30”?
  17. 17.  The more newsworthy material your festival can generate the less you will need to spend on advertising! You will get more impact from radio advertising than from print without paying as much Are my sponsors advertising and if so, will they change their script to promote the event they are sponsoring?
  18. 18.  Is your loyalty to the radio station considered when securing your booking? You will always be told that you are getting bonus advertisements but are they relative to your needs? The Rate Card is usually more expensive than the price you are quoted, but always check
  19. 19.  In the Republic of Ireland there are: ◦ 27 local radio stations ◦ 2 multi-city radio stations ◦ 3 regional youth radio stations ◦ 2 National News Networks to regional stations